The colors that will define the year 2022

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The colors that will define the year 2022. Every year fashion is reinvented, trends and good tastes are reinvented. We thought that only 2021 would be a year of freedom and comfort. However, 2022 is also going strong on this issue, especially with tranquility.


For this reason, for some time, Pantone has revealed what will be the color that will predominate over all the others and it is Quetzal green. In this sense, both designsñFans like on-trend hobbyists know that this color is already inspiring creative and innovative minds.


So, in Fashion Trends, we want to show you what they are, so that you are always in fashion and aware of the latest. Keep reading to find out what is coming for 2022, because let me tell you, it arrives with an air of hope, a party, and a lot of freedom.


What color will be the trend in 2022?


Fashion Trends and Style - The colors that will define the year 2022 - colors

Many believe that 2022 will be the year of debauchery since it’s said that it will be marked by celebration. So those who want celebration raise your hands because what is coming is a party and more parties.


After the pandemic, what we want is freedom, fun, and leisure, that is, debauchery. And if we talk about color and its psychology, green is the direct opposite of red and although it may be thought that red is prohibited, green means permissiveness. It is moving forward, moving forward … leaving all the bad behind.


So, starting from the aforementioned, we know that it represents chance, play, character, change, and abundance. Oh, we can’t put luck aside. Therefore, we can say that this color is freedom and creative energy, which inspires us to feel free and with a bit of debauchery.


Green became one of the fashion favorites and we have noticed it on catwalks such as Luis Vuitton, Prada, and Balenciaga. This color has appeared in the 2022 collections, becoming one of the most important in the world.


What is the color of 2022 according to Pantone?


In case you don’t know, Pantone is the world reference for the colors of the season, being the expert company in color and trend prediction, and this coming year, it has unveiled the colors that will set the trend for 2022 for London Fashion Week in Spring / Summer 2022, predicting that designers will display colors that relate to simplicity and spontaneity to inspire.


So, for the fashion week in London, Pantone defends that all those who work in this industry should opt for colors that manage to merge the connection with nature and tranquility, opting for colors that go between light pastels and brightness that dazzle and stand out.


In this sense, the color expert company made a deep and exhaustive selection of the ten most prominent colors and the five fundamental classics among which we can find are bright yellow, light-hearted pink, pastel tones, lime green, and neutral browns. Take note of the top ten:


Pantone 14-5713.


Fashion Trends and Style - The colors that will define the year 2022 - colors

Connected with purified waters, Cascade is a green that refreshes.


Pantone 16-1349.


It is the Coral Rose color, very floral and its presence revitalizes, managing to lift your spirits.


Pantone 18-4143.


Called Super Sonic, it is considered pure and hard electricity. It’s lovely.


Pantone 12-0825.


Fashion Trends and Style - The colors that will define the year 2022 - colors

Radiating warmth with the Popcorn color, it is cheerful and acceptable. You will look spectacular.


Pantone 13-2004.


Look carefree and light in the Potpourri color, a pastel pink that will make you glow.


Pantone 17-1928.


Positivity and ease, you will shine with this attractive Bubble Gum color.


Pantone 18-1160.


Fashion Trends and Style - The colors that will define the year 2022 - colors

Very earthy, this Sudan Brown color is a delicious color of cooked earth that you can perfectly associate outdoors.


Pantone 15-0549.


Make an impact with this intense and acid color. The Fragile Sprout is a very interesting lime green color.


Pantone 14-3612. 


If you are a fan of floral and natural tones, Orchid Bloom is that color that will remind you of that intense love for them.


Pantone 18-13070. 


Glamor will be part of you with this intense brown that is also considered a basic.


What colors will define the 2022’s summer?


In addition to those mentioned above, ten other colors stand out with these colors that can make the perfect match with these tones, which are considered without seasons, due to their versatility and longevity.


Pantone 11-1001.


Fashion Trends and Style - The colors that will define the year 2022 - colors

It is clean and super enlightening, the White Alyssum color shows us that chaos does not matter as long as we can carry it in simplicity and effortlessly.


Pantone 15-1304.


Classic and practical that promotes well-being, comfort, and deliciousness. Hummus is a perfect color that can go with everything.


Pantone 15-6316.


A relaxing and restorative color. Fair Green is a green that can even make you feel like you are repairing life.


Pantone 14-4104.


Fashion Trends and Style - The colors that will define the year 2022 - colors

This color will give a feeling of tranquility and peace. The Northern Droplet is a classic that no one should miss.


Pantone 18-4004.


It is a deep Poppy Seed, which with its timelessness will give you a quiet and familiar power.


Wear all of these colors, together or separately for an interesting look with all that remains in fashion. Because, by 2022, the garments that were saved for special occasions will still be at stake. After all, 90s fashion is here to stay. As a result, chic looks such as Athleisure pants, leggings with formal tops, joggers with stilettos, will stay to bring us a more comfy style.


In this sense, I invite you to continue finding out in Fashion Trends the newest and most innovative in the world of fashion and fashion. We wholeheartedly want you to feel like a fashion blogger and you will achieve that with effort, perseverance, and dedication. But also if you follow as inspiration what we bring for you.


I invite you to analyze, think and study these colors very well so that taking into account your skin tone and the color palette that suits you, you create the best combinations, more in trend and more original. Without losing your essence.


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