What is aesthetic fashion?

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What is aesthetic fashion?. Aesthetic fashion has arrived with great force, to the point that it has become one of the biggest trends of the year. Especially among the youngest, such as millennials and centennials.


However, it is not entirely clear what aesthetic fashion is about. Sometimes, it seems like a new version of retro, but is it really, or do we have the wrong take on it?


Keep reading, because we will answer all your questions about this type of fashion so you can show it off as soon as possible.


What does ‘aesthetic’ mean?


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In its literal translation, aesthetic means aesthetic. But there is not just one type of aesthetic. Nowadays, this type of fashion is related to minimalist and vintage trends. So, if you have your parents’ old wide-booted jeans, it’s time to take them out of the closet again.


The origins of this style come not only from vintage but also from a mix between grunge, gothic, and sportswear. Everything ends up being quite retro since it is connected to the era of the 80s and 90s.


At the same time, there are several types of trends within the aesthetic. Even though almost all of us believe it is one thing. Many people from the generations above have even adopted aesthetics as a lifestyle beyond just a clothing style.


Types of aesthetic


Just as you read, there are several types of aesthetics. Because, as we told you, there is no single aesthetic. This current has several aspects. Therefore, here we mention some of them.


Vintage Aesthetic


Fashion Trenda and Style -What is aesthetic fashion? - clothes

It reflects the love for past fashion. This is characterized by wearing clothes that, as we mentioned, are reminiscent of yesteryear. More than anything, to the decades from the 70s to the 90s.


In this type of aesthetic, garments such as denim skirts or graphic t-shirts are very common. Also, we can find boyfriend pants and turtleneck tops.


Art Hoe Aesthetic


This aesthetic is based on the love of art and the connection with nature, painting, and flowers. This aesthetic is symbolized by women of color who have great love and passion for the planet. 


Indie Aesthetic


Fashion Trenda and Style -What is aesthetic fashion? - clothes

People who follow it always try to dress with bright colors and peculiar accessories. 


It dates back to the 70s and 80s in the United States and England. The bands that have originated this aesthetic have been The Smiths, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Buzzcocks. This is an extremely relaxed style and seems effortless. It was worn back then with leather and dark colors.


Grunge Aesthetic


With grunge, we go to the origin of aesthetic fashion. It appeared in the 90s and has several main items, such as military-style boots, checkered prints, and fishnet stockings. 


Neutral colors, such as black, white, and gray, are usually on-theme. Likewise, oversized clothing adapts very well to this style.


Space Aesthetic


Fashion Trenda and Style -What is aesthetic fashion? - clothes

It is the most specific of the aesthetic substyles. As its name, Space, says, it is specifically about space. That is why the characteristic garments have star prints, constellations, and drawings reminiscent of the stars. 


Satin fabric is very common, in addition to metallic tones. Likewise, sweatshirts with the NASA logo are a must.


Minimalist Aesthetic


Finally, we have this substyle of aesthetic fashion. Do you want to know what it is about? 


They are garments with straight lines and neutral colors, such as black and white. It is one of the most elegant. Since it is somewhat minimalist, the aim is to achieve a harmonious and attractive style without exaggeration or much pomposity.


It plays with different textures and fabrics but always achieves a symmetry that characterizes the style.


Aesthetic Fashion vs. Vintage


Fashion Trenda and Style -What is aesthetic fashion? - clothes

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that aesthetic fashion and vintage style are the same, but in reality, they have their differences. This whole movement emerged from Tumblr, where users sought to mix modern style pieces with retro pieces from the 80s and 90s.


Today’s aesthetics seek something similar. Putting together looks that are pleasing to the eye by mixing modern pieces with retro garments. While vintage style is only based on a peculiar style and is that of previous eras, it is not combined with modern clothing or accessories.


Is it just about clothes?


Well, the truth is that aesthetic fashion is not limited to the clothes you wear. You can adapt it to your makeup, hairstyles, music, etc.


You have an aesthetic lifestyle when you do not identify with social canons or mainstream tastes. If you are one of those people whose style is not defined by a single label, you undoubtedly have an aesthetic lifestyle.


How do you wear the aesthetic style?


Fashion Trenda and Style -What is aesthetic fashion? - clothes

Here we tell you some ideas so that you can wear the aesthetic style better than ever:


  • Checkered shirts, sweatshirts, and crop tops. Oversized sweatshirts are a must if you want to achieve an aesthetic vibe. Also, wear over plaid shirts and bandeau-type crop tops. Combine with biker shorts, plaid skirts, or wide-leg jeans.
  • Bold colors: Bold and vibrant colors have been a trend for several decades, and they are no exception in this style. We promise the neon won’t be too much.
  • Don’t forget the accessories: never stop using accessories with your aesthetic outfit. The star accessory for this type of fashion is the baguette bag and shoes like Nike Air 1 or Balenciaga.


Would you wear this style? Which one do you identify with more?


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