How to create a quick military look

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Military fashion has never gone out of style, and if you like this trend, you must first know how to create a good look. In fact, many forms of fashion tend to add military fashion to their collections regardless of the season. This is because a military outfit can add a very sophisticated look.   […]

Fashionable mothers: Who says they can’t dress well?

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Fashionable mothers: Who says they can’t dress well? Who says mothers can’t create a great look? Nowadays, the trends when it comes to dressing can please everyone. That’s why mothers can also look fashionable without any issue.   It’s common that when they become mothers, women spend most of their time caring for their children. […]

Find the perfect summer dress to shine like the sun!

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Dresses are the perfect option for a hot summer. After all, they’re versatile, elegant, and super easy to combine. They’re also perfect for mood switch from day to nigh just by adding accessories. On the other hand, you can also go from an informal look to a formal one. However, did you know that the […]

The best way to wear a skirt to stand out

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Did you know that a skirt can be a symbol of comfort, but also empowerment? The versatility of this garment is incredible and makes us all feel like empowered and confident divas. Besides, we can find a diverse variety and styles, colors, patterns, fabrics… That at first glance can drive us crazy, such as straight […]

How to wear a Women’s Blazer in 2021?

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How to wear a Women’s Blazer in 2021?. When we talk about basic and versatile garments, we imagine cotton t-shirts, jeans, low-top sneakers, and dresses. This is fine, but it isn’t all there is. For example, blazers are also a very interesting option to put together your outfit, no matter the occasion. The secret to […]

Why is sustainable fashion so important?

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Why is sustainable fashion so important?. Today, sustainable fashion is popular because many brands have carried out campaigns to raise consumer awareness. When talking about sustainable fashion, we mean fashion that doesn’t cause any type of danger to the environment. In fact, its main objective is to maintain the conservation of natural resources.   Similarly, […]

Achieve the perfect look with your favorite pair of Levi’s jeans

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There’s a wide variety of jeans on the market, however, none of them can compare to Levi’s. Their jeans, apart from being original, are durable and resistant. So, there’s no reason why you should have a pair of them in your closet. Today, we’ll teach you how to combine your Levi’s to achieve the perfect […]

What do you have to know to be a fashionista?

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What do you have to know to be a fashionista? Being a fashion expert isn’t something we are born with; we wish it were that easy! The good news is that it’s a gift that develops over time and experience. However, to be a true fashionista, you need to have passion, enthusiasm, and love, in […]

Stay fashionable at all times with flower prints

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This summer is to surprise. After a pandemic season we all want to go out on the streets, and of course, always be IN. In hot times we seek to be as comfortable, light, modern, and elegant as possible. Because of this, simple floral prints, large flowers, or embroidery, are the flattering solution. After all, […]

Loose tailoring is the new way to feel relaxed

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Since last season, the extravagant and baggy have been very fashionable. Today, lace, monochromatic colors, and flowers have been the protagonists of this season. However, summer 2021 will have a new approach. This summer, back wide pants, also called bell-bottoms, wide jackets with shoulder pads, and knitted vests are all the rage. It’s like all […]