Fashion Trends and Style - Haircut Trends for this Year - banner

Haircut Trends for this Year.With each year, many of us want to innovate and change our look from time to time. And of course, in addition to getting an image that we like, it must also be suitable for the physiognomy of our face. For this reason, currently, haircuts are done with purpose. Since the […]

Fashion Trens and Style - Discover what clothes to wear if you don´t have a small waist - Banner

Discover what clothes to wear if you don´t have a small waist. We all have different body types, and that’s okay. We come in all different shapes and sizes. But there is nothing wrong with the fact that sometimes you want to change some details of your physique or accentuate them.   For example, not […]

Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - banner

Put together elegant outfits with leggings. It is already common knowledge that leggings will continue to be a fashion trend. As many seasons go by, this garment continues to be worn enthusiastically. And more and more women are joining this comfortable and versatile way of dressing.   When dressing for an elegant occasion, creativity and […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Learn how to combine prints in clothes this 2023 - banner

Learn how to combine prints in clothes this 2023. Creating a stunning look can be challenging. And the truth is, within fashion there are no fixed rules. It is a world full of creativity where you can let your imagination flow. However, sometimes we indeed need inspiration to wear our clothes in the best possible […]

Fashion Trends and Style- Learn to put together the best looks with a white shirt - Banner

Dressing in a white shirt may not seem like anything special to us. And why would it deserve a manual? Compared to other garments that are trickier to combine.   Well, the white shirt is one of the pieces that make up the basic wardrobe we all must have. To sum it up real quick, […]

Fashion Trends and Style -Types of sweaters and how to combine them - Banner

Types of sweaters and how to combine them. Sweaters are no longer limited only to the fall and winter seasons. Gone are the classic knitted models or sweatshirts, giving way to modern, colorful versions with embroidered details.   In the same way, this garment is used regardless of the season or climate in your city, […]

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