Discover the best way to wear leather shorts in the summer

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Summer comes with everything. In fact, we could say that it comes to surprise us in more ways than one. This year, we have been able to find different movements that come to innovate and give a 180-degree turn to the world of fashion and new trends, such as the case of leather shorts.


However, these booms do not always have to be practical, simple, or conventional. We live it firsthand with 25-centimeter stilettos, or when we quickly grab the hem with duct tape because it came loose at the wrong time.


However, leather has become an almost essential garment in our wardrobe.


What can I wear with leather shorts in summer?


FasionTrends and Style - leather shorts - shorts

Depending on your style, the trick is in how you wear it. Without a doubt, as I know that you have excellent tastes, I am convinced that you will know how to combine them in the best way.


Regarding the different types of styles, I am going to show you some combinations that you could handle.


If you want a looser look, you can combine it with breathable blouses, even with bras and transparencies: crop tops, sweaters, pantyhose, leggings, cardigans, sleeveless cotton shirts, and blouses with linen ankle boots. The sky is the limit, so don’t make excuses and use them with the best attitude.


Leather shorts are quite comfortable and, in these months, when the heat will be the protagonist, it will be an ally that you don’t want to lose. Besides, being a transitional garment, it is an elegant and smart option.


Can leather shorts make you look more beautiful?


FasionTrends and Style - leather shorts - shorts

Some may think that I am crazy to think that leather is a good outfit for the summer, and my boyfriend is among them. However, it’s a garment that can be balanced, and believe me, you won’t feel like a steak thanks to its versatile material. So, you can use it all year round.


I tell you that this style has appeared more than once on the catwalk since last year and it is a trend that will stay for a long time. At least it is what I would like because they are very comfortable!


Another option is that you can wear it with light shirts and open shoes. Or in a total look that gives you elegance and class. Otherwise, if you want a calm and relaxed day, combine it with your favorite shirt.


How to wear leather shorts in different styles?


Informal look


FasionTrends and Style - leather shorts - shorts

A casual style consists of a khaki jacket and neutral vest, a small bag, white sneakers, and your high-waisted leather shorts, which can be draped at the waist to narrow it. At the same time, you can also use it with loose blouses, cotton shirts, or loose sweaters.


What’s important is how you use it and to which occasion. So, if you want to buy your shorts, you can head to your closest fashion store. In these, you can find them in many styles such as with studs, plain, draped, with a belt, without a belt, and in many colors.


Leather is a material that has been surprising us over time and has shown that it is feasible.


Leather shorts with a blouse for the night


This garment is completely valid for a crazy, or quiet night with friends. Combine them with high-heeled boots, a square blazer, and a simple cotton T-shirt, to make it your favorite! As an accessory, use the hat that best suits you and go out to leave them all shocked!


Leather shorts with leggings


FasionTrends and Style - leather shorts - shorts

It is a fact that not everyone likes to go through life exhibiting some parts of their bodies; In my case it’s my belly, for some women they do not feel comfortable showing their legs.


Don’t wait any longer, I have the solution for you! And no, this isn’t an infomercial.


You can wear your layered leather shorts over sheer black pantyhose or leggings, a long blazer that ties at your waist, and a draped close-neck top with ruffles across the chest.


In this look, I recommend some color to cut the black a bit.


Colored leather shorts


FasionTrends and Style - leather shorts - shorts

This trend came to commit risks, which is why colored leather shorts are an option that I won’t rule out. After all, they are easy to combine with neutral colors such as white or black. Besides, a necklace is a perfect piece to complement this outfit. And if you want to enhance it, even more, add black leather ankle boots too (Trust me).


Leather shorts and sleeveless shirts


What did you think? That those of us with sleeveless shirts of our favorite bands cannot be in this trend? Well, you are wrong. This is a beautiful style that matches with ankle boots or heels. This way, you can wear an outfit full of presence and a very classic rocker style.


Leather shorts with a colored blazer


Do you want to be even more fashionable? This is the perfect outfit for you. Combine your leather shorts with a colored blazer (the one you like best and best suits you). A good option is with a pastel-colored blazer because it is within the color palettes in season.


What shoes can you wear with leather shorts?


FasionTrends and Style - leather shorts - shorts

This is the million-dollar question. First, you can combine them with a medium or low heel for a more informal or office look.


On the other hand, you can use wooden platforms, but this will depend a lot on the blouse you wear. So, try to don’t go over the top.


As an alternative, you can wear flat shoes with a masculine cut. With them, you will impress and generate an excellent presence. Apply this advice with a transparent blouse and leave everyone shocked.


If your leather shorts have a high cut, they will look very beautiful with tall or gladiator-type sandals, and with well-known high heels. It’s also functional with medium heels with ankle ties, low sandals with straps, and ballerinas.


Did I already tell you that sneakers look amazing with leather shorts? I didn’t? Well yes, this type of short looks great with almost everything.


In short, so many options, so many combinations that sometimes we don’t know what to do. However, my conclusion is that this piece is basic and a base to make us look simple, sexy, and elegant. Dare to use them! And tell us how it went. At Fashion Trends, we want to know everything about you and what you think of our articles. So let us know your ideas below.