What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy?

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What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? Mango’s Marketing Strategy has aimed at a precise marketing blend that has acquired positive results. Moreover, its enterprise strategies centered on culture, price focus, and luxury become responsible for the franchise’s success. 


In the United States, many competing fashion brands in the market provide worthy challenges to gain revenue. Additionally, can Mango’s marketing strategy fit your business needs? 


Let us explore it more in depth and decide if you can apply some facets of it to implement them successfully. 


History of Mango


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? - Mango

To begin, Mango became established by Turkish Jewish Immigrant brothers Isak Andic and Nahman Andic in 1984. While the Brand is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and retains its largest market in the country, Turkey rates second. 


Moreover, Mango is a luxury brand that provides products like clothing for men, women, and children. Along with this, there are also accessories like glasses, hats, bags, scarves, and jewelry present. 


Aside from this, the company’s logo becomes recognized for its bolded and edgy design as the letters have white slants. With this said, many can easily identify the logo around the globe. 


Additionally, another detail worth noting is the founding brother’s progressive success that they have experienced with this company. To illustrate, the business’s first website became created in 1995 and its first online store soon gained a presence in 2000. 


Interestingly, Mango was originally crafted for a female audience, but this changed with a men’s line introduced in 2008. As time passed, the brand grew with the help of Brand ambassadors like Kate Moss, Queen Leticia, and Zinedine Zidane. 


Without a doubt, sales revenue and international attention grew by these actions. By 2020, the company expanded into a teen line that invited new customers through a Tik-Tok stage in Barcelona stores.


In sum, with the help of celebrities and hard work, Mango has generated and sold millions of products globally. 


Targeted Audience


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? - Mango

Furthermore, Mango’s targeted audience consists of predominately young women between the ages of twenty to thirty-five. To add, they make up the largest percentage because young women are more likely to be concerned with fashion trends. 


Apart from this, Mango’s second largest percentage of targeted audience is young men in the same age group. Interestingly, there is no shortage of diversity as the company’s stores can be found in over one hundred countries! 


Moreover, customers seek value and want to emulate a positive and lively image. Indeed, individuals are drawn to this refined and relaxed reputation that becomes easily adapted into everyday life.


Mango’s Marketing Strategy


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? - Mango

Additionally, Mango’s Marketing Strategy has prepared the company to meet its goals in a competitive market. With this said, let us examine how your marketing blend works across your product, pricing, advertising, and distribution strategies: 


Product Strategy 


One important element to consider is that Mango products are of fine quality which generates attraction from the wealthy and middle classes of society. In its early days, the company engrossed itself in creating clothing and accessories for women including bags and dresses. 


However, its expertise grew over time as fashion lines became created for Men, Children, and Teens offering more diverse items! To illustrate, in the men’s line, tailoring services become available for items like suits, blazers, waistcoats, pants, and shirts. 


While most accessories from shoes, bags, and glasses are common among all age groups there are some differences. For example, the children’s line has hair accessories or the Men’s line has ties. 


The last significant variation can be witnessed in the teen line as scarfs are not offered there. Even though there are features that offer opposite items in brand lines of Mango, they all promote the same refined result. 


With this being the rough surface of various products offered by the company, there are always new collections to seek! In essence, when becoming adaptable to age groups and gender differences plus providing seasonal collections, you can also gain prosperity.


Price Strategy


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? - Mango

When it comes to the pricing strategy, the company provides a well-executed approach to its customers. As mentioned before, Mango is aimed at audiences of the Middle and High Classes of society. 


Indeed, these groups create a result of diversity by having access to quality clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. While wearing this symbol marks a symbol of refined taste. 


For example, Mango’s prices are higher than Zara’s, but they stick to their objective of creating clothes for every occasion. Additionally, this captures the beauty and essence of Mango because you can find lines from casual sporting or everyday wear. 


With this said, your pricing strategy with your marketing blend approach becomes recognized as a premium pricing strategy.


Distribution Strategy


Fashion Trends and Style - What is Mango’s Marketing Strategy? - Mango

Equally important, Mango becomes recognized as a steadily growing brand as there are over one hundred locations in different countries. While the company is large in Spain and neighboring European countries, there is a crossover presence currently occurring. 


For example, this autumn, Mango will be expanding its international presence in North American Markets as additional stores open doors. While other locations in Oceania, Asia, and Africa have access to this company’s expertise, this demonstrates capability. 


Moreover, Mango’s distribution earns success by carefully choosing locations with high traffic sales. Besides this, if a customer does not have access to a shopping center, the use of online resources creates flexibility. 


One can see this in the online exclusive collections of clothing offered or special events where free shipping becomes offered. To add, most sales offer a return policy of sixty days through in-store returns or USPS shipping. 


Another detail is having the chance to ship products to most countries around the globe. All in all, Mango continues to provide a fine example of distribution strategy as the company blossoms across international markets.


What do you Think of Mango’s Marketing Strategy?


Mango’s Marketing Strategy uses luxury brands to develop a marketing strategy for a selected audience where individuality reigns. Moreover, the goal is not just to create clothing but to make the customer satisfied by being understood and appreciated. 


With this said, we hope you have gained insightful and motivating methods to further develop your fashion company.