What is 90’s minimalism?

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What is 90’s minimalism?. The main characteristics of minimalism in the 1990s are timeless elegance and a focus on quality over quantity. It is based on the idea of ​​“less is more.” As its name suggests, minimalism was trendy during the 1990s as a reaction to the excess and ostentation of the 1980s.


In this sense, this style is created using clean lines, neutral colors, and basic garments, getting sophisticated and versatile looks. One of its greatest advantages is that you can create different outfits that suit different occasions.


With the rise of this trend, we take the opportunity to give you an ideal guide to nineties minimalism. Here, you will learn everything about how this style came about and ideas for different outfits and basic garments, among others. Take note!


Origins and evolution of 90’s minimalism


Fashion Trends and Style - What is 90’s minimalism?

Although 90’s minimalism was born in the 1990s, as its name suggests, its roots are found in the artistic and architectural movement of the time. During that era, it placed emphasis on geometric simplicity and the absence of ornamentation.


Over time, great designers adopted these principles of simplicity and applied them to fashion. Some of them are Jil Sander, Helmut Lang, and Calvin Klein. In his collections, the garments were distinguished by their defined lines, neutral colors, and the absence of striking details.


However, in the 90’s, minimalism did not stay the same. Over the years, it evolved to incorporate more fluid and draped elements. Likewise, with its progress, we can see the inclusion of one of the broadest colors: earth tones, grays, and blues. Additionally, this style was popularized mainly by iconic figures such as Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Kate Moss. They turned it into a symbol of understated elegance and relaxed sophistication.


Now, as with any style or trend, you must have some key pieces of clothing and fixed characteristics. And nineties minimalism is no exception. Now, let’s explore what they are.


Key features


Fashion Trends and Style - What is 90’s minimalism?

Nineties minimalism has some fundamental characteristics that make it work almost perfectly. They are outfits made up of basic garments that create an incredible harmony together. It is essential that you take these characteristics into account if you want to start your journey in 90s minimalism.


Basic garments: If you want to join the 90s minimalism trend, you should know that it is based on a capsule wardrobe of basic and versatile pieces. For example, white shirts, plain T-shirts, straight-cut pants, fitted blazers, and simple dresses. You can combine all these garments with each other in endless ways, creating various outfits for any occasion.


Neutral colors: As we mentioned above, nineties minimalism has a particular characteristic, and that is the color palette that makes it up. Neutral tones are what will help you have the perfect minimalist look. Look for colors like white, black, gray, beige, or brown, which are the basis of this style. These create a timeless and sophisticated palette, which can be complemented with more striking color accents.


Fashion Trends and Style - What is 90’s minimalism?

Clean lines and defined cuts: It’s no secret that minimalist garments are distinguished by their clean lines and defined cuts. Simplicity and timeless elegance are prioritized, so avoid excessive embellishments and overly flashy details.


Quality over quantity: We already know that in the nineties, minimalism emphasized the quality of the garments, not the quantity. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about having thousands of pieces of clothing in your closet. On the contrary, look for clothes made of high-quality, durable materials, such as wool, silk, or cotton. These maintain their shape and resist the passage of time. This way, you will not have to constantly buy clothes, but rather be able to adapt a piece to different outfits since they are also versatile.


Minimalist accessories: Remember, avoid details that are too flashy. They will break the harmony of your outfit. In this sense, remember that minimalist accessories are discreet and elegant. We use them to complement the look, never to steal the spotlight from the garments. Look for delicate necklaces, simple watches, and timeless bags.


What is the impact and relevance of 90s minimalism today?


Fashion Trends and Style - What is 90’s minimalism?

The truth is that in the nineties, minimalism had an undeniable and lasting impact on the world of fashion. It inspired designers and consumers. Its focus on simplicity, quality, and timelessness has transformed it into a trend that remains relevant today.


On the other hand, it is no secret to anyone that we live in an increasingly fast-paced and consumerist world. For this reason, this trend is more relevant today: in it, we can find a refuge of peace and tranquility. Beyond fashion and looking good in the eyes of others, minimalism invites us to reflect on our true needs. Additionally, it allows us to create a wardrobe that makes us feel safe and empowered.


Likewise, nineties minimalism emphasizes the quality and durability of what we use, leading us to more responsible and sustainable consumption.


In this sense, 90s minimalism is not just a fashion trend but a philosophy of life. It consists of adopting a more conscious approach in all areas of our lives, from what we wear to what we consume—and, of course, how we live.


That is why we suggest you join the trend of nineties minimalism. Not only will you look incredible on any occasion, but you will also have more conscious and sustainable consumption. On the other hand, there is much room for your creativity when it comes to dressing. And if you need inspiration, you can find many ideas on pages like Pinterest.


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