7 fashion trends that you should pay attention to in 2021

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Even if we’re not done storing our summer swimsuits yet, we’re looking forward to what will happen in this and next year’s fall. Because at Fashion Trends, we want to keep you informed and current on this world, it varies daily.


Now, just out of the oven, we bring you today seven trends that should not be missing in autumn 2021, which we promise will make you look like a winner and spectacular. Ready to learn more?


We want you to renew that closet to add layers, colors, and textures to your life to make these last four months of the year the most interesting and entertaining in terms of style and attitude.


What should you wear the most this fall?


Fashion Trends and Style - Trends - outfits

There are many proposals from different houses and industries that you will be able to see throughout the fall and will most likely remain in 2022.


They won’t give you a chance to escape any of this.


Investing in clothes is a super important decision. Especially now with the rise of slow fashion, we must try to acquire high-cost garments made of sustainable fabrics.


Now, don’t worry, because I will explain some trends you should invest in this article.


Vibrant colors


In addition to the classic fall colors, this year, you will find vibrant colors that go a little beyond the known or what could be considered as obvious. So, shades with a bit of saturation (sometimes quite a bit) will be the trend this year.


Midi skirts and socks to be seen


Did you ever think that you would dress like a granny before the age of 80 or 90? Not really, but this year the “granny” style trend will come to us, bringing textures, contrasts, and very original socks. When using them, you will achieve a unique touch.


Oversized boots


These boots will arrive as leggings style, which is glued and, in turn, loaded with a dramatic aura. There are different styles and colors; ideally, they reach the knees or higher, which you can combine with skirts, dresses, and even the same leggings.


Dresses with a romantic touch


Close your eyes and imagine you are in a scene from The Bridgertons. Can you see the sleeves? Sweetheart necklines? Patterns? Then you can imagine what it means. All these details with fluidity and sympathy give your looks a romantic and sweet style.


Lingerie dresses with lace


The lingerie dress is a garment that began to become more prevalent in terms of trends from the beginning of this year. This garment will make you feel that you are living in a romance of the 20s due to its seductive appearance.


Puff jackets


Yes, the XXL will remain, and now they come with a very interesting plot twist. It’s about wearing it with prints, vibrant colors, and various cuts to generate a very striking result. You will be the center of attention!


Cut-outs and necklines


Last but not least, the cut-out dresses will stay. Presumably, more daring cuts will arrive in garments such as jeans. We love cut-out cuts!


What colors are in fashion 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Trends - Outfits

New tones will be positioned for their diversity and innovation in autumn, in addition to earthy and neutral colors. This is why they will be the favorites for many of us looking for a difference. Do you want to know what colors those are? Keep reading, and I’ll explain them to you.


In the first place, emerald green, also known as the “Quetzal color,” in addition to autumn 2021, will also be present next year with great force. They call it the new lilac because it’s the purest of the greens and goes into dark tones. It symbolizes the game, the chance, the natural, and the organic. It represents that everything moves, changes and varies, according to Trendo.


We find yellow as a very successful option, that even if it isn’t accepted and chosen by everyone, we can find an interesting palette to choose either as a garment or accessories. Yellow can be combined with neutral colors.


On the other hand, royal blue will also attract everyone’s attention. It’s a combinable color and complements looks, especially if it’s about nuances between garments with total looks or simply an elegant dress.


What are the fashion trends of 2021?


Fashion Trends and Style - Trends - outfits

While it’s true that there are clothes for each season of the year, we must also understand that there are some garments that we cannot escape from at any time.


For this reason, I will show them to you and analyze which garments will stand out in style to wear with fashion trends.


The fantastic catwalk has already given its predictions, and these will be the essential ones!


The pinstripe


A tailored suit will attract the most attention. And to make it even better, you can add a vest, loafers, or pinstripe in gray, beige, or brown tones. Looking for something riskier? Use it in collage mixed with other things.


I have previously talked about knitting, and I love it. We will find it in the form of ribbed, eights, and novelties that you can now wear as accessories. In this sense, if you have extra-long dresses, thick sweaters, or a double set.


Plaid coats


Combined with prints, either different checks or flowers, the oversized check coat will be a very successful option for fall 2021. Did you get yours?


High-neck top


Not only in turtlenecks but all kinds of tops and t-shirts too. We could see on the catwalk that the tighter the body, the better. You can wear it alone or in layers.


XXL pants


Tailored pants, with darts, in cargo. These all come back, but in plus size, just like when you put on your daddy’s or boyfriend’s pants. If you want to reduce the volume, wear something tighter on top


What not to miss in autumn


Would you combine the trends with what you already have to create an impressive outfit this fall 2021? We want to know! At Fashion Trends, we want to meet you and know which is your favorite.