Get the most out of your favorite lingerie

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Lingerie has been created to show the sensuality and security of women, regardless of their height or body shape. Because of that, at no time should you be shy about wearing underwear that makes you look sexy or different. You just have to worry about knowing how to get the most of your favorite lingerie.


It would be very strange to see a woman who does not want to use quality lingerie. Either to highlight her attributes or to surprise her partner, and this should not be a taboo subject.


In this post, we have decided to explain to women who love lingerie, how they can take advantage of it. How their underwear sets on any occasion to reinforce their confidence and self-esteem.

Why wear lingerie?


Fashion Trends and Style - Get the most out of your favorite lingerie- Lengerie

Today’s woman has the idea that lingerie is of great importance in her wardrobe, and it´s not a wrong thought. On the contrary, these are garments that will make you look and feel good. And for this, you only need to choose when to use lingerie and choose the most suitable fit for you.


Now you can buy underwear both in physical stores and online. And you can find everything from very conservative lingerie to very attractive and exotic designs to please everyone’s taste. So, to know which options will go best with you, pay attention to our tips.



What underwear color?


Fashion Trends and Style - Get the most out of your favorite lingerie- Lengerie

In general, colors such as white, black, or red are the most sought after by women when buying underwear. However, we want to give you some tricks. So that you know how to choose the right colors according to your skin tone:


  • If you´re a blonde woman and you love lingerie, we recommend that you opt for pastel colors such as pink.
  • For brunettes, stronger colors will be best, so your lingerie should be in shades like emerald green or sapphire.
  • For redheads, earth tones will create a great effect on your lingerie, as well as colors like pink or blue.


As for the fabrics, it can be said that there are lots of choices. And the choice of them will depend on the tastes of each woman. Also, lingerie made of leather or velvet tends to attract attention for its softness. Although satin and silk for their versatility are fabrics that do not go unnoticed either.


What types of lingerie are there?


Any woman can use lingerie, either daily or to look much more attractive. These are some of the types of fine lingerie that you can use more frequently to take advantage of:




Fashion Trends and Style - Get the most out of your favorite lingerie- Lengerie

This kind of lingerie is a half-cup bra and reveals part of the bust. In the 60s this type of bra was very popular, and women still use it nowadays. Especially when women wear dresses or blouses with very pronounced necklines.




Bodysuits are usually a very comfortable undergarment and are a good option for women with few curves. Also, there are great patterns of them to use in different situations.




Panties are the bottom of the underwear and can be found in different sizes, designs, and colors. Also, among the most popular panties are those made of lace or those that don´t have seams.




To stylize the female figure there´s nothing better than corsets, as they help define the waist and lift the butt. For women with little busts, this is a good option.




These are half-bodice bras and can be worn with semi-open shirts or blouses to reveal a bit. Although they belong to the group of underwear, unlike bras they don´t have underwire.




This type of panty is like shorts since they cover a large part of the buttock. And its height is above the pelvis. This piece is very comfortable and can be found with lace and in an infinite number of colors.


Garter belt


This is one of the sexiest lingerie items you will find. And though its usual use is to adjust stockings above the knee, many women wear it with an erotic goal.




This piece is very versatile since it can adapt to any type of body. And can also hide any type of imperfection. On top of that, due to their designs, we can wear them as sexy lingerie.


Padded bra


Fashion Trends and Style - Get the most out of your favorite lingerie- Lengerie

Women with small breasts can take advantage of this lingerie because they firm the breasts and increase their size. Bras are very eye-catching, especially those with lace, and thanks to their comfort we can use them daily.




This undergarment, apart from being very comfortable, is one of the sexy ones. And they are usually recommended when using tight dresses or leggings. Similarly, white garments are a good option since they will not show.


When is lingerie used?


Fashion Trends and Style - Get the most out of your favorite lingerie- Lengerie

To get the most out of your lingerie, it´s important to keep it in good condition for its durability. And so that when you put it on you can look attractive. Although underwear is not visible when you put it on, these tips for women’s underwear will be very useful for its use and care:


  • Buy the perfect size to avoid discomfort.
  • Try not to wear ripped or worn underwear.
  • When you don’t want the lines of your undergarment to show on your clothing, go for laser-cut panties.
  • If you want your legs to look more attractive or your body to look slimmer, choose black underwear.
  • Ideally, your underwear should make you feel comfortable, so choose bras that fit your cup size correctly.


What is it like to wear lingerie?


Fashion Trends and Style - Get the most out of your favorite lingerie- Lengerie

We wear underwear daily, and to increase your self-confidence you just have to know which clothes fit you best. The advice that we have given you will be very useful. For you to take advantage of the ways of wearing lingerie.


So that you can look more attractive than you already are. In the same way, you must take care of all the lingerie you have. Since when it looks worn it will subtract points from your beauty and femininity.