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Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a lace dress? -Banner

Women are sometimes very indecisive. One day we want a sexy look and the next something more sophisticated. Did you know that you can get both characteristics in a lace dress?   Lace dresses have become a very versatile garment. And to tell the truth, once you put on a garment like this, you will […]

Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine a garnet dress? - Banner

It is indisputable that most women have a love for dresses. However, it is normal that we get used to wearing dresses in pastel colors. Not knowing that a garment like this one in garnet can make you look more fabulous.   Maroon is one of the colors that remain in fashion, which is why […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Get your basic wardrobe together for this summer - Banner

Make sure the proximity of summer does not make your hair stand on end concerning your wardrobe.   Indeed, during these months our way of dressing tends to change. And for this season that is practically here, we must prepare ourselves with those garments that adapt not only to the season but above all to […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Romantic dressing style and basic garments to put together your look - Banner

Let’s learn a little about that feminine way of dressing characterized by its pastel colors, and flowers. Clothes that are poised and subtle: the romantic style.   Origin of the romantic style   The romantic style is one of the oldest. Its origin dates back to ancient Greece. Becoming popular in the 19th century, when […]