The perfect guide to wear overalls to stand out

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Fashion is cyclical and just as retro trends return; overalls are also reinventing themselves. Yes, they’re trending again! Today, together with Fashion Trends, we compile some ways to use it to look spectacular and fashionable. Ready?


Speaking a bit about this garment, it was created in the year 1792 in a town called Dungri, in India. They were made to be worn over normal pants. And it wasn’t until the First World War that it became the favorite piece of factory workers.


However, its stir began in 1930, being used as comfortable children’s clothing and later adapted to all. Overalls are versatile garments. After all, they go with everything, and it’s thanks to this that today we want to show you this guide to wear them with style and look spectacular. Do you want to know more? Take note of these tips!


How do I put on overalls?


Fashion Trends and Style - Overalls - clothing


Overalls are that garment that we all used when we were children and loved it for its comfort. After all, it fits very well and was perfect to run around and jump as much as we wanted. The good news: it’s not just for kids anymore!


Over time, it has become a favorite garment for adults. In fact, in the 2000s, it revolutionized our wardrobes again to show us that they can be worn with style. Today, we can see it in fashion weeks, in fashion influencers, or celebrities like Justin Bieber.


Now, how can I use it to look good? In fashion, there are certain rules that we must follow to use it correctly and be in trend. One piece of advice: they look beautiful with cowboy boots like those of!


It should look good.


The legs should be comfortable and not tight to be able to close them comfortably and not feel that everything is squeezing you.


It shouldn’t be too long


No dragging the boots from the pants on the ground or completely covering the shoes unless they are wide boots. If they are a bit long, you can make folds to make them fit well.


Colors must be basic. 


Being a very striking garment, it is recommended to use it in neutral colors such as denim, camel, black or military green. Also, understand that it isn’t a formal garment so even if you wear the blazer over it, it will be a casual outfit.


Now that you know the basic rules to wear this garment, I will teach you some combinations so that when you put it on it is a success and not the opposite. Because better dead than plain, right?


Overalls with a t-shirt. 


Fashion Trends and Style - Overalls - shoes

Of my favorite combinations. You can combine it with t-shirts that are a bit tight and neutral to create a sober and mature.


You can add an accessory that falls within the range of colors to look cooler and complement the Hwy 237 western boots from Lane Boots.


Not only that, but you will be spectacular!


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Long sleeve overalls.


Fashion Trends and Style - Overalls - Shoes

A blouse in a basic color such as white is a very interesting option to choose to combine with this garment.


Add some Mattie-style cowboy boots from Lane Boots and you’re done!


Look at them here.


More casual style.


If you complement it with the right clothes, you can look a little more fashionable and go to a meeting with friends for a fun afternoon, for example with a shirt or blouse, combined with a light raincoat and classic boots.


Dare to be different.


You can opt for a jumpsuit with patterns such as plaid or stripes, also with rare logos or letters, and combine it with a black strapless blouse or T-shirt, crop top, and sneakers. Add accessories that make you stand out. You will look amazing!


When to wear overalls?


Fashion Trends and Style - Overalls - shoes

Overalls should be worn, preferably, for casual or informal occasions.


Going out for a walk with friends, to a simple party where you don’t have a dress code and the trick of wearing it with style falls on the accessories and shoes that combine them.


In short, denim is one of the best fabrics of all time and is perfect to integrate into your looks.


However, other fabrics can be allied to this garment and it will also allow you a very chic and different look.


How to wear jean overalls?


Fashion Trends and Style - Overalls - clothing

The overalls are a very striking garment, it prints its touch, making it striking wherever you go. It is also easy to combine.


Here I bring you some other combination ideas that could be of great help if you want to wear a jean jumpsuit.


Overalls with a striped t-shirt.


A very sailor looks that you can complement with a colored scarf-type headband, white tennis shoes, and a wicker bag.


Overalls with a Hawaiian shirt.


The floral print is a success that looks good with anything, even overalls. Add heels to your look and drop a strap to highlight the pattern and thus look more casual.


Overalls with lace.


Ideal for those daring and creative styles. You can wear a lace shirt of any color under overalls and a colored shoulder strap that highlights your style. Combine with tennis shoes to look more beautiful than you already are.


Total denim looks.


Overalls are a good garment to pair with jeans or denim for layering. I recommend that the colors you decide to use complement each other very well for contrast, such as a white T-shirt and white superstars.


Flared overalls.


Join the wide boot trend! Wear this wide-boot or elegant-leg jumpsuit with a long-sleeved, three-quarter, or rolled-up blouse. Play to combine it with boots, stilettos, or ankle boots. Accessories that complement your style should stand out.


Guide to wear overalls and look fashion


In short, overalls are a garment that you can buy in your favorite colors and in the style that best suits you. At Fashion Trends we say yes to this garment since in its own way it allows us to create unique, fun, and different styles. In addition, they make us go back a little to that stage of childhood that can generate so much nostalgia and happiness. What memories were those!


Do you wear overalls? How do you combine it?