Find out the best way to wear your cowboy boots

Fashion Trends and Style - Cowboy boots

Find out the best way to wear your cowboy boots. Western boots have been decorated as what we all want, but we don’t know until we try them. And if you don’t believe me, ask the fashion experts. Everyone will say yes to boots.


Since 2018 they have managed to position themselves as a garment of interest to many, which has resulted in the fact that it’s now even more important to discover how to combine them properly. Today in Fashion Trends together with Lane Boots we are going to clarify some doubts about that style, what to wear and what not to wear.


I want you to open your mind and allow your curiosity about cowboy boots to expand. We’ll show you how these shoes can always be a trend season after season and can also be adjusted to your style. Do you want to know more? Take note and get ready for this cowboy adventure!


How to wear cowboy boots?


I want to start this article by stating that cowboy boots are not experimental. After all, you can adapt them to any kind of style you try. Either a preppy look or even more conservative casual. On you can find beauties, original, different, and very comfortable.


Some people even manage to combine tweed looks with them and they look incredible. What I mean is that you don’t necessarily have to dress like a cowgirl to wear them. Do you have any doubts about this? Don’t worry, we’ll get rid of them shortly.


Preppy style


Fashion Trends and Style - Cowboy boots

You can wear your cowboy boots with a preppy look by wearing plaid pants, a wool sweater with a collar, and of course a tweed-style jacket. This style will give you a different and interesting air, difficult to go unnoticed.


At Lane Boots, we have these boots called Plain June Suede, in different sizes and in brown and black colors, which are super comfortable and their delicate heel will make your style more striking.


To The Office


Get out of your head that you can only take them for a walk on a weekend. Cowboy boots are also an excellent and very on-trend option to wear to the office. In this sense, you can combine them with a checked blazer, white button-down shirt, your favorite jeans, and the black leather belt.


Get the Everyday Emma Bootie in her store, in midnight blue, cream, print, brown, and soft pink colors. These lace-up ankle boots in the shape of braids on the sides will flatter your ankles very well.




Fashion Trends and Style - Cowboy boots

If you can’t wear jeans to the office, don’t worry! In a suit, they will also look great. So, you can opt for a gray suit, with a black leather vest and choose your black cowboy boots.


In the store we have a pair of cowboy boots called Cossette, you can find them in black, ruby, brown and turquoise.


They will give you a truly beautiful style and also the leather will adapt perfectly to your foot, complementing the look.


Total look


I am a fan of the total look, for the day or the night, I assure you that the boots will be a great success. Even with more modest outfits, long sleeves, turtlenecks, and knee-length skirts. Especially in neutral color palettes, you can look spectacular with some cowboy boots.


I invite you to stop by the store and buy the Lisa Jane Cabernet cowboy boots, in honor of the color. Its classic leather will speak for you, it will make you show off your legs longer and its round toe will help your comfort.


How to wear Texan boots?


Fashion Trends and Style - Cowboy boots

If you are a fan of Texan boots, then you are in the right place. With them, you can get very versatile looks and you can also combine them with different types of style, that is why they are so functional at any time of the year. In this sense, I also bring you some combinations that will always be a success.


Jean plus boots.


Very street style and very trendy. I recommend wearing dark jeans, a crop top, and a blazer.


The high boots up to the mid-leg to lengthen them. Visit the store and get the Sparks Fly in black.


They are elegant, modern and their studded leather will steal all the attention.


Dress more boots.


You can wear cowboy boots dressed, of course! You can choose short or long dresses; it will always depend on you and what you want to achieve.


In the store, you can buy these Silver Mesa Bootie boots in brown and black to unleash passions.


You will feel very powerful!


How to wear cowboy boots in winter?


Fashion Trends and Style - Cowboy boots

Unfortunately, we say goodbye to summer to make way for the colder seasons, where footwear becomes one of the fundamental pieces to complement our looks. In winter or autumn, you can wear it inside the boot of your pants so that it covers you more from the cold.


While if you wear a dress, they are worn with long or short dresses and stockings.


In the store, you can find the Silver Table Ankle Boots in brown and black. Their studs will inspire you and grab everyone’s attention. Trust me!


What pants go with boots?


Fashion Trends and Style - Cowboy boots

Any pants can go spectacular with your cowboy boots. As I told you before, it will always depend on you and the look you want to achieve. You can use them inside the cowboy boots or outside, these two styles are more than allowed.


Now, as everything in this world has a rule, you must take into account that, if the pants are very skinny, the rule is that you wear the boots on the outside. While, if they are not too sticky, you can leave them inside. They will look much better.


At Lane Boots, you can get a wide variety of boot styles that can be perfectly complemented with jeans or pants. Such as the Mule type, which will help you get out of your comfort zone. They look great inside or out.


How to combine cowboy boots


What do you think of these cowboy boots and the looks you can get with them? From Fashion Trends, we hope that these outfits serve as an inspiration and that from there you decide to use them more often. Cowboy boots are an extremely comfortable, versatile, and trendy accessory. Especially those that are made of good quality, like those of Lane Boots. You will love them!