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Fashion Trends and Style - Glam look: tips to combine a golden dress - Banner

We should not wait until the end of the year to activate the glam look and take out the heavy artillery of the dress. Because any occasion or formal night event that you have is an excellent opportunity to wear a beautiful and glamorous golden dress.   Metallic colors are synonymous with elegance, glamour, sophistication, […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to select plus sizes correctly - Banner

We know that dressing in plus sizes and selecting the right clothes is not an easy task. Even more so when the fashion industry sometimes imposes limited standards on certain types of bodies and figures that do not fit the generality.   However, many brands dedicate their work to dressing people of plus sizes and […]

Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a kimono in your daily look - Banner

 The kimono is a Japanese garment, mainly used to complete the looks in summer along with the swimsuit. However, thanks to the evolution of fashion, the kimono has become part of the frequently used garments in our clothing. Because now it is normal to wear it even in our daily looks. This garment, characterized by […]

Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - banner

Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable. Exercising requires special and specific clothing. We cannot wear the clothes we wear daily. Because, in addition to mistreating it, it is not suitable for this type of activity and our skin.   The fitness world, physical care, and exercise have expanded. And it is common to see […]