Fashion Trends and Style - Learn to select plus sizes correctly - Banner

We know that dressing in plus sizes and selecting the right clothes is not an easy task. Even more so when the fashion industry sometimes imposes limited standards on certain types of bodies and figures that do not fit the generality.   However, many brands dedicate their work to dressing people of plus sizes and […]

Fashion Trends and Style - How to wear a kimono in your daily look - Banner

 The kimono is a Japanese garment, mainly used to complete the looks in summer along with the swimsuit. However, thanks to the evolution of fashion, the kimono has become part of the frequently used garments in our clothing. Because now it is normal to wear it even in our daily looks. This garment, characterized by […]

Fashion Trends and Style- Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable - banner

Sportswear: learn to choose the most suitable. Exercising requires special and specific clothing. We cannot wear the clothes we wear daily. Because, in addition to mistreating it, it is not suitable for this type of activity and our skin.   The fitness world, physical care, and exercise have expanded. And it is common to see […]

Fashion Trends and Style - What is Pull&Bear’s Marketing Strategy? - Banner

What is Pull&Bear’s Marketing Strategy? Pull&Bear’s Marketing Strategy has aimed at a precise mix of passages that have earned favorable results. With this said, its company strategies centered on culture, price focus, and individual representation become responsible for the brand’s commercial success.   In the North American Fashion Market, many competitors pose a contest in […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Communion season: how to dress correctly for this occasion - Banner

The act of communion is a special moment for children and their parents. Many families choose to celebrate according to the occasion, which usually presents a fine line between elegant and casual.   This type of event is complex for many women, whether they are guests or the mothers of communicants. Due to its relevance […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Follow these incredible tips to match a denim dress - Banner

From denim, we can obtain practically any type of garment. It is a fabric that has become versatile, basic, and essential in the wardrobe. Since having a garment with this textile is almost mandatory.   But today, we will focus on a piece that, like others, is of great advantage and benefit when it comes […]