These are the Oxford shoes in style

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Oxford shoes can be the salvation for all those who are looking for comfort and style in a single type of shoe. These shoes are the perfect throwback to the nineties that are making a big fashion comeback with different garments and accessories that are, or were, part of the most popular trends of the time.


This type of shoe is more evident in street style and we can recognize it by having tabs with eyelets on the laces that are attached under the instep. They are in trend and are perfect to go to the office. It is ideal to look comfortable and elegant wherever you go.


Oxford shoes used to be formal, simple, and made of leather, but they evolved into a variety of styles that have been able to adapt to any outfit. They are usually black or brown and can be plain or patterned. In Fashion Trends, we want to talk about this footwear that is very fashionable. Read on to learn more.


Which are the Oxford shoes for women?


Fashion Trends and Style - These are the Oxford shoes in style - Shoes

This shoe is an elegant leather style. The shoe is traditionally constructed in leather and historically was very flat. The design was plain but might include some ornamentation or small perforations, such as double stitching running along the toe. They are usually tied with laces that pass five or six pairs of holes.


Historically, they appeared in Scotland and Ireland, where they were occasionally called Balmorals and were a major predicament at Oxford University during the 19th century. 


Now, differentiating it from other types of men’s lace-up shoes, this Derby shoes from where leather flaps and perforations have stitches to the bottom. These can be in a variety of leathers suitable for various situations. We can find them in the following models.


Plain shoes that have no ornamentation, legate shoes with stitching on the seams, semi brogue shoes with stitching on the seams and toe, and full brogue shoes that come with drawings on the toe and wings.


On most occasions, they are black or brown and some leathers, such as suede or dotted leather. We can also see them in more chaste colors that are better formal. However, the black leather ones are appropriate for formal occasions and you can combine them with a jacket, tuxedo, or tailcoat. 


Likewise, we can also find them in exotic skins and colors such as purple or crocodile skin. This footwear is an excellent alternative if you do not want to wear heels and they are still the elegant shoes you need for your outfit. It adapts to any type of garment.


How to wear Oxford shoes?


Fashion Trends and Style - These are the Oxford shoes in style - Shoes

You can combine them in many ways and obviously for many types of styles.


A good combination can be a black miniskirt with black tights and a pair of caramel-colored Oxfords.


Another option can be mom jeans with a basic white t-shirt, a plaid blazer, and a cross-body bag.


Now, you can opt for a monochromatic denim look with blue straight cut jeans with a denim shirt with buttons, and caramel shoes. You can also wear them with black overalls and a black shirt. 


How to combine Oxford shoes?


Before teaching you how to combine Oxford shoes, keep in mind that they are, if you don’t learn how to combine them, a double-edged sword. Because if you are not used to integrating them into your style, it can be a mistake. So you should consider these tips to apply them to your outfit.


By giving you a very professional, polite, and serious personality, especially for work or even school, because they are excellent for the preppy style. Therefore, I invite you to get yours, because they will always help you to be suitable for different situations. 


Combine them with jeans


They are perfect with this type of shoes because they also provide the perfect comfort to look sophisticated in a casual style. They look great in skinny, flared, or any model that shows the ankle. Especially if you wear colorful ones. Now, if you want to balance the masculine style, combine them with jeans and a feminine top, like a blouse or shirt with cleavage. 


Pair them with classic pants


Fashion Trends and Style - These are the Oxford shoes in style - Shoes

Being formal, they look great with pants to give you a much more sophisticated style, which means that if you combine them with feminine outfits like formal jumpsuits, you can achieve a loose and elegant look. 


However, combining these shoes can have a double meaning or result.


For example, if you wear it with a loose or flared cut, the effect you will have will be more boho and relaxed, while if you wear a cigarette cut you will look more elegant.


Combine them with dresses


It is a very easy way to make your outfit attractive, interesting, and also elegant, ha, and you don’t need heels. The secret is in the contrast you create with femininity. It looks pretty with short skirts. However, if you opt for a long skirt, choose the dress of looser fabric with movement.


Combine them with a knitted sweater


Fashion Trends and Style - These are the Oxford shoes in style - Shoes

If you combine the shoes with a knitted sweater it is a perfect match for a good autumn and winter look. You will be the epitome of style. However, to keep it sophisticated, go for simple accessories. While if you want something casual, you can opt for feminine accessories and loose hair.  


With high socks


No matter your outfit, high socks can be a bit childish, however, with this shoe it won’t be like that anymore. The masculinity, seriousness, and more adult essence of this shoe will create an affectionate and fashionable effect.


What do you think of these shoes? Actually, the Oxford shoes that are in style are as many as you like. The important thing is that you combine them properly so that you achieve an interesting, casual, and full-of-life style.


At Fashion Trends we are happy to bring you this article and share with you the love we have for this shoe. We invite you to try it and save, comment and share this content with whoever you want. Don’t keep it.