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Put together elegant outfits with leggings. It is already common knowledge that leggings will continue to be a fashion trend. As many seasons go by, this garment continues to be worn enthusiastically. And more and more women are joining this comfortable and versatile way of dressing.


When dressing for an elegant occasion, creativity and the number of ideas may be a little more complicated for us. We find ourselves at a crossroads of whether to go for what is sexy or sober or wear a skirt or pants. Leggings are an option that can make you look elegant and highlight your curves and legs without wearing them uncovered, with a touch of sensuality.


If, in the same way, you think that leggings are for daily use or doing exercises, you are in the right place. Because today we will tell you how you can put together the best elegant outfits with leggings. Keep reading!


How to wear leggings elegantly?


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

First, you should stop seeing this garment as something of everyday wear, just useful to exercise or go to the supermarket.


Instead, it would be best if you started to change that preconception and combine it with other more elegant and formal pieces of clothing. Such as blazers, shirts, shiny tops, trench coats, sweaters, etc.


What shoes can I wear with leggings?


In this aspect, we have excellent news. Leggings are a perfect garment to combine with practically all types of shoes.


From sneakers, heels, boots, sandals, moccasins, tennis, and other models you may have in your closet. Not all of them are elegant. However, we want to let you know how easy it is to wear and combine leggings.


Best elegant outfits with leggings


In Total Black


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

The black color is one of the most elegant when dressing, so it is usually chosen when we must look formal.


For this reason, we begin our recommendations by suggesting a black look with black leggings. You can add a black top in shiny fabric, an oversized sweater and coat if the weather warrants it, accompanied by stilettos, or boots if you want more comfort.


With an Oversized Coat


We already mentioned it before, and here at this point, an oversized coat becomes the complementary piece. In this way, you can create a visual balance between the tightness of the leggings and the looseness of the upper piece, with which you will look elegant and feel very comfortable.


With Knitwear


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

One of the great tricks when combining clothes today is to combine different types of textiles or textures and thus achieve beautiful contrasts. One way to put together a stylish look with leggings is to wear them with knitwear on top.


Knitted pieces can help you achieve a very polished and elegant image. And by wearing them with leggings (better if it’s the leather effect), you will undoubtedly look incredible and attractive. In addition, it is always a way to have an extra coat if you have to be in an environment with low temperatures and you want to avoid wearing a different garment.


As for footwear, try loafers, track-soled boots, wedge or platform shoes, etc.


Fuseau Leggings


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

This model is also known as leggings with stirrups. And at the end of the leg, they present a ribbon or strip that covers part of the sole as a way to support this piece better. In addition to giving a chic touch to your image with this type of legging.


For this reason, this particular model is ideal for wearing loafers as it is a sophisticated type of shoe and ballerinas. Since both models reveal this strap and visually lengthen the legs and make you look slimmer. Now, with stilettos, you achieve the same effect and rise a few inches.



With a Baggy Jacket


We already mentioned how good it is to combine a pair of leggings with baggy clothes due to the visual contrast and harmony it creates. And an ideal garment to put together this type of look is a baggy blazer. If you go for the patterned models, much better! In addition to being elegant, you will have a very modern and sophisticated image.


Patterned Fabric Leggins


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

Printed fabric leggings can also give you a very chic image. Of course, wear them with solid-colored garments so as not to fall into exaggerations or cause a visual shock.


Black Leggings with color


Another of the benefits of the black color is that it is perfect to combine with a large number of colors, and if they are bright and striking, much better. Therefore, please choose your favorite shades and wear them on top or in shoes to stand out and look modern and cheerful.


With a Turtle Neck Sweater


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

If you want to look elegant with your stylized figure, a turtleneck sweater is the right garment to achieve this look. You will look very sophisticated if you go for neutral colors, such as white, beige, or the same black. But for a bolder look, try bold, bold colors.


With a Leather Jacket


Adding a leather jacket to your outfit will be more than good if you are more of an urban, grunge, or street style. And you can dress in your favorite way while still looking elegant and well-groomed. Add a basic t-shirt or a turtleneck sweater with track-soled boots or patent leather loafers if you want to look even more dressed up.

Leather effect leggings


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

Those that look like leather are the type of leggings you should wear in cases of more formal outings or that require more of a wow factor. They can be worn both during the day and at night. And thanks to their appearance, what you add to them will enhance your look, making you look elegant and semi-formal at any time of the day.


If you wear them to work and don’t want to look overly formal, dress them up with ballerinas or wedge sandals. If you go to a night event, do not limit yourself and take out your stilettos. And, do not hesitate to wear a white shirt, knitted sweater, or blazer to complete your outfit.


With a Shirt


Fashion Trends and Style -Put together elegant outfits with leggings - Leggings

Including a shirt in your outfit is a certainty of elegance. Either with jeans or pants, the shirt is an essential garment that will help you achieve a polished image. So, wearing it with leggings is a safe bet, and it will not make you look bad at any time, as well as giving you a lot of comfort.


With a Blazer


Whenever we include a jacket in our outfit, we add a point of elegance, which is essential to remember when dressing. For this reason, as we mentioned with the jacket, in the case of a blazer, it is also a garment that will add that neat appearance that you are looking for. And that is also super versatile and serves you for any time of day and occasion.


With Military Boots


Boots are versatile footwear because they look good with many clothes and combinations. And, of course, leggings are not the exception. For this reason, and especially in this rainy and humid season, wearing military-style boots will make you look great and give your feet protection.


Wear them with shirts, jackets, and knitted sweaters.


Do not resist the power a garment like leggings has to make you look elegant and well-dressed on all occasions.

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