What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy?

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What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy? Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy has strived at a meticulate mix approach that has obtained firm outcomes. Furthermore, its company strategies centered on luxury, price focus, and lifestyle become responsible for the brand’s prosperity.


In the United States, there are many fashion brand competitors in the market that bring a healthy contest to gain earnings. Apart from this, can Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy fit your business needs? 


Let us explore more in-depth and decide if you can apply some factors of it to enable them successfully. 


History of Massimo Dutti


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy? - Massimo

Massimo Dutti can find its origins in Barcelona, Spain in 1985 to its nineteen-year-old founder Armando Lausca. While the franchise name is Italian, the Spanish founder created this title from influences in his life from youth. 


For example, Armando’s colleague’s nicknaming him Armandutti and “Massimo” coming from his early business days negotiating with phrases like “Maximo”. To further elude, the company is owned by a multinational company named Inditex.


Additionally, the brand becomes recognized as a luxury clothing enterprise that specializes in creating cashmere and wool products. Moreover, during its early years, the range of products offered became limited to menswear. 


However, this progressed as the fashion brand gained recognition and began producing women’s and children’s lines in 1995 and 2003. With the women’s line becoming introduced in the 90’s, the stock of items grew by offering perfumes, hand creams, and grooming kits.


Aside from this, Massimo Dutti’s logo also gains international recognition for its Vintage yet elegant presentation. Indeed, its bolded black colored cursive letters are sure to be a symbol of assurance for inquiring consumers interested. 


In summary, from humble beginnings, experimentation, and consistency, Massimo Dutti has evolved into a dignified fashion company. 


Targeted Audience


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy? - Massimo

Additionally, Massimo Dutti’s targeted audience consists of a predominantly male group between the ages of twenty-five to fifty. Next, the second largest is women within the same age group. 


Indeed, this fashion brand is flexible for all ages but retains a mature assembly of consumers. Another interesting demographic concerning target audiences is the expansion of stores worldwide. 


For example, Massimo Dutti currently operates seven hundred and eighty-two stores in seventy-five international markets. In brief, this fashion brand earns a respected status because of its refined products that continue to expand. 


Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy? - Massimo

Moreover, Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy has adapted the company to meet its goals in the competitive market. Besides this, let us analyze how your marketing mix works across your product, pricing, advertising, and distribution strategies. 


Product Strategy


One element to acknowledge is that Massimo Dutti’s products are of high quality which generates attraction from the middle and high classes. During its early years, the fashion brand aimed at creating products for an all-male audience. 


In addition, with the passing of time and exposure in international settings, women’s and children’s lines become introduced. For certain, the company expansion has proven to be ambitious and practical as new collections items become introduced throughout time. 


One can see this example with the Massimo Dutti Eyewear collection offering both prescription and sunglasses for customers. Another would be more casual wear items like shirts, pants, bags, and coats exclusively released for Back to Work campaigns. 


One of the main highlights of Massimo Dutti’s product strategy success is becoming adaptable to consumers’ lifestyles. Moreover, keeping up with trends that come and go plays an integral part in this element. 


Another illustration would be the introduction of new fragrances for men and women in 2018. Indeed, collaborating with other fashion brands can also be owed to the success this company continues to experience.


Price Strategy


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy? - Massimo

Regarding price strategy for Massimo Dutti, the fashion company provides a strategic and convenient approach to consumers. As acknowledged earlier, Massimo Dutti’s audience consists of individuals within the middle and high classes of society.


 For certain, these groups create an interesting blend as consumers receive access to quality clothing and items at convenient rates. Moreover, the use of Massimo Dutti’s products marks a symbol of social status for consumers to showcase. 


To illustrate, the brand’s prices for certain products may be on the higher side compared to competitors but are focused. More than anything, this unique company tries to appeal to audiences by offering an array of varied items for everyone. 


Overall, the main objective of Massimo Dutti’s price strategy is to present luxury and convenience. 


Distribution Strategy


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy? - Massimo

Equally important, Massimo Dutti gains recognition for its ever-expanding collection of products and services offered to consumers. To date, the fashion brand can be discovered across all continents across the globe within seventy-five countries. 


Interestingly, some of its products from past fragrance collections can be found on other platforms through collaborations with Puig company. Some other examples are Amazon, El Corte Ingles, and Douglas. 


Apart from this, Massimo Dutti’s 2018 fragrance cannot be sold in these outlets as it remains exclusive to its Homebase. Besides this, one noble method for a distribution strategy is the company working alongside charities supporting Mental health and disabilities. 


Moreover, Massimo Dutti becomes highlighted for being one of the first Inditex brand companies to participate in for&from program. Additionally, this brand focuses on providing long-term employment for individuals with disabilities in Spain. 


Next, this fashion company earns success through its collaborations, and open access to its online stores. Typically, there are free shipping discounts on certain events and delivery can be made to most countries. 


All in all, Masimo Dutti emulates an innovative and convenient approach to distribution strategies as it continues to develop internationally. 


What do you Think of Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy?


Massimo Dutti’s Marketing Strategy uses luxury brands to develop a marketing strategy for an individual audience where reputation flourishes. Additionally, the goal of the company is to not continue creating clothing but add complimenting products to provide everlasting convenience. 


With this said, we hope you have gained insightful and motivating methods to further develop your fashion company.