What is streetwear fashion?

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What is streetwear fashion?. Recently, this has become a very popular term. In fact, you may have already heard of it, but maybe you don’t know what it means. If so, stay! Here we will explain what this trend is about and where it came from. First, I must tell you that it doesn’t have a literal definition, but it’s something more cultural; which emerged in the 80s and 90s in urban centers. The aim was to go down the street without rules and prioritizing comfort. This trend invites us to adapt to life in its different situations and not neglect comfort and luxury.


It arose in 1984 thanks to the association of Shawn Stüssy and Frank Sinatra Jr to create the Stüssy firm, focusing on making clothes for street subcultures. They managed to reinterpret and play with the logos of big fashion brands. As a result, they achieved the two initials of the founder of the classic French house Chanel.


Where does streetwear come from?


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Streetwear is the result of wanting to create unpretentious fashion, and as I already mentioned, it puts comfort first without neglecting how well you can look. It gives you versatility, which in this new era, is what we all look for. Such as being able to wear gym pants anywhere else without being out of context. And you may ask yourself, but why the luxury? At least that was what I was wondering.


Starting from the theory where luxury implies being elegant, we can say that modern women have stopped wearing super fancy dresses and clothes. Today, denim and sweatshirts rule social media, which is what has made this style a cultural phenomenon today.


In this sense, the community has become a symbol of power and makes us understand that any combination that enters the “street” is allowed. Do you want to know how to combine it and dress this way? Keep reading and I’m going to give you some information. My first tip is to forget about tight clothes!


How can a woman wear streetwear?


As you already know, everything must be loose, fresh, and transmit a relaxed and comfortable vibe. All this, while also being elegant. The truth is that beyond telling you, I want to show you these beauties that we can find in Yesstyle


Loose and monochrome


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Monochrome

In this season, we can afford to dress all in one color while combining pants or shorts with a loose shirt. The only color difference will be in the accessories or shoes you use.


Today, in these hot times, Yesstyle offers the risky combination of avocado green.


Click here and dare to try this comfortable and very streetwear look.


These elements will make you feel that you are going in a pretty fashion style and simple wave. You will feel interesting and they will add more security to your style.


That’s what we all want to prove! Security and elegance. Take advantage of the fact that these are on sale!


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Pair-Matching Straight-Fit Zipped Pants


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - straight fit zipped

If you are one of those who said goodbye to skinny jeans and you love to feel free when walking down the street, this is your ideal style.


Loose straight-cut pants with zipper. Yesstyle has a wide variety of designs with spectacular shapes and designs. In this case, we want to show you their black pants, which are the friends that never fail, or that garment that will always get you out of trouble.


In addition to making you look very street style, it will give you an uplift of confidence and sensuality due to the closures on the thighs.


Very rockstar esque if you ask me. On the other hand, you can combine them with a crop top or a loose t-shirt, some black sneakers and you’re done!


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Platform sneakers, ready for you.


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Platform sneakers

A good streetwear-type outfit will never be complete without good shoes or sneakers to complement it.


Because of this, here are these beautiful platform sneakers with a buckle.


A different and unique option that will give your style a touch of dynamism and elegance, as well as comfort.


You can get them at Yesstyle in both black and white.


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Spaghetti strap dress. 


If you are into dresses, we recommend this model from Yesstyle. Thanks to it, you’ll have the opportunity to play with combinations and shapes. Besides, its versatility allows you to change from day to night with just one accessory, like a blazer or jacket or bomber jackets if you like them. Flat or platform shoes will also make a difference.


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Shorts are the best option for summer 


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - shorts

In Yesstyle, they invite you to get out of the pants routine a bit and I can’t agree more; especially in summer, which is synonymous with beaches, outings, sun, and a lot, but a lot of heat.


This season encourages us to go out for a while to tan and not walk-through life so white.


In this store, you will find beautiful models of shorts, and which I love.


These shorts provide a loose style and matching their belt and large pockets, they will add to your look a modern and functional touch for day-to-day. They are available in black, khaki, and military green.


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Oversized T-shirt


Fashion Trends and Style - Streetwear - Oversized Tshirt

As you already know, baggy is in trend and at Yesstyle, they have something for everyone, including anime, so you have no excuses not to buy it.


It’s made with mixed cotton fabrics, anime prints, and other Japanese characters. It comes in one size.


This shirt, combined with the baggy pants and sneakers I mentioned above, will make you look fashionable and on-trend.


What are you waiting for?


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Since you know a little more about the subject, now you have some tools to combine them and can create a unique style that suits you and your personality. At Fashion Trends, we want you to tell us what you think about this style and if this article has been helpful. This way, we will keep bringing you new topics. We also want you to interact with us and tell us on our social media what you want us to talk about.