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The perfect cap for the perfect face: Learn to easily combine your caps. There are a wide variety of accessories that you can combine with your clothes to achieve an incredible look. In this case, caps have become one of the most sought-after accessories to create informal outfits.


If you are someone who likes this accessory, you should pay close attention to the next tips. This way, you will always give the appropriate use to your caps and you will know how to use them on the appropriate occasion.


How to use caps correctly?


FashionTrends-The perfect cap for the perfect face Learn to easily combine your caps-How to use caps correctly

When it comes to using caps to complement your look, you should know that there are some rules that you must follow to stand out. This accessory provides a lot of versatility, but if you don’t use it correctly, it will not favor you at all.


So, to begin with these rules, you must first understand that there is no age limit to use a cap. You can be a teenager or an adult, and as long as you know how to combine them, your look will have a fabulous appearance.


In the same way, if you don’t like to spend many hours in front of the mirror looking for what to wear, pay attention to the clothes that best combine with this accessory and without much effort:


  • Legging
  • Joggers
  • Skirts
  • Jeans
  • Dresses


Follow the following rules to wear caps the right way


FashionTrends-The perfect cap for the perfect face Learn to easily combine your caps-Follow the following rules to wear caps the right way

You may already have the clothing items that we just mentioned. If so, it’s time that you learn how to combine your cap with them.


After all, this accessory is used by most people, but many of them don’t give it its proper use.


That’s why we want to show you the basic rules that you must respect so that your caps become an excellent complement to your outfit:


  • Try not to include in your collection of hats those that include obscene messages.
  • If this accessory has labels and adhesives, remove them before using them.
  • During informal occasions, you can wear your caps with a visor
  • Look for caps that match your face shape.
  • Choose caps that match the size of your head.
  • Try to wear caps that cover your vision.
  • Keep this accessory centered on your head, and preferably use them head-on.


What’s the best cap for your face type?


FashionTrends-The perfect cap for the perfect face Learn to easily combine your caps-What_s the best cap for your face type

There’s a lot of caps in the market, and not all of them will look good on you.


This can be because of your face shape or your style.


However, when wearing a cap what’s important is to feel comfortable and safe.


Next, we’ll show you which caps go with certain face shapes.


Round face, Combine your caps


Even if many men have round faces, this feature is very common in women. For this type of face, there will be nothing better than wearing a high crown cap with a flat visor. Similarly, look in stores for caps that have an adjustable clasp for a better fit.


Square face, Combine your caps


This type of face can be easily recognized because the width of the forehead is in tune with the width of the chin. If your face is like this, you should wear baseball caps because their height and the shape of the visor bring harmony to your features.


Oval face, Combine your caps


For many, this type of face is considered the perfect one since its characteristics are not very wide or very elongated. Besides, on oval faces, you can see a normal chin, so caps with a curved visor will go very well, and it will be perfect to maintain a good balance in your facial features.


Rectangular or elongated face 


Caps with adjustment straps are the most appropriate for this face shape because they fit more easily on the head. This type of cap has an arched visor so that the true proportion of your face will be seen. Otherwise, this characteristic will be disguised.


Can you wear your cap with any kind of outfit?


FashionTrends-The perfect cap for the perfect face Learn to easily combine your caps-Can you wear your cap with any kind of outfit

Each person has different tastes, and for each one there is the perfect cap model. And due to this variety, you must know the right occasion to wear them as a complement to your look.


In general, caps can be used at any time of the year by men and women. This is important to understand as there is a belief that this accessory is only for summer.


For this reason, regardless of your style while you combine this accessory as it should be, you will not fail in the attempt.


Match your favorite cap with your outfit


FashionTrends-The perfect cap for the perfect face Learn to easily combine your caps-Match your favorite cap with your outfit

To combine your caps, you can use clothes such as leggings, jackets, shirts, among other pieces for a comfortable look. This year, bell-bottom jeans are all the rage and also look great with a cap.


Now, if you want to wear a casual look, you can try shorts, a cool T-shirt, and sneakers. Then, to complement it, even more, you can choose a baseball cap in your favorite color. What’s great about this kind of accessory is that you can find it in many kinds of designs. As a result, you’ll be able to easily find one that suits your tastes.


As for your hair, if you have it long, you can comb it while leaving an opening in the middle. This way, it will fall down your face. Then, you can put your cap on and rock your style. Besides, you can also wear your hair in a braid or high ponytail. This way, you can pass it through your cap’s opening at the back.


When it comes to caps, the sky is the limit! All you have to do is to find your favorite one and start to put together your look.