Best men’s shoes to wear with jeans

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Best men’s shoes to wear with jeans. Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep up with fashion trends. It doesn’t make you weird. It doesn’t make you different. Dressing well is a matter of attitude and a desire to look great. In this sense, we want to show you something. Wearing a garment as essential as a pair of jeans can make you look more interesting as long as you´re wearing the right footwear.


It´s also very true that not every day are to be formal and elegant. Nor do you need a suit to have style. So just as you sure want to look good in the office, you also want a laid-back appearance.


Every businessman can be passionate about dressing well. Because it´s known that weekends are for Netflix and Chill, and still not neglect your image. So, to get a very casual style, but also business-like, you must look well dressed. And as option two for many who drop the suit are jeans, in Fashion Trends we will teach you how to combine them with the shoes that will help you have a perfect style.


What footwear to wear with men’s jeans?


If you´re one of those who think that since jeans are a very versatile garment, they look good with all types of men’s footwear. Then get out of that bubble because it´s not like that. Yes, jeans allow you to combine with a wide variety of footwear. But, they´re not always going to look good.


And, in addition to casual tennis shoes, those that always have to be in our closet, no matter our age. There are other shoes that we can match them with, and they will look great. For this reason, to avoid future mistakes, we bring you a list of perfect shoes that go perfectly with this wardrobe basic.


A good option is the Chelsea Boots


Fashion Trebds and Style - Shoes to Wear with Men's Jeans - Shoes

These boots are a total success to combine with jeans. They´re comfortable and have a lot of styles.  You can wear them with suede and leather versions most of the year.


These ankle boots stand out because they´re just to the ankles that have an elastic side panel. And their tongue in the back is used to make them easier to put on.


These boots are timeless and look perfect regardless of age or style. You can wear them under your jeans for a very Rockstar kinda look.


And if you like uniqueness, the Desert Boots


Fashion Trebds and Style - Shoes to Wear with Men's Jeans - Shoes

This footwear has been very trendy since 2001.


Their design is special since they reach the ankle and are made of leather or suede.


And the informality you get with the laces is the reason why they should be in your closet without question.



What kind of shoes are worn with jeans?


Although it´s true that on many occasions we believe that wearing jeans means that we can wear anything. The reality is that, as you can see, it´s not like that. I know there are many options, but there are also rules that you should not ignore and always consider. So, take note of what might also be functional.


Loafers-type shoes


Fashion Trebds and Style - Shoes to Wear with Men's Jeans - Shoes

They have a buckle in the shape of a horse’s bridle. It´s a moccasin that was created in 1953 by Gucci and became an iconic shoe. They give you a very formal style.


Boat Shoes or Top-Siders


Also called boat shoes. This model is perfect for summer. They give you an informal style and you can wear them for casual occasions with jeans. Do not wear socks with these.


Driving Shoes


They´re an iconic piece, especially for those men who are fans of the preppy style. This footwear is worn by many celebrities and I assure you that it will look great with jeans.


Brogues-type footwear


Fashion Trebds and Style - Shoes to Wear with Men's Jeans - Shoes

They are inspired by the traditional footwear of the Irish peasants. Brogues-type footwear was


Brogues-type footwear was made to facilitate drying the interior of the shoes through the holes.


They´re perfect to wear with ripped jeans to get a very cool look.


Of course, say no to the skinny jean.



How to combine pants and shoes?


Although jeans can be considered basic, it doesn´t mean, as I said,  that you can combine them with anything. You must learn how to use them to get different looks. And discover what a shoe can achieve to generate a casual, elegant, or semi-formal style. In this sense, finding the perfect shoe means knowing what you´re doing.


Now, if you want to make sure that your combination is perfect, we bring you, from Fashion Trends, other options for you. Write them down!


Don’t forget the ankle boots


Fashion Trebds and Style - Shoes to Wear with Men's Jeans - Shoes

This shoe is perfect for men’s fashion. They´re here to stay. And the truth is that they adjust to different outfits, (not with suits though). And you can wear them no matter the season. If you´re going to wear denim or black jeans, feel free to put them on.


Sneaker shoes get you out of trouble


They´re perfect for a more casual or informal look. Although, you can wear them to a wedding in white with a suit and look like a king. However, it depends on your tastes. It´s an excellent combo to be comfortable and cheerful.


For something more comfortable, shoes with laces


Fashion Trebds and Style - Shoes to Wear with Men's Jeans - Shoes

It will always help you look spectacular. For a casual Friday outing with friends or people from work, or for a family reunion. Also, to take them to a romantic dinner. This footwear is the one that you should always include in your wardrobe.


Now we want to know, what do you think about these shoes? Do you know now why you can’t wear jeans with everything when you go out there?


It´s time for us to understand a little that the rules are there for a reason. And although for many they´re already some too far-fetched and old-fashioned. The truth is that there are others that we must always maintain.


At Fashion Trends we would like to know if this article has served as an inspiration for you. And if from now on you have a better idea of ​​what you should and shouldn’t wear with jeans. In short, although we´re talking about something so classic, it´s important to know how to wear it. To never be out of tune.


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