Look 10 years younger with the right clothes

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Look 10 years younger with the right clothes. Have you ever wondered how can I look ten years younger? It’s pretty normal for women to want to look younger once they reach a certain age. In this case, their best ally is the clothes they wear. For this, we’ll show you the best types of clothing to achieve this goal. So, don’t worry if you don’t know what to buy, we’ve got your back.


If there’s something you must know, it’s that there are clothes that will make you look older. Because of this, you should avoid them if what you want is the opposite. Here we’ll show you the best tips to make you look younger while creating unique looks.


Discover the Kind of clothes that will make you look much younger


  • Ankle boots, look 10 years younger with the right clothes


Fashion Trends- Look 10 years younger with te right clothes- Boots

Believe it or not, these shoes make you look younger no matter how you combine them.


In this case, you should choose ankle boots a few inches above the ankle.


Once you do this you will notice a big difference in your outfit. You can also choose ankle boots with some interesting details, such as buckles or an appliqué to make it look much more interesting.


As for color, generally black ankle boots have the power to match most colors of clothing. However, if you have a more daring personality, you can try these shoes in different colors.


  • Ponte pants, look 10 years younger with the right clothes


Forget tailored pants and opt for Ponte pants. This is a very striking and very advantageous synthetic fabric because it fits any type of body. Also, they come in a wide variety of colors and you can use them, either to attend the office or for another occasion where you want to look good.


These pants are elastic and straight, so they can give you the same comfort as leggings.


  • Oversize sweaters, look 10 years younger with the right clothes


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These types of sweaters have the advantage of allowing you to use them for both an informal and casual look. Best of all, they look great on women of any age.


But if you want to look younger, try wearing over-size sweaters in black.


Sweaters of this style can be combined with black leather pants. Or if you prefer, you can put on some tight jeans and use sneakers or shoes with a heel.

  • Basic blouses

Fashion Trends- Look 10 years younger with te right clothes- banner

Simple cotton blouses are also a good option to make you look younger.


Plain white blouses can be paired with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.


In this sense, you can also use sports shoes to complement your look. You can also use ankle boots according to the occasion.


Simple blouses are very versatile because they are suitable for any outfit. If you have blouses in neutral colors such as gray, beige, or black, you will without a doubt achieve your goal.


  • Tight garments 


You may not want to wear close-fitting clothing on some occasions; however, this style will suit you wonderfully. With them, you can balance your different clothing items to create the ideal look.


In the same way, if you wear a tight blouse, you can opt for baggy jeans. In the case of a loose sweater, try to wear tight jeans.


  • Suitable accessories 


Fashion Trends- Look 10 years younger with te right clothes- accesories

If you want to look younger, you must avoid extravagant accessoriesIn this sense, you must also forget about large and heavy accessories.


Many women think that by using large accessories, they can look younger. However, even if this is your goal, you should use accessories consistent with your age. For example, if you want to use a large necklace, make sure that this is the only striking accessory in your look.


Or preferably, try to wear simple accessories to give you more style and make you look more stylish.


  •    Knee-length dresses  


Do you want to look younger in your clothes? If so, you should try wearing short dresses.


Dresses at the knee level will be the most appropriate for you. With one, you will achieve a fresh but sophisticated look.


You must avoid wearing short dresses in bright colors or with very deep necklines.


Instead, you should wear tight-fit dresses in neutral colors.


  • Jackets


Jackets are a piece of clothing you can’t leave out of your wardrobe. After all, you can easily combine them with your jeans or dresses.  This type of look will make you look very elegant and at the same time younger.


By using a jacket, you can put together an informal or casual look depending on the event you have to attend. 


Now, if your goal is a more formal look, avoid wearing shiny jackets, such as matte colors. You can also opt for leather jackets, as they go with any piece of clothing, or with prints for a more colorful and jovial look.



 Do you want to look younger? Choose the right clothes


As you can see, there are many ways to combine your clothes and accessories to look younger.


There are even many more tips that you can follow to achieve your mission. Remember, when it comes to dressing, you must learn how to combine your clothes.


That’s why you should avoid set outfits. Playing with different color combinations is always the best choice to look young.  So, if you have complete suits, try mixing them with different clothes. We promise you’ll see the difference.


The accent color is also important. In other words, you can add a featured garment or accessory to stand out in your look. For example, if you plan to use a neutral look, try adding a bag in a striking color to make a difference.


In fact, you can play with your clothes to create different outfits while having fun and achieve your goal. Now that you know which pieces of clothing will look best on you, create the most suitable outfits.



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