What are slouchy boots?

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What are slouchy boots? Slouchy boots are a footwear trend that never goes out of style. You should definitely keep them in your closet for any occasion. But what are slouchy boots? Do you already know them? Don’t worry, here we tell you everything about them.


Their loose and relaxed shape characterizes this type of boots. It is a style that emerged during the 70s and has returned with great force this year. As mentioned, it has also become a staple in many women’s closets.


Now, how do you combine slouchy boots? Maybe it’s one of the questions you have right now. That is why we bring you all the information about this type of boots at Fashion Trends. In addition, here are some tips that can help you combine them for an impeccable outfit.


History of slouchy boots


Fashion Trends and Style - What are slouchy boots?

Slouchy boots have been with us for quite some time. They had their first peak during the 70s. At that time, they became a staple for every woman’s capsule wardrobe. And they became popular, mainly among hippies and rockers. All thanks to the fact that they gave that relaxed and calm look.


This style, characterized by its loose silhouette, contrasted perfectly with the time’s tighter and more structured looks. Throughout the following decades, slouchy boots remained a fixture. They became a staple and key in the wardrobe of some subcultures, such as punk and grunge.


However, not until the 2010s did these boots and this type of style gain popularity among the public.


These boots have the name slouchy because, like the style, they have a particularity. And this is that they will be loose whatever size you are. They are also called wrinkled boots. Before, they were only used during the winter season, but we assure you that using them at any time of the year will be a success today. We have seen it in the street style of the most classic girls.


Why are slouchy boots so popular?


Without a doubt, the phenomenon of slouchy boots is something curious and interesting. But why are they so popular?


Well, the truth is that there are several reasons why slouchy boots are so popular. First of all, they are comfortable and highly versatile. So, you can wear them with various clothes, from jeans to dresses. In addition, they adapt to multiple occasions. Even for the office.


On the other hand, as we mentioned before, it is no longer the norm to wear them only in winter. And slouchy boots are a timeless fashion element. You can wear them all year round, and they never go out of style.


Thirdly, this shoe is an incredible way to add that extra touch of style that any look needs. If you want to attract attention and stand out from the crowd, slouchy boots are exactly what you are looking for.


You can find them in different styles, textures, and colors to put together and recreate different outfits that suit your personality. Activate your creativity! Everything is permitted.


How to wear slouchy boots?


Fashion Trends and Style - What are slouchy boots?

Slouchy boots are very versatile so that they can be worn with a variety of outfits. A classic combination is with jeans and a T-shirt. But, if it is to your taste and comfort, you can also wear them with skirts, dresses or chinos.


If you want a casual look, you can combine your boots with a sweater or a denim jacket, another basic in our closet. On the other hand, if you want to look more elegant, combine slouchy boots with a dress or skirt. You can also let your creativity fly and combine it with the clothes that are most comfortable for you and that you like.


We recommend using them in black. It is a classic color that never goes out of style, especially if you want to add that sexy and elegant touch to your look.


Types of slouchy boots


There are many variations and designs that you can find in slouchy boots. This is one of the things that makes them so versatile and adaptable to any occasion. We will tell you about some of them:


High slouchy boots


As their name suggests, they are high boots that reach to the knee or even higher. You can wear them with oversized clothes. In addition, they will give a sexy touch to your outfit and will be ideal for winter days.


Low slouchy boots

Fashion Trends and Style - What are slouchy boots?

They reach the ankle or lower. It’s ideal if you want to show off a perfect summer look. In addition, you could wear them to the office or even adapt them to more casual occasions.




These boots have a high heel. They are ideal for more elegant occasions or for when you want to look much sexier. Wear them with dresses or skirts.




There are slouchy boots for everyone and every taste. If you want to be more comfortable, the flat design ones are what you are looking for. Perfect if you have to walk long distances or stand for a long time.


How to choose the right slouchy boots?


Fashion Trends and Style - What are slouchy boots?

If choosing your boots is difficult, we have the perfect tips for choosing the right ones. Ones that adapt to your personality give you a lot of style and sensuality.


When purchasing slouchy boots, you must consider the style you want to achieve. We advise you to wear low or flat shoes if you are looking for a casual or informal look. On the other hand, if you want to achieve something more elegant or formal, look for tall or high-heeled slouchy boots.


It is also essential that you consider the leg’s height and shape. For example, we recommend high-slouchy boots if you have short legs. This is to lengthen the silhouette and give a better visual effect. On the other hand, if you have thick legs, wear tight boots on top to style them.


How do you like these boots? We hope this article has helped you find the ones you want so much.


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