Fashion Trends and Style - Types of clothes you can combine with heels - Banner

Types of clothes you can combine with heels. It is true, heels can be used with any garment. However, it is not about grabbing the first blouse or pants you find in your wardrobe. To look perfect with a look with heels, the secret is knowing how to make different combinations to get the most […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Layering: What is it and how to do it - Banner

A style and trend that does not fail is to wear several layers of both clothing and accessories and achieve a truly remarkable style. This technique that seeks to overlap clothing is called layering. And today, we will learn about it and how to handle it properly. What is layering?   Layering is a dressing […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Benefits of wearing heels - Banner

When it comes to dressing elegantly, good heels can be what we need as an accessory. They are perfect for combining with various looks. And women who wear them tend to feel more confident about themselves.   However, there are many benefits of wearing high heels, and in this post, we will reveal them.   […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Overalls: types and trends for 2022 - Banner

The overalls, or jumpsuit, is a garment that covers the entire body. And whose preparation was designed for work tasks due to its resistance as it is made of denim fabric. It is a garment that has served both women and men. In fact, the so-called work overalls that are still used today in many […]

Fashion Trends and tyle - Hair clips: types, and trend - Hair

The hair clip or brooch for hair is an object that has a double function. To hold the hair at the same time that it serves as an adornment to it. Its use is not new. This accessory has been in force since the 70s, when Marnie Bjornson created the elongated hair clip. And the […]

Fashion Trends and Style - Organize your outfits - Banner

Organize your outfits: how to plan what you will wear for the week successfully?. Facing the wardrobe every morning is not always an easy or fun task. Especially when we do not feel inspired or sleep wins the battle.   The morning hours can be chaotic for many. And sometimes, we feel that starting the […]