Create the perfect outfits with wide dress pants

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Create the perfect outfits with wide dress pants. Yes, I know many of you are a fan of skinny jeans. However, they are not the only ones, especially for those who are not fans of tight clothes or that simply do not fit. There is a wide variety of pants that can also adapt to our figure and make us look super chic and elegant.


I’m talking about wide dress pants. Although they can be a bit intimidating because we think they make us look bigger than we really are, they are a more than perfect option to wear. More when we know how to combine them.


They help us show off elegant looks for outings or even more casual and informal ones to go for a walk around. Likewise, we know that currently, fashion is betting on comfort, freedom, and those garments that do not mark the silhouette too much.


For this reason, wide pants have said “here I am, I’m your best option” and today together with Fashion Trends I compiled a series of outfits that you can wear with wide dress pants and look like a true fashion expert. What do you say? Ready for this adventure? Find a pencil and paper!


What are wide dress pants called?


Fashion Trends and Style - wide dress pants - pants

 Technically, there are several models of wide dress pants. And among the most popular we can find these types that are very fashionable today. In Fashion Trends, we collect a few that we hope will help you.


Bell trousers.


This type of pants became a trend from the seventies thanks to the designer Mary Quan. It is characterized because the legs are straight or adjusted to the knee. Besides, they widen in the silhouette of a bell or also called an elephant boot. They’re perfect for a boho style, and you can find them from dress fabric to knits.


Palazzo pants. 


They are straight-cut pants, but the width of the leg is XL. They are made with very voluminous fabrics that seem to be wearing a maxi skirt. Like the bell cut, they became a trend in the seventies and since that time they cannot disappear from our closets.


Baggy pants.


Also called “bloomers”, these oriental-inspired pants are vaporous fabrics made of colored prints. They arrived in our wardrobe in the 20th century and they fit at the waist, however, they grow larger up to the ankle where they are girded with rubber or tape.


Culotte pants.


Culotte pants are easy to recognize, as they reach mid-leg and are wide, slightly flared. They favor people of short stature who seek to elongate the silhouette through the leg. It also marks the waist very well.


How can you wear wide pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - wide dress pants - pants

How do you get along with oversize or wide-leg pants? Do you like them? Well, these triumphed in aesthetics in the eighties and nineties. They are baggy pants with masculine airs that give your style a very effortless air. In addition, they favor all types of silhouettes and look great with almost everything.


Technically, combining these pants is quite simple, since it goes very well with basic shirts for a sportier style. While if you combine it with top lingerie and stilettos you will achieve a more sophisticated outfit. Follow me reading!


Now, in street style, you can wear them in total look with timeless colors such as black or beige. Or, if you prefer, you can also use them in bright colors. Although, if you are going to bet on these wide dress pants, I recommend that they be in camel, black or white colors since over time they will become basic in your wardrobe. I’ll explain more!


Wide pants in white.


They are perfect for a casual, elegant, and formal style. You will remember me when I tell you that over time they will become a basic wardrobe staple. You can combine it with striped blazers and sweaters, tie-dye prints, asymmetrical tops, camel accessories, and whatever you want. It is very feminine!


Wide-leg pants in vibrant colors.


If you have a risky style and you love to use colors that make you vibrate with joy, you can wear it like a fashion expert with animal prints, geometric prints, and also matching colors of vibrant and striking. Dare to stand out! You will look beautiful!


Wide pants in black.


Sober and confident. It’s a safe bet and a classic that will always flatter any type of silhouette and is elegant for any occasion. It looks good with practically everything, even in total look to look more formal.


Wide pants in brown tones.


From the lightest to the darkest, brown can also be an alternative color that makes you feel confident and serene. You can wear it with military green, in a total look, or play with colors in the same palette.


How to combine wide pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - wide dress pants - pants

Wide dress pants feel very good to the body, they also allow us to feel comfortable and free when moving. It is a very versatile and elegant garment that looks great on any silhouette. Do you want outfit ideas? I have them for you!


Natural look.


Wide-leg pants are the perfect ally for a nature-inspired look. Combine your beige pants with a few thousand and a khaki-tone sweater. You will be irresistible!


French-style look.


Complement your gray pants with white pumps and a checked sweater. If you put on a black beret, you will be a French under construction.


Classic look.


Wide-leg dress pants don’t have to be just one color, they can also have shapes and patterns. Try white pants with black polka dots and a white crop top, bralette, or a tucked-in blouse. The balance between the pieces will look great on your body.


Loose look.


You can opt for wide-leg pants in the same color as the blazer to put together a complete outfit. Then, you can complement it even more with a neutral blouse. You can also make the shirt tighter so you don’t lose balance.


Outfits with wide dress pants


Fashion Trends and Style - wide dress pants - pants

With this, we can realize a theory that crossed our minds at some point! Baggy pants are replacing skinny pants in many closets.


We owe this to the new boom in comfort and freedom.


In short, many of us already prefer baggy to glued and the best thing is that these wide dress pants are a very fashionable garment that gives us, in addition to comfort, a lot of style.


What do you think? Are you team skinny or team baggy?