The higher the quality the higher the price: Why are trendy clothes so expensive?

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Why is it expensive to follow fashion? The fact is fashion will always be a luxury.  For those who follow fashion trends, having expensive garments in their wardrobe is a total must. These fashionable items not only tend to look nicer but also last way longer. So even though there’s no doubt that the price is always influenced by the quality of the garments, these trendy clothes need to have a higher price, Why? Well, obviously because big fashion brands are the ones behind the design of these collections.


In general, we tend to pay handsomely for a garment that we love. However, even before the purchase, you can already notice that the materials used and the stitching of the high-priced garment are made with close attention to detail. Nevertheless, the same does not happen with cheap price garments. More often than not, you can see imperfect seams in them, which means that they won’t last a long time. Thus, they won’t satisfy your demands if what you want is to show off an impeccable look.


Are expensive clothes high-quality?


FashionTrends-Learn about the following reasons why trending garments are expensive-Are expensive clothes high-quality

No one can deny that a well-dressed person is visible from miles away. Because of this, it’s actually really simple to distinguish between low-quality clothes from expensive clothing. Yet still, many people wonder if expensive clothing has a higher quality, and the obvious answer is yes. After all, the most popular fashion brands are the ones in charge of creating these luxury products. And these brands cannot afford to have their reputation harmed.


That’s why we can firmly say that these luxury garments are of prime quality. As a result, it’s always worth it to invest in quality clothing. In fact, the most important fashion brands will always be known for the elegance present in all their collections. So that is a definite plus.



For fashion followers, it isn’t a sacrifice to buy expensive clothes. After all, they strive to only have the most sophisticated and high-end quality garments in their closet. Expensive clothing is characterized by its exclusivity, so if you want to join this select group, here are some brands you can choose from. Pick the one that best suits your needs:


  • Chanel
  • Gucci
  • Armani
  • Marc
  • Jacobs
  • Prada
  • Valentino
  • Fendi
  • Versace


These are some favorite brands of fashionistas, and surely you have already heard about them. This is because they make sure to maintain their reputation as creators of garments of the highest quality.


To measure the price of expensive clothing it’s necessary to look beyond just the quality. For example, you’re also paying for their expensive retail locations and their big marketing budgets in that final price. Of course, this cost also includes all the prestige that comes along with affording a high-end outfit. That is why renowned brands have the freedom to increase the final price of their pieces as they see fit.


The best fashion designers, create the best fashion clothes.


FashionTrends-Learn about the following reasons why trending garments are expensive-The best fashion designers, create the best fashion clothes

Top fashion designers are the ones in charge of creating trendy clothes. Their job is to foresee trends, take calculated risks, and defy tradition. For this, they invest a lot of money in their designs and production.


However, we need to understand that every top designer has a process that starts from an initial design concept to the final development. This is carefully planned out and can take 18 to 24 months before we see a collection.


Nevertheless, for trend followers, patiently waiting for the next launch to be able to purchase that unique fashionable garment isn’t a problem. Since what they care about the most is quality, durability, and looking good on any occasion.


Before a garment becomes a trend, it must appear in the most important fashion events. Most often than not, these occur in cities characterized by elegance and glamour. For example, Paris and New York are often the homes for the best catwalks and galleries. In them, you can find that piece that will become the next trend. So, even if their prices are high, there’s a lot of people willing to pay for them.


It is very common for trendy fashion clothes to be made by hand by designers. As a result, designer clothes are not mass-produced, which means, the results are way better. In other words, that’s why handmade garments are always priced higher than machine-made pieces. The time it takes to manufacture the items and the high attention to detail are the real reasons behind those expensive prices.


Why is it expensive to follow fashion?


FashionTrends-Learn about the following reasons why trending garments are expensive-Why is it expensive to follow fashion

When fashion houses release their clothing collection, certain requirements must be met in advance. In this sense, each garment must be created by hand. So, due to the large amount of work involved in making trendy clothes, it cannot be cheap like the clothes you usually see in department stores.


So, the answer is yes, it is expensive to follow fashion. Especially when you want to wear a beautiful dress with high-quality appliques. That’s why not everyone can spend so much money on a trendy garment. Although some prefer to make this expense to have a garment that provides resistance and durability.


So, before the garments in trend are fully ready to be offered to the public, their manufacturing process requires many elements that make it a unique and expensive piece:


The type of fabric


Most fashion designers travel the world looking for the best fabrics for their designs. Among the most expensive types of fabrics are linen, cotton, silk, and wool. For this reason, the more expensive a type of fabric is, the higher the price of the piece.


Accessories included in the garment


FashionTrends-Learn about the following reasons why trending garments are expensive-Accessories included in the garment

Some garments are very simple and you can use them on any occasion. The price of these types of pieces is not as expensive as those with accessories.


Besides, they offer a more striking look. Most often than not, trendy clothes have accessories.


This is yet another reason why they are so expensive.


Garments that include appliqués, laces, linings, stones, or other elements, turn out to have a higher price.


On the other hand, the fashion house that made them will also determine this.




FashionTrends-Learn about the following reasons why trending garments are expensive-Workforce

It takes time to make a piece of fashionable clothing since most of them are hand-sewn. Besides creating a stylish piece, designers also add lace, buttons, closures, or other appliqués.


However, this depends on the type of piece they want to design. An evening dress will need different kinds of appliques to stand out, for example, rhinestones.


On the other hand, a casual dress may only have a closure depending on the model. In this case, the evening dress will be more expensive because its production process will take more time.


Indirect costs


When a fashion designer wants to create a garment, they need some support materials to carry out its design. You should include costs involved in designing research, advertising, garment promotion, warehouse costs, and profit margins during the crafting process.




If you want to buy expensive clothes safely, you have to inform yourself first.


That’s why marketing plays a very important role in fashion firms.


After all, their designers need to show a good image to attract their customers.


A designer who offers expensive clothing must show an image that matches their designs.


For this, they will have to make a good investment to use the tools of marketing.


Buying an expensive garment is a must for fashion trend followers


FashionTrends-Learn about the following reasons why trending garments are expensive-Buying an expensive garment is a must for fashion trend followers

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why fashionable clothes are so expensive. However, when seeing the entire process involved in making each piece there is no doubt that its price is fair. This is why for trend followers, paying a high price for a garment is worth it.


Fashion trend fans like you also have their reasons for buying expensive clothing. A cheap garment cannot replace the work that a designer does to achieve perfect combinations of colors, textures, and beautiful fall in all their clothes.


When a garment is in trend, it’s because it’s a unique piece that will help you create the best look to stand out.



Is it worth buying expensive clothes?


Have you ever come across someone who was incredibly well-dressed? And they just have a look that screams they’ve spent a lot of money on this. Well, there is definitely a reason behind that. And that is High cost=High Quality. Let’s face it, when it comes to trendy clothes you should always look at the fabrics first. Why? Well, because it’s a fact that the majority of these high-end garments are made of high-quality fabric that will not fade or discolor easily. In most cases, these clothes tend to last longer if they are washed and cared for properly.


So, if you’re a fashion fan you have probably asked yourself if expensive clothes are worth your money? the answer is quite simply yes. Although these pieces tend to be more expensive, they are well worth the investment because they can be worn for years. Besides, these expensive items simply pay more attention to the most important details, such as design, fit, material, craftsmanship, story, and quality.


As a result, expensive clothing is made with great care in every aspect, which is why it typically lasts longer. The tailoring is of the highest quality, and you will be definitely grateful for that in the long run.