Women’s cowgirl fashion and how to wear it with style

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The cowgirl look is a style option that has stood the test of time and, regardless of age, is a favorite for many to wear. Whether you have a theme party, you live in a place that suits this outfit, or it is simply a type of outfit that you like to wear, cowgirl clothing will always look good, giving you a lot of attitude and style.

Now, there are some characteristic garments of this style that are essential to dress and look like a cowgirl and that you should know and manage to put together your cowgirl outfits. So if you want to look like a western girl, keep reading to learn how to look amazing and jump to the rodeo.


How does a cowgirl dress?


The cowgirl woman is that typical woman who has her classic hat, boots, and jeans. You may also be very familiar with crop tops and plaid overshirts, respectively. The trick to get to this style is to combine clothes and accessories to get to the style you want to achieve. You just have to choose the right boots, because, in the end, it´s the secret of style.


So, I want to show you how to wear this style. Some looks that involve denim, boots, and hats as perfect accessories to achieve an impact look.


Cowgirls wear a vest


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a cowgirl dress? - cowgirl

And it´s very easy to wear this garment. Although it´s not considered as an element that falls within the denim elements. But if you combine it with boots, the meaning changes one hundred percent.


You can be inspired by vests that have decorations or embroidery, that go back to the countryside.


Like flowers, bows, horses, ruffles, straps… even the plain one since it is a denim way of transforming it.


Cowgirls wear strapless tops


That’s right, and if you want to rock life, this is a feminine and fun way to do it. Above all, if you are visiting a place that deserves a look of boots and a hat. You can highlight with a personalized hat or any color that matches the blouse you wear. The boots that are decorated.


Cowgirls wear extravagant-sleeved blouses


Above all, if this form of blouse leaves your shoulders uncovered. So, this option is amazing to wear if you must dress this way. You can combine it with your favorite flared jeans and some cowboy boots to give the impression that you´re up to the task.


Cowgirls wear tank tops


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a cowgirl dress? - cowgirl

Here we bring an option contrary to the previous one and, in addition, short, of course.   It´s easy and simple to recreate, what you have to take into account is that the details are what´s important.


Such as a belt with a large buckle, boots, and colorful earrings.


These will show simplicity, which can be compensated with accessories and the pants inside the boots.


Cowgirls dress in a wholly traditional way


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a cowgirl dress? - cowgirl

This look can be achieved by using many accessories.


Plus, the charro pants, with hustlers, or even when you wear too much makeup.


What you should have on hand is a hat, belt, and boots, of course.


To achieve this style and get a little out of the conventional, you can help yourself with neutral colors such as white and black so that your accessories stand out much more.


How to wear cowgirl boots?


In short, cowboy boots, as you can see, are the most basic garment of a cowboy outfit. They´re feminine, they have a presence and they´re also too comfortable, more than people think. What you don´t have to be in doubt about is that they show a lot of personality.


In the world, we find several types of cowboy boots. So, I want to show you some of the most common. 


Mexican cowgirl boots


They´re the most original, exotic, and full of style for women. Still, we can also find models for men. But the secret of wearing them originally is that your boots are real from leather.


Cowboy-style cowgirl boots


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a cowgirl dress? - cowgirl

These are high almost to the knee.


Its heels are 2 inches high and have an angular shape.


They don´t have laces and tend to be in one piece. You can find the tip pointed or round, although it´s already common to see them square.


Buckaroo-style cowgirls boots


This model is larger than the traditional one, thus reaching approximately 1´1 feet. They´re very colorful and have elaborate drawings or reliefs, which make them a jewel for your little feet.


How can I dress to go dancing?


Fashion Trends and Style - How should a cowgirl dress? - cowgirl

If you were invited to a cowboy party, what you need to know, as you can imagine, is that accessories are the secret to making your outfit stand out from all the others. So, you can dress well and effortlessly. The best way to achieve this is with a casual style.


Wear a light-colored hat. And match it with a long-sleeved button-down blouse, simple jeans in a classic color, and a plain brown belt. You may think that one thing has nothing to do with the other. However, this combination together can favorably help you build an amazing look.


Another matter that you can pay attention to is embroidery. Since they´re a characteristic element of this theme and you can afford to wear them on clothes, shoes, or even on jeans and hats. They´re a vital part of this theme and the decorated boots help you achieve a casual, simple, and basic outfit. But very striking, since the embroidery will attract attention.


Likewise, this idea of ​​wearing a blouse to a party can also be complemented with a mid-calf skirt with flares. And combined with decorated boots to attract attention to your good taste. 


In short, at Fashion Trends, we hope that you feel confident wearing these garments with the best of styles. And that you already know that it´s possible to combine and play with outfits that help you feel incredible. Even when you want to get a cowgirl style.


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