A woman’s basic must-have wardrobe

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A woman’s basic must-have wardrobe. It is well known that women always want to keep up with the latest fashion trends or what is being worn to look modern and renewed. Wearing the latest clothes makes us feel great without a doubt. But let’s face it, we can’t always have an updated closet or go to the stores with every collection launch of a brand.


Given this, a strategy that is always right and does not fail is to have basic garments in our closet. Those pieces of clothing that are also considered timeless, and we can use them on any occasion and time of the year without fear of looking out of fashion. Plus, they are excellent to combine with trendy clothes and that will make you look good at all times.


Another detail to take into account is the number of clothes that we must have in our closets. And this is a cause of concern for many to consider that it does not have enough clothing to meet their needs to dress. So, let’s learn a little more about the subject and see what and how many basic garments must have a woman to look good.


How many pieces of clothing should a woman have?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

Women only wear 20% of the clothes they have in their wardrobe. In this sense, certain studies speak of the number 33. A fashion challenge that invites you to dress with 33 items or fewer for three months.


You are wondering why 33? And this has to do with leisure garments, and 33 is enough to use it at all times without showing that you are wearing the same thing. Quite an interesting project.


Having this number of garments gives you the advantage of saving more time in the morning, reduces the stress of what I wear, and is practical for those who travel. It will make you feel very happy.


What clothes should be in a woman’s wardrobe?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

The wardrobe is essential for everyone, and it is for this reason that every woman should have one. Wardrobes should keep the clothes that do not go out of style with the change of the seasons. This consists of basic garments that are functional and versatile to be combined with anything, like the black dress.


However, each person’s bottom of the wardrobe differs; not all of us have the same tastes or like the same shapes or colors. So, for our wardrobe to be complete, it must have clothes that help us dress well or, failing that, complement what we have.


What garments? White shirt, jeans, leather jacket, black shirt, striped shirt, black high heels, wool sweater, black dress, and white sneakers.


Now, to know if the wardrobe you have is ideal for you, you must consider that the clothes go with you and your personality, considering that not all of us fit the same things.


For this reason, you must consider seasonality when choosing them according to the season. In turn, they must be your size. As well as, you must have a variety of things that harmonize and that these garments adapt to you, as I mentioned earlier.


How many clothes does an average person have?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

 In the last year, consumption, in general, has been massive.


A report from the market research agency in Mexico showed that in the last year, Mexicans allocated 3.8% of expenses on shoes and 4.6% on clothing.


And in the periodicity, the families spent an average of 2,736 pesos.


Impressive numbers.


What is there to have in the closet?


 Among the basic garments that we all must have, in addition to those already mentioned, we must have:


The shirt-cut dress. 

Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

This garment benefits all bodies and adapts to all occasions, making it versatile and elegant. Using this garment, you can look very fashionable.


Jean jacket. 


This basic is essential in the wardrobe; it has been for a long time and will continue to be so. It is timeless and compliments almost any style.




This garment is considered another basic because it provides structure and formality to casual garments. It works for all seasons, and that is a plus that makes it more than necessary.




Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

Have it the color you prefer within the basics, so it goes with everything. It is versatile because it can play with everything and make your outfits fun.


Black skirt. 


In its straight and neutral version. This garment can be with any top you prefer, crop tops, blouses, shirts, t-shirts … not to mention shoes. This garment is one of my favorites.


Dress pants. 


This outfit is beautiful to combine to go to work or for a special occasion with whatever comes to mind. Use them preferably in neutral tones, so that, like the cardigan, you can take advantage of it.


What is a basic outfit?


Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

A basic outfit is those clothes that you never combine. We have basic garments that we can always wear, and what is behind the “I have nothing to wear” is that we are bored with the same thing and always want something new, to look different and change. We go crazy for that.


Now, we can play with that and put together different things, like the animal print with denim. Unburden yourself with denim, play with clothes, and give it a chance.


Also, you can allow the ankle boots with fisherman and a basic shirt. It will look fabulous on you.


On the other hand, patterned skirts are flattering with T-shirts and tennis shoes. Believe me when I tell you that even the giant sweater with jeans can be favorable for our looks and give them movement.


Fashion Trends and Style - clothes - wardrobe

Do you want to be more daring? Dare with the same dress as always, with a shirt or top underneath. You will feel like a true fashionista model. Finally, some jeans, a white shirt, and sneakers will give you an air of spontaneity and freshness that sometimes we all need.


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