Learn everything about thong sandals, the trend for spring-summer 2024

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Learn everything about thong sandals, the trend for spring-summer 2024. Do you want to be fashionable in 2024? Don’t worry! At Fashion Trends, we have all the updates for you. This time, we will talk to you about a strong trend coming for spring and summer: thong sandals. Do you know about them? If not, don’t be alarmed because we are here to tell you everything about them.


It is an elevated version of the classic flip flop, with a heel that makes it look elegant and chic. Additionally, they adapt to different occasions. You can wear them in different styles. We will give you some ideas if you don’t know how to combine them.


Take notes!


What are thong sandals?


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about thong sandals, the trend for spring-summer 2024

Thong sandals will be in fashion in 2023 and will have a big boom in the spring-summer season 2024. This is according to what we have noticed in street style and the recent fashion catwalks of several designers. But what are they like? To give you an idea, imagine a flip-flop sandal with a heel, as mentioned above. With more beautiful and dynamic designs that can adapt to any occasion. The best thing is that you can wear them with your favorite clothes.


These designs are willing to go into any style. As we know today, within the fashion industry, there are no limits, and you can elevate your creativity as much as you want. Every style has a place in fashion.


Of the final samples are the chicest and most popular models seen on the catwalks. By brands such as Miu Miu, Burberry, Coperni, and Saint Laurent, among many others. They made us see that these sandals are derived from the classic ones we use to go to the beach. These provide us with comfort and style in all our outfits.


Thong sandals are more than conventional shoes; they elevate any look and give it that unexpected touch. You can wear them with all the style variants you imagine. You have a range of options for combining them and taking them with style anywhere.


They are perfect for the season since we have been wearing boots and socks for months on cold days. Now, with the expected hot days, thong sandals will be everything.


Brands of thong sandals to look elegant


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about thong sandals, the trend for spring-summer 2024

We have already said that it is possible to look elegant with thong sandals. So, they are ideal for any occasion. If you have a formal or semi-formal meeting, some models from different brands can help you achieve that perfect style.

These are:

  • Saint Laurent
  • Burberry
  • Gabriela Hearst
  • Diesel
  • Coperni
  • Miu miu
  • Salvatore Ferragamo


We promise that with these sandals, you can adapt to a super elegant look and look incredible. There are different models of different colors and shapes. If you want to put together a formal or semi-formal outfit, we recommend wearing them in dark colors. And, of course, with your feet well-groomed to make them look even prettier.


Even leather thong sandals cover the instep and part of the heel. They are ideal for an elegant outing, where you want to look as put together as possible.


The best thing about this type of sandals is that the fashion industry has decided to put comfort above everything else. As a result, the most basic shoes have been adapted and transformed into footwear that can be used with any clothing. This is good news because years ago, elegance and good dressing implied, in several cases, discomfort. Do you remember coming home with your feet swollen from your heels?


Thong sandals will undoubtedly become a garment you must have in your closet to generate different looks adapted for any occasion.


How to wear them?


There are many ways to wear thong sandals. They are excellent shoes, ideal for summer days, and we will see them a lot this season. Now, how do they get along? How to combine them?


If you don’t know how to do it, we have some tips for you.


Choose the right size


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about thong sandals, the trend for spring-summer 2024

If you want to be comfortable all day or night, you must wear the right size of your thong sandals. This way, you can dance all night or stand and walk during the day feeling fresh and, above all, very comfortable. What do you think of these sandals so far?


Choosing the right size may seem simple, but believe it or not, in some cases, we make mistakes. So, pay close attention to this detail.


Adjust the straps


The straps should be tight so that the sandals do not slip. Remember this tip when you put them on because you don’t want to suffer accidents that later ruin your style and leave you embarrassed. Nothing of that!


Choose the right style


We are reaching the part that interests us most. How to choose the right style. As we mentioned before, thong sandals have many styles and shapes. That is why you can pick between several options. This can sometimes be overwhelming, or you may want to buy them all, but consider your style first.


Sandals should suit you and your personality, so search carefully for yours.


Properly combine your thong sandals


Fashion Trends and Style - Learn everything about thong sandals, the trend for spring-summer 2024

Now yes! How can you combine them? The answer is that you can do it with many different styles. Don’t limit your creativity. On the other hand, the combination you make must be according to the occasion of the event you attend.


If you want a casual look with your sandals, you can combine them with jeans, shorts, or dresses. The latter will help you stay much cooler during hot days. On the other hand, if you want something more elegant, mix it with a long skirt or dress. A black dress will give you that touch of sensuality, too.


Now, for a sporty look, you can choose a different combination. Wear your thong sandals with leggings or shorts.


What do you think of these sandals?


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