What is space fashion?

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Space fashion has been with us for several decades. One of the first models to make it popular was Elsa Benítez. She’s a Mexican model who showed everyone this type of fashion in the 90s. She looked incredible in the out-of-this-world outfits. Today, it is still a trend that has swept everything.


But what does it consist of? What are the key pieces? These are some of the questions that we will answer in this post. If you want to know everything about space fashion, stay!


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What is space fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - What is space fashion?

The space fashion trend, which is still booming, was born in the 1960s when the space race impacted the world. As you can see, it is a trend that has been around for years. Apollo 11 landed on the moon in 1969, taking the first human crew to the moon. From that moment on, the entire world changed completely.


From that event, designers such as Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne, and Rudi Gernreich began to launch collections under this inspiration. Thus, they created a trend that would mark and predominate in the following years: space fashion.


Later, when the heat towards this trend subsided, people became interested in the cosmos and the universe. It was there when designers such as Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, among others, took this as inspiration for new collections. This was the reason why the space fashion trend revived.


Although the trend between relationship and space is not new, it always stands out on the catwalks and is quite innovative. The intergalactic influence has taken shapes, textures, and colors. And consequently, it has been translated into a diversity of clothing outside of any spaceship.


The work of designer Pierre Cardin has stood out throughout this trend. From this, this French fashion expert was the first designer to visit NASA in Houston in 1971. Then, with his Cosmocorps collection, he already looked quite futuristic. In fact, these garments were worn by male actors in the movie Star Trek.


Features of space fashion


Space fashion can be seen in many ways. However, it is true that it has some distinctive features. In this section of the article, we will tell you about some of the characteristics of space fashion.


Metallic gray


NASA uses smart textiles in a very scientific way. Always looking for materials that protect astronauts from radiation, galactic cosmic rays, and the effects of space. This is what smart fabric specialist Rebecah Pailes-Friedman declared.


For Fall-Winter 2018, several designers were already showing collections with a pronounced use of a textile similar to brass in coats, bags, and embroidery. Also, for the spring collection of that year, Valentino was inspired by the Apollo 11 mission to make his designs.


His perspective was to observe the Earth’s natural wonders as seen from space. This was achieved by creating jackets with a robust, translucent, and metallic structure. Additionally, in 2020, designer Oliver Rousteing showed a mix of motorbike style and space-inspired metallic jackets.


Geometric forms


Fashion Trends and Style - What is space fashion?

Geometric shapes are pretty characteristic of space fashion. Elsa Benítez demonstrated it in one of her best catwalks of the 90s.


On the other hand, Maison Margiela sets trends season after season with its disruptive aesthetics. He took a stab at high-tech for his fall 2018 collection for Haute Couture. All through translucent, reflective Velcro strips with structured cuts on coats, skirts, and jackets.


Later, Louis Vuitton took over the catwalks with its designs of more structured and geometric shapes in its Spring-Summer 2018 collection, set in a space age.


He created space suits in his Ready to Wear that were a resounding success. In addition, the Moncler collection, made by Richard Quinn, was undoubtedly stunning for fall 2020. The jackets in said collection take on geometric shapes in different shades and shapes. Some of the suits have even inspired wearing space fashion in winter.


Intergalactic prints


Another highlight of the space fashion is the intergalactic prints. These can be very varied. From abstract designs that imitate the shapes and colors of the universe to more realistic prints representing planets and stars.


Without a doubt, they are very distinctive and have become a must-have within space aesthetics in fashion. Among the most classic is the star print, which we can see on different garments for several years, even decades. It can be made in pastel colors and placed in geometric shapes that also greatly distinguish this style or in a random way.


On the other hand, there are also galaxy prints. These are more complex than star prints. They represent the swirls and spirals of galaxies or even be more abstract. Additionally, planet prints are also widely used in space fashion.


They are a very fun and original way to add a touch of color to your outfit. They can represent real and even imaginary planets.


How to wear space fashion?


Fashion Trends and Style - What is space fashion?

The first thing you should know is how to combine space fashion. As for prints, we recommend mixing them with neutral colors. This way, the garment with the print will not lose prominence. For example, you can combine it with black leggings.


On the other hand, you must consider the style you like first. This way, you can find the clothes that best suit you and your personality.


We also advise you to dare to experiment because space fashion is a very fun way to express yourself through clothing. There are clothes for all seasons, and the most beautiful ones are worn in winter. Of course, don’t go overboard with the prints. Since they are too flashy, your look may look busy if you use too many.


What did you think of space fashion? Would you use it?


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