This is how you should wear jackets with style

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Jackets are an incredible basic that you can combine with jeans, suits, t-shirts, and shirts. You can use them to put together great outfits full of style and a lot of trends. I guarantee that after this article you will be able to put together outfits full of creativity and ingenuity.


This garment and its versatility allow you to find almost magical styles, which makes it super functional. The material doesn’t matter, nor the color. Whatever outfit you decide to wear, the jacket will always be one of the best allies. In fact, some famous designers such as Giorgio Armani or Donna Karan, teach us that the notched lapel jacket is what you need to look well stylized.


There are many types, as I explained to you, of jackets that you can use to elevate your outfit and that is why today at Fashion Trends we bring you this dose of style that you needed to combine them.


How do you wear jean jackets?


Fashon Trends and Style - This is how you should wear jackets with style - Jackets

Inside that closet that you should start building if you don’t have it yet, you must get a jean jacket. They are super versatile and comfortable; they keep you warm or cool nights and are ideal to take to an afternoon with friends for a walk.


It is a basic that has never gone out of style, and the truth is that they currently have a great role in our outfits and we see it in the looks of celebrities, models, bloggers, influencers, and also models. Considered a must-have for the classic style it provides; it is a garment that will get us out of a hurry at any time.


Now, surely you have too many doubts about it. That is why I am here, to get you out of those doubts you have and to teach you that it does not matter if you combine two or three types of blue in your look, always, achieving balance, you will achieve an excellent ally.


So, if you ask yourself these things, you can also wear them the same tone as long as those tones are very similar to each other so that you get a total denim look. Another option is to play light and dark, also black and indigo. Also, if you think about shirts, opt for shirts or t-shirts, however, the shirts will always go well with an indigo jacket, while if it is a basic white shirt, it will be a success that you will not regret.


How do you wear a blazer?


Fashon Trends and Style - This is how you should wear jackets with style - Jackets

Doesn’t it happen to you that sometimes you feel disheveled with what you are wearing and what you do is put on a blazer to notice a big difference? The truth is that blazers help even when you feel very bloated, or on those days when you feel with zero confidence.


So, use many blazers and keep them so that they continue to elevate your style and your outfit. The only detail with them is that you must ensure that they are not too tight on your arms and chest, especially if you are a mature woman because when crossing your arms, you can see unpleasant wrinkles.


Now, if your jacket has shoulder pads, make sure that a tailor helps you remove them and ensures a square cut, making sure that said garment manages to fulfill its role of modernizing the silhouette. If the blazer with the jean is a uniform, but that blazer over a hoodie and pair it with cargo pants or joggers.


How to wear a white jacket?


Fashon Trends and Style - This is how you should wear jackets with style - Jackets

Like the blazers, a white jacket can create a very original look. Especially for those days when you have to go to the office and have no idea what to wear.


Today, we want to invite you to lose your fear of white. Use it with great innovative and classic combinations, such as black, brown, blue, gray, or a total white look.


The key and the trick, perhaps the secret is that white must always be on top.


This way, the jacket with that combination will always attract attention for your good taste and style.


Wear your jackets in style


We also have other options of jackets that you can wear with all the styles in the world such as:




Fashon Trends and Style - This is how you should wear jackets with style - Jackets

It doesn’t matter which version you have. Whether it is wide, long, short, or loose, it can also be traditional.


The best thing is that they are fashionable.


In fact, a round neck or V-neck can help you change the way they see you. You can put the belt of the cardigan at your waist over dresses of any style or dress backward.


This way, the buttons will be at your back.


Leather jackets and trench coats.


Fashon Trends and Style - This is how you should wear jackets with style - Jackets

To generate a very avant-garde and sophisticated style, also so that you have interesting airs. Any of these looks will look great on you.


If you want, you can take the risk of wearing it with a hoodie and leggings. Or, you can wear it like a dress with a classic waterproof cream-type gabardine.




Popular since the nineties, and since you know that fashion is cyclical, they come back to give us retro styles. You can use colors to create nice volume on the body. There are some with unique and original designs.


Field jacket.


Although its use was mainly military, many designers redesigned it in the modern style, without losing the style. You can wear it as a casual style for a Friday night, also with shirts with different collars.


Bomber jacket.


Fashon Trends and Style - This is how you should wear jackets with style - Jackets

Made with nylon, polyester, and cotton. It’s perfect for spring and when the weather cools, also to wear with a basic outfit such as jeans and a white t-shirt.


Jackets are amazing to wear with any outfit you need to wear. The important thing is that you pay attention when finding the balance between garments. This way, you’ll get extraordinary looks with basic or more traditional and elegant garments.


At Fashion Trends we hope that this article has been helpful for you. Save it, comment on it and share it with whomever you think needs it.