How to create the best monochromatic look

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How to create the best monochromatic look. I want you to close your eyes and think about the color of the sea. What color did you see? I’m sure it’s blue. The same thing happens with mountains and green, or sunflowers and yellow. This is because as human beings, color is an indicator and a trigger.


The psychology of color shows us that, in fashion, the perception of color depends on the experience of the person who looks at it. So, a specific definition of each color is almost impossible. However, there are some basic ones that meet certain patterns of what we want to show.


What is a monochromatic look?


In the case of monochrome looks, which give us simplicity and minimalism, they help us keep up with this rhythm of inspiration. Keep in mind that colors communicate, and perception is all in the brain.


Red is associated with passion, anger, and also prosperity. As for blue, it is related to happiness, energy, and sadness. While yellow means joy, and green tranquility and hope.


How to create a monochromatic outfit?


The monochrome look is a trend that has been taking over runways ever since last year. It is considered one of the favorites because it highlights the use of a color from head to toe. However, it can vary in textures and tones.


Now, some of us may be afraid of looking plain and flat. To avoid this, there’s nothing better than playing with textures and achieve an original look. So, like everything in fashion, you have to follow certain rules to make this look impressive and not uncoordinated.


Garment’s tones


This rule is extremely important since you must choose the color that, in addition to liking it, can go well with your skin tone. When wearing it from head to toe, you must bear in mind that first, you must feel comfortable with it.


Regarding the elements to play


Wearing a completely monochromatic look can feel like too much, that is why we can break the color with an accessory or an element that stands out from the rest: necklace, earrings, bags, shoes, or zippers. Yes, zippers! Crazy right? But indeed, any small detail can be functional.


The magic of shades


Fashion Trends and Style - monochromatic - outfits

The monochrome look gives you so many ways to wear it, it opens doors, windows and even helps us let our creativity run free.


Monochrome is not just the same color in one hue.


You can discover the magic of tones.


For example, if your tone is green, you can wear green in different tones and textures.


From light to dark, and even take it as far as black.


We love textures, use them.


If you think looking simple and basic to always be smooth is boring, then this is for you. The different textures of this colorimetry could give you a successful combination and make you look quite original. From cotton to leather, silk to denim, or gabardine to linen. Everything, absolutely everything, is allowed! Sure, as long as it looks good.


Simplicity is the key


I’m a fan of minimalism, and this trend is a good option to use in our outfits. If we take into account that you are going to use color, the first piece of advice to take into account is that you can never load textures. So, choose plain cut pants, silk tops, or skirts. Elegance before anything else.


Contrasts and more contrasts


This style is incredibly versatile. It allows you to play with color and add a contrasting garment to break with the monotone, all while not ruining your outfit. Makes sense, right? So, t-shirts with a brand or rock bands are the best option.


How to create the best monochrome outfit


Fashion Trends and Style - monochromatic - outfits

It varies according to your style. If yours is all about the natural, classic, or elegant type, you can easily wear blue, beige, black, gray, or burgundy colors. This also applies to office looks. However, if yours is the romantic wave, the color pink is your option and you can play with the reds, yellows, and greens.


On the other hand, this trend also has dynamics and it is important to bear in mind that we have control over what we communicate and through the combinations we use when dressing. Knowing how to handle them and how they work will give you a bonus to communicate what you want.


Color could be considered a garment that works in our favor. What do you think of that theory? Crazy, I feel like my brain exploded. Ha-ha.


What are polychromatic and monochromatic colors?


Fashion Trends and Style - monochromatic - outfits

There is a difference between monochromatic and polychromatic and I will explain it to you quite simply. Monochromatic, as I have been telling you, is a color that you can degrade in a single tone, tint, or hue. They are derived from a single base tone and are extended in hues achieved by adding white, black, or gray.


These colors provide the art of visual communication as they allow for contrast. This, in turn, allows you to draw attention, create focus, and support. Besides, it creates a visual coherence and through its connotation, it can support objectives.


For its part, polychromatic is used to describe the light that has more than one color. In other words, it’s a combination of many colors. By means of this composition, it is possible to obtain a wide number of tones due to the degree of saturation.


The famous all-black outfit


Fashion Trends and Style - monochromatic - outfits

We have been able to observe this trend on catwalks and it has become a very safe bet for different brands within the fashion industry. It is no secret to anyone that times have changed and that we have seen the success of these look as different fashion events.


In the case of the total look or monochrome in black, it’s perfect to show elegance and even sensuality. A miniskirt with a sparkly blouse and a matching blazer with black heels and a small bag of the same tone can make you look so amazing that you will catch all the eyes of everyone.


Red lips with this all-black look? Of course! Don’t even doubt it. 


In short, too many ideas, too many looks, too many ways to wear it. The monochrome looks definitely deserved a place in these articles, because in addition to being simple, it is versatile and quite inspiring. At Fashion Trends, we are quite happy to give you combination ideas. That you lose your fear and take a risk with us.


And you, do you already have your monochrome look?