What do you have to know to be a fashionista?

Fashion Trends - What do you have to know to be a fashionista?

What do you have to know to be a fashionista? Being a fashion expert isn’t something we are born with; we wish it were that easy! The good news is that it’s a gift that develops over time and experience.

What does it mean to be a fashionista?

To be a true fashionista, you need to have passion, enthusiasm, and love, in addition to your clear goals to know what you want to achieve. This way, your instincts will develop and you will achieve them. You have to like it; that is why your first step is to seek inspiration. Knowing and by doing research, you will be able to have the power in your hands. Next, you must ask yourself, what do I have to do now?

How to start being a fashionista?


Fashion trends - woman modellingThe first step is to follow all the blogs, influencers, magazines, and fashion brands. Analyze the outfits, the ways to combine textures, poses, and even the location! Every detail counts because it will allow you to understand the context of the image and develop a critical eye.


In this sense, you can open your horizons to be inspired to create outfits and mix styles, you will even quickly enter new trends. And with whom to start? With yourself. Once you find your style and what defines you from others, you will be halfway.


That’s why you must know your body. That will help you get to know and get acquainted with everyone else. To be a fashionista, you must keep in mind that body and style go hand in hand. And here comes a super important secret: trends should not always be followed to the letter. Sometimes the pants that are at the latest in fashion don’t favor us. And being aware of those gives us a plus.


What is there to know about fashion?


Fashion Trends - woman wearing an orange shirtThe world is advancing at an impressive speed, sometimes we can feel it leaving us behind. The same thing happens in the world of fashion, and it can make you feel a bit overwhelmed. In this case, our advice is, don’t lose your head! It isn’t worth stressing about following some trends. What is sometimes very IN can go very OUT in the blink of an eye. However, the positive thing about this is that among such a variety of styles you can find yours.


Followed by this, keep in mind that your body type does not decide what looks good on you. You can include many trends in an outfit and impress everyone. That will give you the confidence to sweep and, in this way, raise your self-esteem to the next level. It’s for this reason that you must keep your head high, only then will you be able to influence others.


Another important aspect to take into account about fashion is the size and the different types of mixes and combinations. Regarding size, the basic and golden rule that a fashionista should know is that they all vary in stores, even in countries. You must forget to go to a store and buy the usual size. Instead, you must try on your clothes and make sure they fit your figure before buying them. Now, in terms of combination and mixes, what will make you stand out as a true fashionista is your ability to take risks in terms of colors, garments, and patterns. Imagination and your courage are what will make it possible.


How do you know if you like fashion?


Fashion Trends - woman in the cityFirst, you have to understand that the world of fashion is no longer considered a profession, it is a passion. Over the years, countless bloggers and influencers have set an important guideline in this wide world, so if you think you have all the qualities, you are a fashionista.


If you:


  • Like to get out of the traditional mindset
  • To take risks with new concepts and trends
  • Are a hunter of trends and new designers
  • Have a critical spirit
  • Are a perfectionist and creative person.
  • Have a quite refined aesthetic sense


If you have these qualities, then you like fashion!


Trend hunters denote a particular interest in keeping up with new trends. This ability will help you innovate and make that important difference in each of your steps as a true fashionista. Different types of styles, hairstyles, accessories are for creative people and this quality will push you not to settle and always look beyond and not stop to get new ideas.


Following fashion develops in us, with time and practice, a critical spirit and perfectionism. These qualities will help you to always do things better. By providing high doses of imagination, you will add high doses of value to your work. To all this mix along with a good aesthetic sense (sense of beauty), you will find the perfect elements to answer your question.


How to be a good fashion designer?


To become a good fashion designer or a true fashionista, you need to:


FashionTrends-What do you have to know to be a fashionista-How to be a good fashion designer

  • Have a genuine interest in fashion
  • Be organized
  • Have the ability to manage time and planning
  • Know how to negotiate
  • Have creative skills
  • Good stress management


With that said, you are now ready to venture into this wonderful world.


Remember that it’s a very large industry and to be a good fashionista you must take into account all these characteristics. At Fashion Trends, we want you to feel safe to start in this world and to refine all your senses until you achieve your goal. Being a fashionista is a lifestyle that you acquire with experience and by being driven by the desire to continue learning. It’s the incredible thing about this world, you can’t stay behind! It’s a world in constant change and evolution. The most fashionable thing is to have the knowledge and apply it, both to you and to those around you.


Now, did we help you answer your question? We want to know if you want to open your way to this beautiful world. Comment on this blog if you think you have the necessary tools and what you like the most about fashion.