Create the perfect combination of flat shoes to stand out

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Comfort is something we never want to give up. And guess what – You don’t have to anymore! In addition to basic garments, we have to think about footwear. That’s why today our main topic will be flat shoes. They’re already considered a perfect option for functionality in our outfits.


Flat shoes are the perfect choice for casual and versatile looks such as going to work, lunch with friends, or for a walk. All this means that they’re an incredible and visually pleasing garment you must pay attention to.


Being functional doesn’t mean neglecting how you carry and combine them. In this sense, I want this article to explain how you can be the center of attention through this particular garment with these tricks. Ready?


How to wear flats correctly?


Fashion Trends and Style - flat shoes - shoes

First, I want to talk to you about how to wear flats correctly.


We must be extremely careful about footwear when choosing it because it has to adapt to the foot, not the other way around.


What should we consider?


Try on both shoes, not just one.


AHA! I caught you, right? I know, and I’ve made this mistake too. Our body is naturally not symmetrical; it’s actually quite the opposite. Because of this, we must stop being lazy and try them on both feet.


Trying on shoes late in the day.


What? Do I have to buy shoes at night? Well, feet are more swollen late in the day. The solution to avoid the theme of “My shoes are squeezing my feet!” – is that you have to try them at night.


The fingers have to have space. 


The toe of the shoe should be high to give your toes the space they need to not collide with it. This way, you will avoid a lot of pain and discomfort. Also, pay attention to how the shoe fits your foot because its width must match the width of the shoe.


How tight should the shoe fit?


After reading the above, we can clarify that the correct shoe size leaves a space between the toe and toes that allow us to move them. There is talk of approximately 0.5 cm; although, it depends on the type of shoe.


What shoes go with everything?


Fashion Trends and Style - flat shoes - Banner

If you believe that to wear a striking look, you must wear heels, let me tell you that it isn’t like that anymore. This year opened the doors for us to dress as we like without thinking about what our fashion fanatic aunt will think. That’s why now you can wear flats with style without being considered a fashion rebel.


Flats are a garment that goes with everything and wonderfully! Especially on those days when you don’t know what to wear but want to be comfortable and simple. If you have a day like this, I recommend choosing flats with jeans and a fashionable top.


Also, thanks to its freshness, which is beautiful, and also its large number of unique designs with prints, logos, stripes, squares, among others … they are left with everything you want to wear. Flat shoes will give you an incredible style.


How to match the color of shoes with clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - flat shoes - shoes

Flat shoes are accessories that we can use in many ways and adapt to styles and outfits.


With the perfect flat shoe, you will even find your essence.


How can you do this? I’ll explain it to you!


Take out your paper and pencil and write this down, because you will find the best looks for your inspiration.


A midi skirt. 


If you’re looking to lengthen your legs, get a high-waisted skirt, a long-sleeved blouse, and eye-catching accessories with a hat. Flat shoes can be moccasins or mules.


With ripped jeans.


Moccasin-style flats, also with a bare heel, would look amazing with ripped jeans and an off-the-shoulder blouse. With this outfit, you will look chic and simple.


A blazer and coat will add to your style.


A blazer will always be an outfit that adds to your looks. In this case, you can wear them with a basic white t-shirt and straight jeans. What flat shoes? Some white tennis shoes will be perfect.




Flat shoes will look great with dresses. Flat shoes will help you look casual and chic with any dress length.


In total look.


A total black look will provide the style that will attract everyone’s attention. In addition to the fact that you won’t need to give up comfort to wear it, this outfit is very formal and elegant.


With a suit.


With a suit, flat loafers are a very relaxed and casual option. Whether you’re wearing a shirt from your favorite band or attending something more formal, the flat shoe will always look good.


How to combine your flat shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - flat shoes - shoes

There are endless options, flat shoes can bring beauty, subtlety, and formality to your outfit, and they will make you look very fashionable.


Now, I invite you to allow and give space for your creativity to take over and don’t be afraid of those combinations.


Do you want to know more tips?


Keep reading that I bring you some that could be interesting for you.


Lengthen your legs.


Flat shoes must be finished to the toe. The visual effect will be to lengthen them almost infinitely. Good news for short ones like me! You can also opt for the bare heel option.


To style. 


Did you know that color can stylize? The truth is that a beige color will visually balance and give proportion to your silhouette. What do you think?


With raincoats.


With flat shoes, raincoats look great, and if you add a belt, you will look doubly incredible, so consider this a good option.


Do you already know the flat shoes you will choose? At Fashion Trends, giving you combinations and various options for your looks makes us happier every day. So, we hope to have your opinion on it.


How to choose those flat shoes for your outfits? In addition to common sense, the perfect and ideal mix will result in modern and classic designs. This is how you will achieve a unique and ideal style.