11 ways to wear suits without losing your femininity

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Who says women can’t wear suits? We are in 2021, and women want to innovate their look by using clothing that makes them look different. So, even if suits are related to men’s fashion, women can also use them without leaving aside their femininity.


The truth is that fashion trends keep changing. Because of this, today, women can create different kinds of looks and bring joy to their style. If you’re interested in this world, now’s your chance to learn how to dress well to look beautiful, young, and attractive.


How to wear suits without leaving your feminine aside?


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When using a suit, you first should lose your fear of not looking good on it. You must also understand that you can find different suits in hundreds of stores. This way, you can easily choose one that fits your body to show off your figure as it should be.


Also, even if you think that the suits are to put together a stately look, there are now designs with modern touches that allow women to choose suits that match their personality.


Now, if you don’t know what type of suits to choose or how to combine them, here we will leave you the following tips:


Bright colors 


If you are young, you shouldn’t be shy about wearing suits to go to the office or to a meeting that requires a casual or formal look. The secret is to use bright colors combined with a shirt in a neutral color such as white to look more elegant. Having no idea which flashy color to choose, having a royal blue suit will get you out of trouble at any moment.


Casual blouse 


Generally, men and women who wear suits have to combine them with a formal shirt. However, at the beginning of this post, we told you that fashion has changed. That’s why you can wear a casual blouse and still look very good.


Baggy suit 


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Don’t be afraid to wear loose clothing, as you don’t always have to wear tight-fitting clothes to look great.


Of course, you’re not going to wear a suit that seems borrowed as it doesn’t look your size, but you can use a loose model.


Similarly, when putting on a baggy suit, you should first look in front of the mirror.


This way, you’ll determine if you look elegant for your planned occasion.




Using too many accessories to match your look won’t make you look as good as you expect, especially if you’re wearing a tailored suit. For this outfit, it’s best to add some accessories; remember that less is more. For example, you can use a bag hanging from the side and the inevitable sunglasses.


Different textures 


When it comes to tailoring suits, there are infinities of fabrics that can be used, and their price and other factors will depend on it. Ideally, you should choose a quality fabric with a strong and durable garment. On the other hand, these fabrics come in different textures that will help highlight your personality and make you feel more comfortable.


Sports shoes 


Women’s suits often need to be combined with high-heeled shoes so that there is a balance in the look. However, there are times when you can combine a suit in black or another dark shade with sports shoes to create a fashion outfit.


White suit 


White is closely related to elegance and glamour when dressing. So, choosing a white suit will always be the right option. Especially in the summer, a tailored suit in this color will be a great choice. You will look great if you choose a design that fits your figure.


To get out of your comfort zone a bit, you could choose a white suit with horizontal stripes and at the same time use sunglasses as an accessory.




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Although the prints remain fashionable, many women fear using them due to fear of failure. But if there is a secret you should know, it’s that as long as you know how to use prints, your look will look great.


For this reason, if you have selected a suit with prints, try to wear a plain white blouse. This way, you’ll get the perfect combination.


On the other hand, why don’t you try adding a few accessories? By doing this, your suit won’t lose its elegance, and all you’ll need is a purse to store your belongings.


Different textures 


If you are looking for a modern look, you must dare and let yourself go with the trends. More often than not, the upper and bottom parts of suits are of the same fabric. However, recently, this has changed. Now, you can choose a jacket with a different texture and color than the pants.


Different colors 


Before wearing a suit with different colors was very strange; now, it could be a very successful combination. In the same way, to combine different colors in a suit, you must let your creativity and imagination run free. If you decide to incorporate a beige jacket with sand pants, you will have an outfit ready to go wherever you want.


Your accessories will be the final touch to put together a look with a suit


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A tailored suit can help you a lot, whether it’s to go to the office or share with family and friends. Also, to create a clean outfit, it is important that you also take accessories into account.


In this case, you can use accessories the same color as the suit for a monochrome look.


This isn’t only valid when looking for your accessories.


After all, when it comes to makeup, you can choose the kind of shadows that best suits your outfit.