How to wear a slip dress?

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How to wear a slip dress?. The slip dress is a garment that has set trends in fashion for centuries. Since the 90s, it has become a frequent style for the most expert, marking an indisputable return during this decade.


It is perfect if you want to be comfortable and look elegant at the same time, plus it adapts to a large number of occasions. But how to wear a slip dress?


Don’t be alarmed if you still don’t know how to wear the one you have in your closet or bought recently. Here, we have a guide for you to get your dream outfit where you can successfully wear your slip dress.


What is a slip dress?


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear a slip dress? - Dress

During its beginnings, the slip dress was part of any woman’s basic garments in her closet, just like the quintessential white shirt. It became popular in the rise of minimalism, as luxury was sought in simple and clean designs. Characteristics that represent the slip dress to a tee.


They are distinguished by being satin, fluid, and with relatively simple but elegant cuts. The slip dress has thin straps, subtle necklines, and sometimes lace and other applications that make it more striking.


They were very famous during the 90s. Although we forgot about them for a few years, they have made their comeback this season. From street style to red carpets and even weddings, we’ve seen them on the most fashion-savvy.


You can combine them with multiple garments, plus they are ultra sexy. Without a doubt, they flatter everyone´s figure.


Although they are usually seen in a particular color, they can also have different patterns. The animal print one, for example, gives the design a sexier touch. They can also have different lengths. The most common one out there is midi. But if you want to look more elegant, wear a longer one.


It is a garment we can all use because it has different cuts and fabrics and adapts to all body types in all sizes. You can choose the one that best suits your figure and, obviously, where you feel most comfortable. Anyway, they are all ideal to show off your beautiful legs.


Why buy a slip dress?


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear a slip dress? - Dress

You should have at least one slip dress in your closet for many reasons. If you are still trying to make up your mind, here are some:


First of all, it is a dress that doesn’t go out of style. You can wear it at night and also during the day. In addition, it brings a lot of elegance and highlights the figure. It is quite a luxury garment. Also, it is not only elegant but it is super comfortable. It is not a tight dress by any means but it’s not too baggy, either. The slip dress has a perfect balance.


We can find them in different fabrics and cuts, with subtle or more pronounced necklines, all at your discretion. You can also use them with the length up to the ankles or midi.


And something super important during the spring season is that they are super fresh. All we need for this weather are cute and fresh clothes. Finally, the options to combine them are infinite. You won’t run out of ideas. Have you already chosen yours?


How To Wear It


There are many ways to combine a slip dress. However, wearing it has its tricks. Although it is a garment with a lot of prominence and does not need much to stand out, it is easy to make mistakes when choosing one.




Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear a slip dress? - Dress

It is vital that you consider some factors to choose the dress that best suits you. The first thing is the material. Your fabric should be soft to the touch. Ideally, it should be made of silk, chiffon or charmeuse.


If this is not the case, you may end up buying a dress that is not of very good quality and that, consequently, does not have durability. At the same time, the fact that it is made with the fabrics we mentioned will help to make it look more subtle on your figure, which is the goal.


Choose the ideal neckline


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear a slip dress? - Dress

The neckline of the slip dress can vary, as well as its length. You should consider the size of your bust and your body type. Everything to be able to choose one with the right neckline that favors you.


This type of dress has its origins in underwear, so it has its touch of styling, sensuality, and exhibitionism.


If you have small breasts, we recommend a round neckline. The V neckline works for everyone, but we must be careful with its depth, depending on the prominence of your breasts.


On the other hand, if you have larger breasts, the sweetheart neckline will favor you greatly. Finally, the halter is used to enhance those with broad shoulders.


Select your underwear carefully


Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear a slip dress? - Dress

This is one of the most essential points. With slip dresses, you can see everything. Also, the fabric is thin, so what you´re wearing underneath is much more noticeable.


For this reason, we don’t recommend wearing sequined or lace underwear, as these details will make them much more visible, and we want to do it correctly. With these dresses, we must be somewhat discreet. Go for thong-shaped panties, seamless and preferably in your skin tone.


In the case of bras, you can use adhesives or nipple covers. Or if you feel comfortable not wearing them, then go ahead. It can also vary depending on the type of neckline you have.




Fashion Trends and Style -How to wear a slip dress? - Dress

They are usually worn with a bias length, but use the one that makes you feel most comfortable. Of course, it should not be too short because the idea is that you can have mobility. If it’s too short, you’ll have to be like a statue the whole time. Because if you make the slightest movement down… Go figure!


The longer it is, the more elegant it will be. We recommend a midi or ankle-length one if it is a night occasion.


You already have the advice you need. Dare to wear that incredible lingerie dress!


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