Hipster men and what you should wear to join them

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Are you someone who likes to look extravagant and unique? Do you like hipster fashion? contemporary and feeling different? If so, you are part of the hipster subculture, which originated between the 40s and 50s, to describe those who listened to jazz and gathered for that.


It is a philosophy that goes much further than wearing vintage clothes and a bushy beard, yes sir (it’s not always black or white, let’s look at the background). It is a style that seeks to get away from the current fashion, from the mainstream, and, currently, it penetrates the hearts of many, although sometimes they are called “old-fashioned”


A quite original lifestyle that consists of modern, Bohemian, carefree, and sometimes a few sarcastic styles – which I particularly love about this style. Now, read carefully that I am going to teach you to dress like a hipster and I will show you some things that should not be missing in your hipster outfits.


What do hipsters wear?


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

This trend includes some garments that are “mandatory”, among these we find wool hats, tweed and fedora type, cardigans, leather jackets, and cardigans; in addition, ripped jeans, high-waisted denim shorts, collared shirts, and asymmetric sleeves.


You cannot miss the classic colorful prints, oversized checkered shirts, closed shoes, or industrial-type leather boots. All of these styles can be complemented with thick-framed lenses (and don’t necessarily have to be magnified), steel chains, gold, and silver.


On the other hand, scarves and thick wool pashminas, a Dali-type beard, and a mustache is also part of this aesthetic.


What are the hipsters’ tastes?


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

In general, hipsters can be found with a book under their arms, on a bicycle with a basket, or in art museums admiring current exhibitions.


However, this goes far beyond just one aspect.


While hipster taste is an alternative, it can also be vintage or independent.


Why? Because of their interpretation of fashion in particular and striking.


They use particular styles and dress codes. Do you want to be a hipster? I know I do!


How to wear hipster style clothes?


This question is a million-dollar question. Do you want to be part of the hipster style but don’t know how? Do you feel that plaid shirts look weird on you? I have the solution for you! If you are a boy and want to be a hipster, here are some simple steps that could help you implement them in your life.


If you wear jeans, keep them tight


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

The trick with pants is that the tighter, the better. They should be tight from the crotch to the ankles.


That’s the secret – never tell anyone that I revealed this secret.


Now, if you look chubby out of the tightness, you can avoid it.


How? By wearing tight boxer shorts.


Your bible must be vintage


 Perhaps transmit a bit of nostalgic air. Get everything that reminds you of when you were a young man of about six years old, and about your dad too. Those plaid shirts and suspenders. Exactly everything old that doesn’t necessarily have to look good on you. In the case of shirts, if they are a little larger, it will be fine.


Who says you must have a bad vision to wear glasses?


The lenses of any shape and frame are almost essential to enter this fashion. Depending on the style you wear, you can combine it with thick black frame lenses (or colors) or those that your father or grandfather had in their time. With or without a frame, it doesn’t matter! Don’t be embarrassed to walk around showing that you are not blind, you just want to be a hipster.


Have fun using whatever you want


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

The trends that are completely misunderstood are part of this world, so if you want to mix patterns and textures or simply wear pants to the ankles and show your socks, do it!


Mixing elegant clothes with other more casual ones like wearing a brand blazer and underneath a Chronicles of Narnia shirt will work well. Add a knit scarf, ripped jeans, and old loafers. Do you like this idea? I love it.


In this movement, what is not allowed is to flee from the scandalous or the paintings. You can’t be afraid of color combinations.


The more layers, the better.


Even in the summer (if it’s bearable for you), you can pair cardigans with full buttoned sweaters or long-sleeved shirts and add a scarf, who said scared?


Your unconditional best friends are sneakers, cowboy boots, and loafers. 


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

 Okay, it’s true, these days anyone wears sneakers with everything.


However, you have a unique style that will be excellent with a pair of them or with moccasins.


You can even get your old school shoes if they still fit!


Although you can also complement it with cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, or old Reebok.


Pay attention! Sandals of any kind are strictly prohibited.


A bike with a backpack? OBVIOUS!


 I love how stores have embraced this trend and created a Marvel-like universe for it. To be a hipster, a backpack and a bicycle are essential. It will help you carry those books that I mentioned above and with that notebook of poetry that you will one day write.


Private shirts, of course!


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

Hooded sweatshirts, V-neck t-shirts, prints, wool coats … The alternative is always what you should look for and what should prevail in your wardrobe.


Everything that allows you to be casual, urban, and comfortable.


Do not forget your checkered shirts or shirts with legendary bands or series from the 80s or environmentally friendly.


Now, don’t forget plaid or floral pieces. Remember to button everything!


The beard and hair have to be part of your style, they must match


Faashion Trends and Style - hipster - hipster men

You can’t be a hipster without a beard. Of course, it’s not just any scruffy beard, no sir, this move is incredibly neat, so everything should be neat. The secret is in how you arrange it to appear casual. Should you grow a beard for about five or six weeks? Yes.


As for the mustache, you have to treat it like your other you. Imagine that it is an extension of yourself that you must take great care of. Give it a “Salvador Dalí” shape, like the mask from Money Heist. Get the one that best suits you. You decide.


Finally, your hair can be long, medium, or short, and if you shave one side, even better! Now, if your hair is long, you can put it in a high ponytail or a high or low bun, but leave a few strands unkempt. However, if you like it short, keep it shaved to the side and let the top fall to the back or the side.


Are you already determined to be a hipster? At Fashion Trends, we are happy to bring you these styles that are not so new, but innovative and unique. Try them as a change for when you want to feel something different. Don’t be swayed by other people’s comments that men don’t have a choice. Take a chance on the new, get out of the routine, and break fashion patterns. Be what you want to be!