Here’s how to wear your favorite sarong to the beach!

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Here’s how to wear your favorite sarong to the beach! Sarongs are one of the most desired garments in summer. After all, they’re the perfect piece to travel and spend a few days at the beach. This garment has become very versatile. As a result, you can easily learn how to use and combine them to create your daily look.


Just like the towel and sunscreen, it can’t stay at home. They are incredibly versatile and adjustable to anything! For this reason, I am going to show you some fun ways to use it to make you look more fun and unique. My goal today will be to turn you into an expert.


To begin with, we have XL scarves, with square cuts and very bright colors, printed and tied to our waist or chest over our bikini or swimsuit. They are mostly made with chiffon and cotton or synthetic fibers such as polyester. Thanks to its rising popularity, celebrities and influencers have shown us different ways to wear them, making them a super key garment for the summer.


How to tie and style your sarong?


Wear your sarong as an asymmetrical dress


Fashion Trends and Style - Sarongs - like a dress

A quite original shape that only with folds can you give it an asymmetrical look.


To turn it into a dress, you must use a size XL and pass it behind your back covering the upper part of your bikini.


After this, you have to cross it at your waist and then knot it at your hips, leaving the straps in natural fall and covering the lower part of your swimsuit.


Combine them with beach accessories, pearl necklaces, and nugget bracelets, a wicker bag, sunglasses, and create an authentic look. Want to try it? Now it’s time!


A sarong in the form of a top


Are you naughty? If so, this option is ideal for you, that is, tying it around your neck to turn your sarong into a top. No matter your chest size, you can easily wear it because it adapts to all body types and shapes. All you’ll need is a long and thin scarf. Even two of the same size.


When it comes to wearing it, you have to place it on your neck and then cross it in the front. This way, you will cover your breasts with it and tie them to your back. For the lower part, tie the knot at your waist, and if it is very long, double it. The result is exquisite! Now, if you don’t have two scarves, you can combine the top with a long floral skirt or crochet flared trousers.


The famous turban


Fashion Trends and Style - Sarongs - Turban sarong

Even if it seems hard to put on, the truth is that it will protect your hair from the sun. You can also wear it when your hair decides to just not work in your favor.


On the internet, you can find all sorts of ways to wear it. Nonetheless, I will show you one that for me is functional, fast, and easy to do.


First, you have to tie your hair in a high bun, it doesn’t matter if it looks messy. Now, if you want it high, you must choose a thick cloth sarong.


After this, you’re going to cover all your hair from the top and pass the top part down. Then, you will make a nice knot at the top with the two ends.


With a belt


This season, belts are in trend, and that’s why it isn’t weird to use them on the beach and with sarongs. So, you can wear it over your tied sarong in the simplest way and add a thick belt under your chest or waist. This will highlight your figure a lot! Pair it with small accessories such as pearl earrings and you’re done!


Use your sarong like a dress tied around the neck


White is a color in everyone’s sights lately, and on hot summer days at the beach or pool, it will help you highlight that beautiful tan. So, get yourself a long sarong, and let’s create together. Once you have the sarong in hand, you will tie the top ends in a loose knot that covers your bikini top and then tie the ends behind your neck. This way, you will show your splendid figure and steal glances.


How to tie a sarong into a simple wrap skirt?


Fashion Trends and Style - Sarongs - like a miniskirt

Who doesn’t love to show off their legs on the beach?


If you are like me and accept that being on the beach is living in freedom, then this option is charming, simple, and will make you feel very sexy.


Place your sarong over your favorite bikini or swimsuit and tie it at the waist.


Then, combine it with beach accessories such as necklaces with pearls, nuggets, and many bracelets of your choice.


This option is one of my favorites because it though it is a simple look, at the same time it is full of creativity. And if your sarong matches your swimwear, even better!


As a simple dress


We all love to look unique, but sometimes we just want to put on the first thing that comes to mind. For this, there’s no better option than wearing your favorite sarong as a dress. To wear it this way, you have to pass it under your arms, and tie a simple knot. You can do this in many ways, either from the front or the back!


Not just for beach days!


Fashion Trends and Style - Sarongs - large sarong

Today, we’re all allowed to be creative and have the freedom to create and look however we want. What’s important is to feel unique, comfortable, and make a difference. Because of this, as a good fashionista, it’s good to get a little out of the ordinary. There’s nothing better than go beyond the limits of fashion to create amazing, and summery looks.


In other words, a sarong gives us the versatility to contrast a casual look with a straight men’s white shirt. When it comes to footwear, what best goes with this look are low-heeled or long sandals, depending on the time. Pair them with silver or gold link jewelry and pendants.


You can get your own sarong in many ways. For example, asymmetrical and high-waisted cut, with floral prints, or colors or plant-inspired … These are perfect pieces to wear as a skirt or dress, even with crop tops and sneakers. Besides, it also takes us back to festivals and they can also give us a rock outfit.


At Fashion Trends, we are more than happy to continue sharing incredible tips that will help you be always fashionable and super up to date in the world of fashion. So, we want to meet you and know what you think about these sarong styles. Do you use them in all the ways or the basic one? Follow us on our platforms and tell us how you wear your favorite sarong.