How to wear sequin fashion correctly

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How to wear sequin fashion correctly. Sequins are no longer exclusive for the evening, so this piece can also be worn with glitter in the daytime. Although sequins sometimes go out of style, the fact is that they´re now in trend. And knowing how to use sequins correctly on each occasion to dazzle, but wisely is today´s agenda.


It´s no secret to anyone how difficult it can be to join this very complicated trend. But the reality is that they can also be adapted when putting together a basic outfit. Best of all, the exclusive use of silver or gold sequins has been left in the past. Because now you can make use of colorful sequins in your favorite jackets or tops.


How to wear sequins during the day?


If today you have woken up wanting to wear sequins during the day, pay attention to the advice that we´ll give you. So that you can use them properly without failing in the attempt: 


Sequin look with neutral tones


Fashion Trends and Style . How to wear sequin fashion correctly - CLothing

Although it may not seem like it, the shine is perfect with clothes in neutral tones.


As well as with gray and white, which take part in the styling line.


When making this combination it can be concluded with a double effect.


While the shine will be the protagonist of your outfit, the neutral tones will be a perfect balance. To soften things up.


Look with sequined tops 


Fashion Trends and Style . How to wear sequin fashion correctly - CLothing

Tops are a basic garment that can´t be missing in any woman’s wardrobe. Also, there are other pieces such as skirts or pants, which you can get with sequins for a different look. But if you want to wear a tops garment only one piece of your outfit must be shiny.


Ideally, you should choose a single piece so that your outfit does not look saturated, so if you are going to use a shirt with a lot of shine, try to wear denim jeans or a solid color skirt.


Total sequin look


If this seems impossible, you should know that it´s a reality to be able to create a total shiny look. This type of look can be used to go to the office, as long as you leave the accessories at home. Since the style that women’s sequined clothing will provide will be more than enough.


Look with minimalist accessories


If you’re going to wear some sequined clothing, choose minimalist-style sequin accessories, or else your look will be too much. To slay this type of look, don´t choose too flashy jewelry. And try to use footwear that´s not extravagant and without appliques that can attract attention.


How to wear sequins at night?


Fashion Trends and Style . How to wear sequin fashion correctly - CLothing

There is formal pieces par excellence, where sequins are an important part. Also, if you want to have an impact look, using sequins for an evening event will be a wise decision. If you´re looking for the perfect look to go to a party with sequins at night though. We will also give you incredible tips for this type of occasion.


At a night party, every woman wants to be the queen of the night. And to accomplish this goal, sequins will become great allies. If you have been invited to an event and you want to include sequins in your look, you can bet on a set of blazers and pants or skirts. Another option and the most common are dresses. Since there´s a lot of them to choose from with this material that can never go unnoticed.


If the option in this post seems like a good idea to you, we will leave you two. You can use a closed sequin blazer, with high-waisted black pants. Or if you prefer, you can choose a blazer in silver sequins. And wear it open while underneath you wear a white dress at the height of the knees.


As for the dresses, the favorite garment of the female public, you can also wear a dress model with sequins. But, to wear a sequin dress at night, choose colors that are not garish. Neither dresses with prints so as not to overload your look. These days, sequined dresses in black, gold, or silver are the best options for attending a party.


Mistakes you should not make when wearing sequins


So that you always look like a woman who knows about fashion and trends, the next time you want to use sequins in your outfit, try not to make the following mistakes: 


Too much shine


Fashion Trends and Style . How to wear sequin fashion correctly - CLothing

This phrase, although it sounds very trite, remains exact when talking about sequins, since less is more. And it´s that many women make the mistake of wearing sequins from head to toe. Ideally, you should be very conscious when choosing your look. That is, keep in mind which are the areas of your body that you want to highlight.


We recommend that you select a sequin garment to build your look from there. Also, it´s a good idea to create a contrast between the colors and textures that you´re going to use. So that you can look good.




Fashion Trends and Style . How to wear sequin fashion correctly - CLothing

Although it´s common for us to follow trends, the reality is that not all of them fit well. That´s why, when you want to wear sequin fashion so that your look is appropriate, you should bet on a unicolor look or a more classic silhouette. Taking advantage of the fact that it´s Christmas, we don´t think you´d want to look like a tree. So, while you learn to master the use of sequins you should lean towards a more subtle look.



What kind of sequined look do you like best?


Every time you use sequins to create the outfit you need, remember that less is more. If you´re going to wear short sequin dresses, try using small earrings and simple makeup in the best minimalist style. From now on, don´t be afraid when you use sequins. Just follow the advice we have given you so that there are no mistakes when making your outfit.