Sorbet colors for this amazing 2021 summer

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Sorbet colors for this amazing 2021 summer. After being locked up for more than a year and taking care of this pandemic that kept us doing the unthinkable to not go crazy, we have learned to enjoy the simplest pleasures, even the ones we never imagined enjoying. Many of us learned to cook, while others leaned to play an instrument… Several ventured into the fitness world and others into fashion. We also learned to see life with different eyes, and after this, we have become more demanding and at the same time-sensitive.


This season is new since little by little we have come out of that confinement that limited us and it is for this reason that the color palette for this summer 2021 seeks to reflect it.


What colors are we wearing this summer 2021?


As I have said before, this year we were surprised in more ways than one. It’s now known that what is used is not conventional, but the original, opened up an almost infinite range of possibilities to make a difference this season. That’s why we have found irresistible combinations of looks to get everything right.


Colors to shine


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - Colors

Let me tell you that pink will not be the only color that will reign this summer. I believe that all life is a color that will be present enough to shine. However, this color’s trends are not always exclusive, because it will be accompanied by blue, lilac, orange, green, and yellow.


These colors feature acids, and they are fresh, bold, and look incredible on these dates.


We know that when combining them we could face some other obstacle. Although they go perfectly with black and white, we want to experiment, like all fashionistas, with more daring and original outfits.


At the same time, I bring you some ways to combine them and create combinations together to sweeten anyone.


Romantic, comfortable, and so sweet that you could fall in love


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - romantic

Summer is for taking things easy, as well as fashion. I am convinced that we all want to look relaxed and calm, as well as not at all overloaded. For this, there’s nothing better than sober colors, as they bring solutions that will star and sweeten your style.


Designers like Max Mara, Miu Miu, Emporio Armani, among others, told us with their collections that these are the colors to impress and also fall in love. Bubblegum pink, mint green, honey, mandarin are all colors you must add to your looks to get that relaxed look, a bit flirtatious and showy.


Now, this is not a difficult task, since several influencers and celebrities have taken these looks to the street as a mantra and have shown us that you can combine up to five shades at the same time. Next, I will give you some recommendations on how to use them. Read on and let’s discover together some ways to look better than good.


Wear them in pants and accessories. 


Street style fashion isn’t all about dark colors, so dare to take it further with this pastel palette. You can combine a long bubblegum pink blouse and lilac ankle-length pants, pink heels, and a purple purse. We know that a lot of colors can be quite overwhelming, but in this case, it is risky, but an excellent combination that will make you feel in a sugary cloud.


Leather jacket and pants.


If your thing is to live off risks, and you don’t pay much attention to heat, then mix textures with brown leather pants and a long pastel yellow blazer. It is a great idea that you can give the master touch with high boots and pants of the same color, as well as a black bag to bring out the color.


Tracksuit bottoms and chemise. 


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - Tracksuit bottoms

I’m a fan of monochrome, and what I like the most is that we can break away from it without overwhelming the eyes of others too much.


For this, I recommend a beautiful pair of sky blue sweatpants and a chemise of the same color.


Then, you can also wear some white sneakers and an apple green purse.


Ready to take the risk? As I said, you will break with the monochrome, without causing displeasure, but quite the opposite.


Total Sophisticated Pastel Look


Risky, but superior and sophisticated. With this look, you will look stylish and feel like an empowered diva. The total look is the safest and most effective combination to get you out of a meeting in a hurry, whether at work or with friends. Light green pleated pants, sweater, wallet, and a button-down blazer. Don’t be afraid to even match colored shoes and accessories. You will look amazing!


Here are the best summer colors for 2021


Bright yellow


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - Yellow

Bright yellow is one of the most optimistic and main colors for this season.


We already talked about it, and even if it isn’t easy to wear, you can still take advantage of it. For example, you can just use it in one piece and that’s it!


Now, if you want to lower its intensity, you can wear it with other colors.


For instance, you can use blue, violet, or other neutral colors such as dark blue or gray.


Bright blue


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - Blue

On the other hand, you can also wear bright blue to convey tranquility. For this season, and according to Pantone, the best blues are the 18-4250 Indigo bunting and PANTONE 18-4140 French Blue.


These are the perfect colors for summer because they’re elegant and fresh.


They’re striking and cheerful, which is flattering for everyone. And if you thought we were done with them, you’re wrong!  They also offer a great sense of security and optimism. Oh, and they match with red, so don’t pass them up!


Light colors


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - Colors

In turn, light blue, pink, lilac, aqua green, and coral are the typical delicate and feminine colors. The sky blue of a sky day, the delicate mint green, the beauty of tender pink, the purple rose brings mysticism and the coral pink are always present. The combination of light blue and mint green with brown is the trendiest proposal for this summer season. It’s the magic of cold and heat that, combined, achieve freshness and stability at the same time.


These combinations show us how IN is the proposal of this color palette that suggests balance. Instead of sorbets, which show us the vividness and brilliance of summer, it brings us refreshing mint green, cheerful violet, deep pink, turquoise blue, and raspberry sorbet.


Cold colors


Fashion Trends and Style - summer - Cold colors

Finally, we can also find cold and earth colors in this list. With them, you can easily achieve a sober perfect for any time of the year, and yes, this includes summer. Pantone makes its proposal with chromatic colors that work very well on their own. Nonetheless, you can still mix them up to achieve a versatile look.


Now, at Fashion Trends, we’re grateful for the time you spent reading us today. However, we also want to know what you think. Did you like these color palettes for the summer? Will you add them to your everyday look? Will you use them in clothes or accessories? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to follow us on our social media, we will be waiting for you!