Here’s how to wear a woman’s bomber jacket with style

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The mid-season seasons are ideal to enter the trend of layers, and the bomber jacket has to be within that combination to find a perfect style, very chic and elegantly casual.


Do you want to wear this garment in style? Keep reading, because together with Fashion Trends we are going to teach you how to wear it and that you go beyond the world of fashion with this classic garment that year after year is reinvented with textures, prints, colors, and materials.


It has become one of the favorites and can also be essential for an ideal wardrobe, which together with denim, will complement perfectly to create an outfit with an unforgettable appearance, very street style, and effortless inspiration. Are you ready for this adventure? Find where to score, we go with everything!


What is a bomber jacket?


Before I explain how to wear this jacket in style, I would like to start by explaining what a bomber jacket is: it is a short jacket without a collar. It is made with nylon and has been a revolution in fashion since the sixties. Over the years it has evolved and reinvented itself with different models such as padded and lightweight.


What is the bomber style?


Fashion Trends and Style - bomber jacket - Banner

Since its inception in 1917, the bomber jacket emerged with the function of covering fighter pilots from the cold, since they provide flexibility to move freely. Now, with the passing of time and the evolution of the world, this jacket also had its evolution.


In the 50s, other military forces used it and gave it the style now known, with the plus of better comfort. Alpha Industries was the production company that produced it massively.


So, in the 60s, Leslie Irvin, took her to Hollywood and seized this garment, integrating it in films like “Rebel Without a Cause.” It was until the seventies when this garment was used by everyone, becoming the favorite for its usefulness, comfort, and variety of styles.


Being considered a unisex garment, it is worn on almost every occasion, and over time more and more models have emerged that open a range of options to choose from. I particularly think that just one will not be enough. I want all of them!


How should a bomber jacket look?


This jacket is also known as “the flight jacket” and it is very important to find the balance that balances your outfit to wear it correctly. One option is to wear it with skinny jeans, to play with wide and narrow garments correctly. With this jacket, you will always be in trend.


On the other hand, as for their cuts they should be straight, the shoulders tailored and the length should not be too much. The ideal is up to the waist. In this sense, if you combine it with a t-shirt or a polo shirt you can create an informal look. While if you want something more formal you can wear it with a dress or a skirt in a total look and the jacket of the same color or another that stands out.


Types of bomber jacket


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This versatile garment varies in style and we can find them on the catwalks with thousands of prints, fabrics, designs, and colors. Do you know them? Keep reading that I explain them briefly!


Harrington jacket. 


This garment is made with comfortable fabrics such as cotton, polyester, or wool. They are characterized by the inner lining that is decorated with checks or also in the classic Scottish tartan model.


Its side pockets are very large and stand out for not having shoulder seams. This small feature makes it more comfortable and allows more freedom of movement. Besides, you can combine them with more classic garments.


Bomber jacket.


This jacket is made of leather or nylon. They stand out by the elastics at the waist and on the cuffs, closing with metal closure and without collars.


How to use a  bomber jacket for women?


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In short, the word versatile is one of our favorites, because it means that it goes with everything and for many occasions. It allows us to create combinations and mix them with everything we have in our closet. For this reason, Fashion Trends put together a list of how to wear different models.


Monochrome bomber.


The interesting thing about this monochrome garment is that it allows us to combine with almost everything and not have a margin of error. It is fun to combine and open our imagination to create.


Combine with monochrome high-waisted shorts and a flowered top or some pattern. That the bomber is a solid color such as black, brown, white, or gray to allow you to create variety.


Bomber with jeans.


High-waisted jeans are perfect to combine with the bomber jacket. You can combine it with a basic white shirt and your bomber to look very fashionable. You can also choose your metallic bomber, just try not to make the top too extravagant for balance.


How to wear a bomber jacket?


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The interesting thing about this garment is that, like a leather or denim jacket, it does not go out of style. In this sense, we can achieve a wide variety of looks we can adapt to many styles. They will generate incredible outfits that cannot go unnoticed. Trust me!


Urban look.


You can wear very basic streetwear garments. You can opt for joggers and a hoodie that matches the color of the jogger, or boyfriend-style jeans. Combine it with some vans or your favorite tennis shoes and complete with a bomber jacket.


Sophisticated look. 


Do you think it is not possible to achieve a very sophisticated look with this garment? Yes of course! Just look at David Beckham on one of the GQ covers. Too fabulous, and if he can, so can you. Opt for dark jeans, a glittery blouse, stilettos, and a brown bomber jacket.


Classic look.


The classic look is the one that will get us out of trouble. I assure! You can pair your favorite jeans with a basic T-shirt, straight-toe heels, and the military green bomber jacket. This type of jacket will allow you to create different and very chic looks.


Sporty chic look.


What do you think of the floral prints? They are a very interesting option to combine with the bomber jacket. You can choose this type of flowered print, complement with a skirt and sneakers. You will combine the sporty and feminine look very well!


Wear the bomber jacket with style 


Do you already know how to combine this incredible garment? I hope so. Because it is a timeless piece that apparently will continue with us for many more years, and that’s why we must combine it with the best of styles. At Fashion Trends, we say yes to the bomber and we want to know how you want to use it in your next outfit.