I teach you which jeans are ideal for petite girls

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Jeans are essential pieces in any wardrobe. And most definitely, I haven´t met any person in the world who doesn´t have at least one in their closet. That´s why it´s considered indispensable in the capsule wardrobe.


Now, we women of short stature sometimes find ourselves with the dilemma of not knowing which jean best suits us. Depending on our body type and size. And today I have good news for you, it´s not only one. There are several pairs of jeans that we can wear if we´re small and help us look taller.


At Fashion Trends we made an interesting selection that we hope will inspire you. To find incredible outfits that help you look taller and more elegant. Because you know what? Being a little taller is never going to be a bad option.


What do Petite jeans mean?


Fashion Trends and Style - I teach you which jeans are ideal for petite girls - Jeans

There is always talk of large sizes, extra-large, loose clothing, plus size. However, the term petite is not something that we hear every day or that we find so easily. Now, what does it mean to be petite?


To be petite is to be small. It´s going to the shoe store looking for heels and not finding them. Because your foot is so small that the shoe stores decided not to make more. Therefore, you have to look for the last options in the children’s area. (I lived it and it was horrible).


Petite jeans are those pants that can be adapted to your height. And that, also, make you look taller due to their design and construction. Because no, unfortunately not all clothes are made for us, nor can they be adapted. Since when we look for baggy, it doesn´t mean three sizes more, but clothes our size that meet this characteristic.


In this sense, finding those pants that best suit us can be a somewhat complicated task. But, although it sounds complicated, the truth is that it´s not so much. A bit tedious, yeah, but don’t be discouraged. It just takes a little time and knowledge to find what you are looking for.


What kind of pants favors short women?


After an arduous and deep investigation, some colors and cuts are more flattering when you´re a little over 5’ foot. So, we suggest you take note of these models that you need to have in your closet.


High rise


Fashion Trends and Style - I teach you which jeans are ideal for petite girls - Jeans

This is the secret of petite women and fashionistas. So, I hope you share it with your friends who are short like you now that you know it. Because it creates the illusion that your legs start higher, which makes them look infinitely long visually. So, everything should now be over the navel.


The straight cut


They are simple, classic, and the most timeless model in our wardrobe. Still, they´re the ones that best favor, since they don´t change in width from the hips to the ankles. Visually it gives a sense of verticality that helps us look much taller than we are.


Mom Jeans


Dare to try them, and you´ll see you won´t regret it. Its biggest benefit is the way it fits around the waist and provides a very relaxed fall. This jean defines curves and makes us appear a few inches taller than we are.


Say yes to cropped jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - I teach you which jeans are ideal for petite girls - Jeans

This cut goes above the ankle and is essential for the figure to look much more stylized. The truth is that showing this little piece of skin is almost an immediate gain because it makes you increase in size. If they are asymmetrical, it´s a win in the blink of an eye.


Flared jeans


Don’t be afraid to use them. You just have to make sure that the rise is very high and that they are adjusted at the top so that your legs feel miles long.


What are petite pants?


Fashion Trends and Style - I teach you which jeans are ideal for petite girls - Jeans

Whenever we looked for a pair of jeans, we look for them almost instinctively. And we choose the one that makes us feel more comfortable. Many times, those of short stature, we don´t pay much attention to the ring of it. Because we say, well I have an aunt who fits pants, and everything will be fine.


Now, this is no longer the time to think this way. Therefore, from this moment on I invite you to choose your jeans well and be able to wear them properly. Without having to call anyone to do anything. Clothes should fit us well and the only way to achieve this is by taking the time to choose well and understand our bodies.


One of the obstacles we find is that in addition to being petite, we also have to pay attention to our type of figure. So, I invite you to be more aware of your body type and from now on be practical when buying. Here I will leave you some other options for you to wear in style.


Skinny jeans


This pair of jeans is highly recommended for petite girls. Because of the way it hugs the legs and creates an illusion of lengthening. Also, it makes hips look narrower and legs slimmer. These jeans are not recommended for pear, apple, or inverted triangle-type bodies.


Bootcut type


Fashion Trends and Style - I teach you which jeans are ideal for petite girls - Jeans

Flattering and provides a flawless silhouette. Adds extra inches to your height with its flared shape out below the knee. The slightly flared style creates the illusion of longer legs as well.


At Fashion Trends we want to also feel included when it comes to understanding your silhouette. And also, being fashionable, being able to use the latest trends in your favor.


The important thing for us is that you feel comfortable with yourself and that you reflect your whole personality in your outfits. Which, in turn, have to have an impact on everyone. So, I invite you to save, comment, and share this article. So that your short friend also gets an idea of ​​the jeans that best fit her.