Western-style, the trend that will take over fall-winter 2021

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New trend alert! Prepare your boots, hat, and plaid shirt, because I will show you the trend that will take over the end of autumn and winter 2021: the western style, ladies.


This trend will be the one to wipe out everything. Denim garments, denim fashion, vests, hats, suede, jean-type shirts, and leather ankle boots are some pieces you will start to see everywhere.


Its influence started in 2020, but this year it will steal the show and stand in first place with a gold medal. With this look, we seek to combine casual garments with other fabrics under their own rules: denim shirts, fringed vests, and riding boots—very country, very chic.


What is the western style?


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

You might already have an idea from a set of clothing and accessories inspired by the nineteenth century, recalling the old west.


This type of trend can be very informal for its basic garments. However, it can be the opposite of its accessories.


Considered a timeless trend, it’s inspired by classic cowboy movies, which allows us to create a unique style.


In the end, boots have always been present in stores.


Western-style woman


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

We know that everyone loves hats, denim jackets, cowboy boots, skirts, or jeans. It’s for this reason that this trend has come back stronger than ever to give it a new life and another opportunity and accessories.


It has always been there; however, we have not paid enough attention to qualifying it as a style worth trying.


Now, let’s talk a little about accessories because it’s true that they have become something super important in our outfits. We notice them in the scarves we knot at the peak, the wide belts, the cowboy boots, and even the patchwork.


Woman cowboy outfit

How to bring the western trend into your wardrobe

If you close your eyes and imagine being part of a cowgirl movie, what would you be wearing at that moment? I’m sure the first thing that came to mind was: a plaid shirt.


Perfect, you aren’t wrong. However, I must say that it isn’t the only characteristic. We will also have leather vests, solid-colored shirts, denim, and the dress are also garments that we cannot leave behind.


Western soft 


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

 Think casual, think to relax, and think quality—a t-shirt with a motif, jeans a little frayed on the shore, a black hat.


In short, the soft style is designed with aged leather and matching accessories that complement the soft with the luxurious.


T-shirts with motifs can achieve a cowboy style if we mix them correctly.


Another option can be a denim pencil skirt, must-have ankle boots, and a wide-brimmed hat.


Classic western


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

Jeans with a black bow? Of course! The sky is the limit. It may seem a bit preppy.


However, this season comes with a lot of force, and you can adapt it to your personal style.


The laced shirt is feminine, making it classic and functional for a western look.


In this sense, we can also think of white ankle boots with buckles and studs. They look amazing.


Authentic western


Did you see the Hannah Montana movie by Miley Cyrus? I promise you that we’re just talking about this style. Accessorize it with bandanas, patterned dresses, jewelry, and of course, the hat.


Western in small doses


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

2021 is the year that proves that everything is changing and evolving, so the trend for this season is to wear it in small doses and in a subtle way.


Try some straight jeans, a buckle belt, an off-the-shoulder blouse with embroidery at the ends, and your best sunglasses and go out and grab all the looks you want.


Casual twist


Are you more into Bohemian styles? Then this way of wearing it is yours. Go for a cowboy shirt, white jeans, and black ankle boots. You can also combine it with a pleated skirt and sweatshirt over it. Do you like ponchos? Add it as a layer for a very cool and original look.


What type of dress can I wear with cowboy boots?


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

Many people wonder how to combine dresses with boots, and even if it seems a rather risky and complicated option, if you have the correct techniques, you can achieve heart attack results—the secret: contrasts.


One option is matte stockings that look to match a classic black dress and neckerchief paired with your favorite cowboy boots. Also, you can combine a jumper with a high neck and cowboy boots, which is a good option for the cold.


Now, cowboy boots give you an informal touch. However, you must know that they don’t go well with any nightwear, neither with glitter, much fewer sequins. On the other hand, if you wear something with animal print, think about it twice. After all, if you add a pair of boots with it, it will be too much.


How to dress elegantly?


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

It depends on the occasion; you can opt for different looks in a western-style that adapt to your event. Wearing it doesn’t mean a total look. As I have explained, you can wear small doses of accessories.


Either in the boots, fringed vest, hat, or knotted plaid shirt.


Your creativity is important to discover which is the one that suits you.


Have you tried the off-the-shoulder shirt with buttons and prints? They are a piece that goes very well with jeans and boots. It brings a lot of elegance and style.


How to dress like you’re in the old west?


Fashion Trends and Style - Western - Style

In short, we can determine that this trend has been around for quite a while and is here to stay.


All thanks to the cinema and cowboy movies full of hats and cane boots.


In movies, where we see the main character, is riding their horse to achieve their goals.


We at Fashion Trends feel privileged to be able to bring you the newest trends. But now we want to know your opinion.


What do you think of this style?


Would you take it?


What do you think of the hat?