Have a special someone? Discover the twinning trend and showcase your love!

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I bet you have seen more than once on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok a couple dressed the same, or with similar outfits, doing reels or video transitions with the same outfits. Here, two things can happen: you ignore it or it catches your attention to the point of writing to your partner and saying “I want that Mr. and Ms. shirt to do that TikTok trend”.


Then my question arises: Dressing like your partner. Would you like it or not?


This is where some who have not seen this rise of social media will ask me, but where did that come from? What do you eat it with? Is this new?


Don’t worry because today, you will learn all about it! After this, you can tell me if you want to join this trend or not.


What is twinning and how does it work?


Fashion Trends and style - twinning - twinning look

As its name implies, this means “dress like another person”, either to coincide in outfits, accessories, or garments for special occasions or simply to have fun.


In the past, this was frowned upon, but now, it’s a new trend to watch out for.


This trend comes from the Asian continent, called “keo-peul-look”. It arose because, in that continent, people don’t really accept the display of affection. For this reason, couples found an easy, unique, and quite an original way to show their eternal love, through their clothes.


You can easily achieve this style by wearing the same or complementary shirts as your partner to go anywhere and make a match. Fun right? It’s also very millennial.


This new trend, inspired by street style, is a source of inspiration for many, as well as a great way to wear a similar look in different ways. Because of this, it has become the favorite trend of many this year.


What does it mean to dress like your partner?


For many it can be weird or very cheesy, however, for others, it’s a symbol of complicity, love, and fun 一 my boyfriend suggested that I go to Japan and dress up as samurais, so I see where it comes from 一. They say that dressing the same helps to strengthen the relationship because it means that everyone involved believes in the other and doesn’t feel ashamed to coordinate their style.


However, it does not always have to be so equal or intentional. Some couples just end up being so in sync that they dress alike without meaning to.


The street styles


Fashion Trends and style - twinning - twinning look

An idea for a combination in street style is to not wear the same garments. However, you can still wear the same range of colors on your garments and fabrics to maintain the chromatic balance across the two outfits. For example, you can wear pants of the same fabric, and shirts of a rock band. On the other hand, one could wear a satin dress and the other a black jacket.


The secret is to wear it with an attitude and show a lot of love. If you want an equal look, you can also wear those pants to be at home, baggy jeans or shorts with denim, and the best boots and matching shirts. Besides, you can both wear the same pattern in different areas and play with the combinations.


Let’s get inspired!


What is twinning on social media?


Have you seen a couple on TikTok? The girl is Asian and the guy is European; they often dress very similarly and play with this trend of the twinning look when they dance 一 they dance very well, it should be noted 一. They apply this fashion by playing with the same very millennial tonal range and dress similarly. “Couples who dress alike, stay together,” I think that will be the new motto this season.


Discover the best casual couple outfits


This activity can be really fun, as it encourages creativity, complicity, and union. Either for a casual occasion or a wedding, baptism, or date. The main objective is to bring subtle details that complement each other with accessories.


Here are some tricks to create a casual look.


One side attire must suit the other


We all want our look to represent us, but the idea is that in casual cases, one side must define their style according to what their partner will wear. Now that I remember – that’s what my parents did when they went out to a party – how cute. It is important to take into account the color, texture, and patterns.


A common color


This, for me, is a very good technique, because you both can choose a common color that stands out in both outfits. However, the best way is to assess the predominant color for one side of the couple and include items of a similar color for the other. That is, they don’t have to be the same color, it is a subtle touch. A blazer, for example.


Combine textures or patterns.


This option is quite dynamic and functional since you can achieve the final outfit through the textures and patterns that you both have. So, if your partner has linen pants, you could wear a shirt with the same texture. If not, you can play with the patterns on your tie, handkerchief, or belt.


Party Outfits for couples 


Fashion Trends and style - twinning - twinning look

For a more formal event, you two can choose similar colors or a common color. Then, you b0th can start to play with a diverse color palette. Have in mind that there are certain colors that don’t go well for couples. For example, fuchsia, salmon, and pink. So, your best bet will be to match the color of your partner’s attire.


The truth is that even if it may feel a bit forced, it is adorable. And doing it right, could be quite fun to do (not all the time). It’s a trend that has celebrities going berserk and ready to go with it.


In short, there’s no doubt that there are many aspects of fashion. Every day we wake up to something new and different. At Fashion Trends, we are delighted to continue bringing you the latest fashion trends. We hope to be your source of inspiration and innovation to create the best looks. If so, we want to know your opinion!


Now that you have read all the forms of combination, would you dress up as a match with your partner? Tell us everything.