How to know your exact women’s clothing size

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How to know your exact women’s clothing size. We all have experimented with the disappointment of buying a garment in our size only to find that It’s either too small or big for us. Many times, this happens with the same size. In other words, your shirts are mostly M but then when you buy another, it doesn’t fit you. As a result, this makes us think if we lost/gained weight in a matter of minutes. Of course, this isn’t true… is it?


No, of course not. You didn’t get fat or slimmer in those ten steps that you took from one store to another. It’s just that the clothes always vary depending on the brand. And no! It isn’t a problem with your body, but of the size. Enough thinking that you’re the problem because it isn’t true.


Entering a store can be considered quite an adventure, and many times we don’t know if our usual size will suit us. Buying can be easy for many, however, it’s this type of detail that makes us doubt and not be too clear about what is happening. Has it happened to you?


In this sense, today together with Fashion Trends, I come to teach you some infallible tricks outside of letters and numbers, to find yours, ready for this adventure? Get paper and pencil, we’re going to learn!


Why does my size vary by brand?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothing size - clothing size

In reality, your body isn’t to blame for anything. Instead, we should blame the brands and stores.


There is a universal nomenclature and they’re divided into letters: S, M, L, XL, XXL, or numbers. However, there is nothing too standardized.


Take this as a starting point.


Nonetheless, to get the numbers right you can understand it through the references: from 2 to 5 sums one by one to enlarge the size, and the others start from 36 and go two by two.


How do you know what your clothing size is?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothing size - clothing size

Understanding our measurements will help us to deduce our kind of body. After this, we’ll be able to know what’s the type of clothing or the size that corresponds to us. In this case, women have some common ones that are: bust, waist, and hips contour.


Now, did you know that there are also different systems? As for the inches and labels, also the French. So, to measure yourself, you can do it with a tailor’s meter while naked.


The first step is to measure the contour of the bust loosely, then the waist below the ribs, and lastly the hips. Here I bring you a simple explanation that will surely help you to know what your size is according to your measurements:


How do you know what your T-shirt size is?


T-shirt and dress sizes


Bust Hip Waist Shirt’s Size
80 cm 86-88 cm 60-62 cm 34 or XS
85 cm 89-92 cm 36-66 cm 36 or S
90 cm 93-96 cm 67-70 cm 38 or S/M
95 cm 95 cm 71-74 cm 40 or M
100 cm 101-104 cm 75-78 cm 42 or M/L
105 cm 105-108 cm 79-82 cm 44 or L
110 cm 109-112 cm 83-86 cm 46 or L/XL
115 cm 113-116 cm 87-90 cm 48 or XL
120 cm 117-120 cm 91-94 cm 50 or XL/XXL
125 cm 121-124 cm 95-98 cm 52 or XXL

How do I know what my pants size is?


Size of pants and skirts


Fashion Trends and Style - clothing size - clothing size

Based on the table above, measuring the size of pants or skirts is simple.


In this sense, all you have to do is divide the number in centimeters of your waist circumference by two.


After this, you can measure the contour of your waist in centimeters and surround without being loose or tight.


You must take the time to figure out your size before buying anything.


This way, you will save both time and money. Besides, you will also have the assurance that it’s the right one. So, in the case of pants:


Waist size Pants Size
66-69 cm 34
70-73 cm 36
74-77 cm 38
78-81 cm 40
82-85 cm 42
86-89 cm 44
90-93 cm 46
94-97 cm 48
98-101 cm 50
102-105 cm 52


And so on until reaching size 66.


What size is L in a women’s dress?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothing size - clothing size

Starting from what I mentioned above, the size L in dress has to do with the measurements of the bust, hip, and waist. So, if your bust is between 105 and 110, your hips are between 105-108 cm and your waist is 79-82, then you’re size L or 44.


As you may well imagine, measurement should be the main reference, and it is done in those three places to find the basics. Once you have the correct measurements, you’ll be able to find the right clothes for you.


As a result, you will be able to understand the size table and thus make sure you’re buying the right clothes. 


How to know your exact women’s clothing size?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothing size - clothing size

Knowing your size is essential to finding the ideal clothes.


Once you understand your body and know more or less how it goes according to your figure and style, you will know what looks good on you and how to use it to favor each part of you.


From Fashion Trends, we hope that this article will help you to become a fashion expert.


What did you think of these sizes? Did you know which is yours?