How to combine metallic colors in your outfit?

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How to combine metallic colors in your outfit? One of the advantages of the fashion world is how versatile it can be and the infinite number of combinations that your mind, imagination, and style can create, to have fun, take risks, be unique, different, and creative, and this way, always be in trend. The only thing we will need is a garment that we know is being worn at the moment, and adapt it to our style and personality.


In this sense, today, we want to talk about metallic colors, which, according to the latest trends, will stay with us for a long time, if not forever. So, if you are a fan of these tones, keep reading to learn how to combine and wear these types of garments with naturalness and style.


What are metallic shades?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine metallic colors in your outfit? - colors

Before we get into the subject, I would like to briefly explain what metallic tones are. Metallic tones or colors are those characterized by having a shine similar to that of metal. We can notice it better when we’re in the presence of light.


Among the colors that we can call metallic, we have gold, silver, bronze, copper, or lead. However, other colors can become metallic, as we see in trendy outfits.


The metallics appeared in the 20s and reappeared in the 70s with a lot of eccentricities. Chosen by rockers in the 80s and set a boom for the futuristic trend in the 90s. Currently, they have established themselves as a classic, which we could well call timeless for staying on the catwalks.


How are metallic colors created?


“Ordinary” colors, to call them somehow, that doesn’t fall within the “metal” palette, can be turned into metallic colors by adding a layer of shine produced by reflecting light on the fabric, thus giving it the Brighter finish, as they capture and reflect light.


What colors go well with metallics?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine metallic colors in your outfit? - colors

I consider myself a fan! This is a daring trend that will give you shine, energy, and a lot of authenticity. Wearing it can make you capture everyone’s attention wherever you go, it will also give you elegance and femininity. Do you know what color goes with them? Take note!


Dare to combine them with everything.


That’s right. With everything. In reality, no fashion rule tells us to choose one color over another. No. In this sense, you can choose earth tones such as coffee, beige, or khaki.


It’s a very interesting alternative that will look great on brown skin. It’s important to always look for balance and achieve a contrast between the garments.


Cool color palette.


If you like metallic garments in silver colors, take into account your skin tone. However, you can opt for colors such as blue, magenta, or purple.


It must combine well with other clothes, and not feel too metallic. It must adjust to your skin and what suits you best, always respecting the balance between garments.


How to use metallic colors?


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine metallic colors in your outfit? - colors

We have gotten where we wanted to go, right? Here we bring you some combinations with metallic colors in different outfits to serve as inspiration. This way, when you go out, you will feel like a divine and empowered diva.


Think nude.


That’s right, nude looks great with metallic colors, because being a neutral color, it doesn’t detract from it. As well as some other lighter colors.


For example, a pair of pants or a skirt in silver or gold with a silk blouse and asymmetrical cut in pastel pink, even little shiny, nude heels to match a shoulder strap.


Total metallic look.


Perfect for those who love to experiment with their outfits. It’s a fun option that will set the tone wherever you go. You can wear a total silver look with matching pants with a blouse of the same color, as well as the accessories. Complement the outfit with a pair of black long pointed heels to soften.


It’s important to avoid mixing tones like gold and silver together, they will look much better in monochrome and always neutral accessories to soften.


Metallic and tennis.


Let’s get the fact that glitter is only for the night out of your head. It’s not like that! You can also wear glitter and metal for the day and look spectacular.


Opt for a metallic silver-tone skirt and add a pastel blue shirt. Combine it with tennis shoes and a white raincoat. Finish your look with a light blue cross-body bag to contrast.


Metallic pleated skirt with a leather jacket.


A pleated skirt is a cool and very chic option to wear metallics. Choose a high-waisted skirt to stylize your silhouette and wear it with flats.


Pair with a nude blouse, crop top, or baggy blouse, and complement this with a black leather jacket. Trust me, you will look like a fashion queen!


Play with prints.


Patterns are also a fun and pretty option to wear metallics. They will bring freshness and elegance to your looks. However, remember to balance with more neutral tones.


For example, you can opt for a patterned skirt and a matching metallic gold blouse. Accessorize with white heels to look very chic.


Metallic jacket with jeans.


The jean is basic that will give you a casual look. Choose your favorite jean to match a basic t-shirt, it can be black or white, and add a metallic jacket. Finish your look with some black ankle boots. You will stand out!


Metallic shoes


Ideal for those who don’t want to attract too much attention. In sandals, platforms, ankle boots, or dancers. You will still cause a sensation but in a more subtle way!


You can wear them with a pleated skirt and a cool sleeveless top, or combine them with whatever you want. Try it yourself!


How to combine metallic colors in your outfit


Fashion Trends and Style - How to combine metallic colors in your outfit? - colors

It’s a fact that this trend will stay for a long time, so I invite you to shine with metallic. Also, Fashion Trends offers you some other tips to always look empowered.


A metallic gray dress will always be the best option to not look overloaded, in addition, bronze is a tonality that will allow you to dress metallic without stealing prominence. Next, we recommend choosing dresses with cuts that elegantly show skin to highlight your skin tone.


Therefore, remember that metals are also sequins, and remember that black will be the base color that can provide the shine when you wear them, so subtly use this combination in combination with a red, if you feel comfortable.


Complement your metallic looks with neutral tones like gray, rose gold, and camel. What do you think of the metallic? Do you consider yourself an expert in wearing it from now on with a lot of styles.


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