The key to look taller: Learn how to wear long skirts while short

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The key to look taller: Learn how to wear long skirts while short. Raise your hand, if you’re under 1.60! Petite girls are like a jar of goodies. They say we have a small body, but a huge heart. Now, it is true that we have many myths and rules that we must always keep in mind. However, I have a secret for you: it all has to do with proportions.


Within these myths and rules that the world of fashion has in store for us, there are many related to long skirts. After all, this is a timeless, versatile garment that also fits at any time of the year.


In the case of short women, we also love to wear long skirts, especially maxi skirts and you know what? You can do it! As I told you, it’s all about knowing how to balance the outfit and how long you want to wear them. Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading! In Fashion Trends, we are going to teach you how to wear a long skirt if you are short.


How to wear a long skirt if I’m short?


Fashion Trends and Style - Long skirts - clothing

Today I want you to get out of your head that rule “you must stay away from everything that is maxi if you are small” because as I have told you, it is allowed. However, the trick is in how to do it correctly. Write down these tricks!


Pay special attention to the length.


Yes, a maxi skirt can also flatter and lengthen the figure in a flattering way. It can also help you look more stylish. So, if you want to achieve this, you must know what length is best for you.


Actually, you can wear them long to the ankle or flush with the feet, that will depend on your tastes and style, in addition to comfort.


For example: if you wear an ankle-length skirt, opt for flats or flat sandals. Otherwise, if you wear heels or platform sandals, choose long skirts that rub the ground, but don’t drag.


Asymmetric openings and hems.


This way of wearing maxi skirts is fascinating. This works if you think they look too large and you need balance. For this, choose front or side slits and asymmetrical hems that work in solid colors.


Dare with colors and patterns


Keep in mind that prints are the allies that generally don’t fail. You can play with neutral colors to counteract and make you look taller. For example, you can dress monochromatically with similar colors and avoid huge prints as well as horizontal stripes.


On the contrary, vertical stripes will always help you create a focal point that will help you see higher.


Fabrics are good allies. 


You can wear the skirts with fresh and flowing fabrics, especially when they’re made of linen, silk, or woven. Being light will help you look taller. Besides, they hug the silhouette naturally, which will help to flatter your outfit.


What kind of skirts should short women wear?


Fashion Trends and Style - Long skirts - clothing

Do you understand that it shouldn’t be an obstacle to wearing skirts being minions? In addition to answering you about how you should use them, I am going to tell you about some other types of skirts that we can use. You’ll love it!


Skirts with vertical stripes.


Vertical stripes will help you greatly elongate your silhouette. If your skirt is cut “A” and a little flared, you will be able to stylize your figure incredibly.


Pencil and tight skirts.


Straight and fitted skirts are a divine option for short women. This is because they lengthen your figure as well as stylize it and make you look very elegant. You can combine it with a blouse to attract everyone’s attention.


High-waisted skirts.


If you choose a long skirt that reaches your waist, excellent choice! They will become your best friend. This type of cut helps to disguise where the legs begin.


How to dress if I’m short and curvy?


Fashion Trends and Style - Long skirts - clothing

If in your case you are short and full of delicious curves, don’t worry! You can also wear long skirts and look spectacular. The only thing you have to take into account is the proportion and balance that you must achieve with your clothes.


To tell the truth, if you’re short and curvy, you shouldn’t have complexes when it comes to wearing a long skirt. You can wear them long to the ankle or flush with the foot.


What’s important is that they’re high-waisted, have drapes, or are smooth. Remember, what you use to complement it will help you create balance. On the other hand, you can complement them with a denim jacket, blazer, or whatever you prefer to look more spectacular.


How to wear maxi skirts?


Fashion Trends and Style - Long skirts - clothing

We can find infinities of creative ideas of designs with skirts, especially in the maxi skirts. We find them with prints, pleats, transparency, flowery, with geometries, and many types that even we short women can use to be in trend and very fashionable.


Long skirts are very versatile and have the particularity of allowing you to create a diversity of fresh and movement-filled outfits. In addition to full ones, there are also skirts with openings. These give you a radiant look and match everything.


If it’s to your taste, you can even combine it with transparencies, fabrics, prints to look incredibly good, sensual, and fashionable. Also, combining it with heels can provide a style full of elegance for the day or the night. Wearing this garment can help you achieve a Bohemian and chic style. They bring style, color, and freshness to your outfits this season.


How’s it going? What do you think? Actually the proportion is what matters most when choosing a long skirt while being short. However, in Fashion Trends, we also discovered a trick that boils down to a rule: the rule of two-thirds. This is nothing more than petite girls who want to look taller must make their take one-third of their body, while the bottom must take the rest two-thirds.


This is how you will look taller, by making your legs look longer. So if you want a very interesting style complying with these rules, wear a crop top or a shirt on the inside that marks your waist.