Learn about the fedora hat and the trends for its use this spring-summer

Fashion Trends-Learn about the fedora hat and the trends for its use this spring-summer

Learn about the fedora hat and the trends for its use this spring-summer. Let’s talk about a necessary and widely used accessory this season: the hat. But not just any, but a very particular model, the fedora.



FashionTrends-OriginThe fedora hat is known as such thanks to a play by the French Victorien Sardou called “Fédora.” It was shown in an American version in 1889, where the protagonist wore this type of hat. And thanks to the great success the play got, this accessory was popularly known as the Fedora hat.


So, it is a hat with a wide brim and a marked and tapered crown. Currently, there is a great variety of colors. However, the most common and popular were black, gray, and dark brown in its beginnings.


It was initially designed and made as a garment for female use. Still, with the passage of time and the evolution of fashion, it was also included among the accessories for men. Being used to accompany casual clothing or even to practice some sports.

Controversy regarding its creation


FashionTrends-Controversy regarding its creationHowever, its origin generated some controversy at the time. Since the fedora described above became popular with the play in the year 1889. Still, this soft and smooth felt model had already been made by the Italian company Giuseppe Borsalino in 1857. Reporting to the whole world but making itself known with enthusiasm in the United States later.


Thus, in the 1920s, its use was typical of upper-class men. Becoming an iconic and common accessory in gangsters, as we see them in the movies and in real life.


Therefore, in this type of hat, we have a classic garment that is still in trend today. If you like this accessory, without a doubt, the Fedora model should be among your wardrobe basics. Because it goes well with both looks informal and with more sophisticated.

Use of the Fedora hat for this season


Please choose the right size


FashionTrends-Please choose the right size.Wearing a hat larger or smaller than the diameter of our head represents discomfort. Either because if it is too wide, it will move, and we will not be able to arrange it. In the end, it will not look good.


Likewise, if we talk about a too-small hat for us, this will be noticeable. Because, apart from the discomfort that the tightness on the head will cause us, it will also leave a mark on our forehead when removing it.


To avoid any of the two situations described, the most advisable thing is to measure our heads. And have the numbers at hand when making a purchase. Or measure some models beforehand and choose the perfect one that does not squeeze or fall. Another detail is that it should not cover your ears, as it is another sign that it is too big.


Loose or low hair


FashionTrends-Loose or low hairThis type of hat looks great with loose hair. But if it is not your style or you do not want to wear it this way, you can try pulling it up in a low bun at the nape of the neck on a specific occasion. Or with a ponytail that falls on your back.


Either way, it looks great. You just have to decide according to your mood, taste, and style.


Side Brim


FashionTrends-Side BrimA trendy way to wear the Fedora hat is tilted. So, you can try taking it slightly by one of the brims to the side. That way, it is above your eyebrows and thus adds a touch of attitude to your look.

Combine with colors and textures


FashionTrends-Combine with colors and texturesThe Fedora was more popular in its beginnings in its black, gray, and dark brown version. Still, as we also mentioned, there are now a variety of colors available. And textures that are not only the classic felt for you to choose from, according to your taste and style.


So, you can select bright colors for striking combinations. And start playing with the garments until you put together your desired outfit.


But a warning, if you are inclined to select a striking color, the rest of your clothing should be in neutral or non-flashy tones. So that the hat is the main accessory and steals the eyes’ attention.


Include accessories


FashionTrends-Include accessories.Another particular feature of this type of hat is that they usually have a ribbon around them. However, not everyone wears it, and it may seem like something very simple to some people. So, you can activate your imagination and add your touch. Incorporating some appliqué or accessory that gives it another look.


There are many accessories for clothing that are not permanent. They may well have a kind of sticker on the back to temporarily fix it and remove it if it is no longer to your liking or does not look suitable for any occasion.


Also, if the detail of the ribbon around it catches your attention and the hat you purchased does not have it, you can include it later.


Just keep in mind that if the selected color is very striking, do not exaggerate with the accessories.


Fedora hat + leather jacket


FashionTrends-Fedora hat + leather jacketThis combination is the best for a more rock and roll style look.


This is a very traditional way of dressing. And if it goes with your style, don’t think about it anymore and look at the 90s in the best way.


With a Sweater


FashionTrends-With a SweaterThis combination will give you a very romantic, delicate, and beautiful look, especially on these spring days.


One way to insert the fedora into your outfit is to wear a knitted sweater with your favorite jeans. Or you can also try a cardigan, vest, or whatever else you like.


Another option is to dress in layers, wearing several garments together. And finishing with your fedora on top of everything.


Printed garments and colors


FashionTrends-Printed garments and colorsAny patterned garment you choose will go well with your fedora. So, take out those skirts and pants in your closet and wear them together with your star accessory. All while considering the following: if you combine several patterns, try not to exaggerate. Here the protagonist must be the hat.


Likewise, if you go for pants, look for a solid or ready-to-wear blouse or t-shirt to create visual balance.




FashionTrends-BonusesAs a last recommendation, we advise you not to use the hat in places with strong wind since it could fly into the air.


Finally, we leave you here the link to see the selection of hats that you can acquire for yourself.