Style and comfort: how to wear espadrilles with elegance

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Style and comfort: how to wear espadrilles with elegance. For nice weather, wear espadrilles! Espadrilles have become the perfect footwear for spring and summer. Their construction with organic materials gives them a natural, comfortable appearance and is very fresh for the season’s weather.


This type of footwear comes from the Mediterranean and is a perfect complement to the clothing of these months. Cotton and linen garments an in during this time, as well as light-colored outfits to fare the high temperatures.


They are considered part of the wardrobe, as they are ideal shoes for hot climates. Espadrilles are versatile, easy to combine and wear with various clothes, and a little more than wedge sandals, so you can create formal looks with them.


So, we cannot miss the opportunity to show you in this article how you can wear and combine your espadrilles this spring – summer 2024.


How to wear espadrilles in spring and summer 2024


Classic espadrilles in neutral tones


Fashion Trends and Style - Style and comfort: how to wear espadrilles with elegance

We recommend choosing classic espadrilles in beige or camel tones with a wedge if you are looking for versatile footwear for the season.


These will allow you to easily combine them with jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, or long-printed dresses, adding a touch of style to your outfits. They are the perfect option for looking comfortable and elegant.


Elegant style with skirt and shirt


Espadrilles in this style are ideal for casual outings.


Pair them with a white skirt and shirt set, and add a matching leather bag to create an elegant contrast.


Also, you can wear them with a long, flowy dress. To create an outfit in the best boho and casual style, you can complete the look with a fringe bag or a hat.


Flat espadrilles in two colors


Fashion Trends and Style - Style and comfort: how to wear espadrilles with elegance

Espadrilles are the ideal alternative when sandals are not a functional option. Since daily walking around the city may not give our bare feet a rest.


Espadrilles also add comfort, freshness, and style to your image.


Now, taking inspiration from Coco Chanel, two-tone espadrilles with a black tip and beige body become the favorite option for walking around the city. Because its front part will help hide stains or dirt, while the beige part is responsible for stylizing the shape of the foot.


With elegant outfits


Contrary to what you may think about espadrilles being informal footwear, they can also be worn with suits, dresses, and elegant ensembles at formal events.


Due to their comfort, many women wear espadrilles to attend weddings, baptisms, communions, or similar events.


Black espadrilles


Fashion Trends and Style - Style and comfort: how to wear espadrilles with elegance

The color black offers infinite possibilities for combining clothes, and the same is true of espadrilles in this tone.


We consider them a wardrobe essential for spring. They are a style statement and offer a different option to the classic beige worn with dark clothing.


Black espadrilles are a must-have, even for the rest of the year, whether with monochrome outfits or to create contrasts.


With a black dress


Continuing with the previous option, another successful choice or combination is to wear black espadrilles with a semi-formal or elegant black dress.


We already mentioned the versatility of these shoes in this color. They will help you look stylish by complementing any outfit. At the same time, their ties around the ankle will help you stylize your leg and figure in general.


With printed dress


If espadrilles are characterized by something, they can adapt to any style. Because of the natural fabric of the sole, it combines perfectly with everything, in addition to being very comfortable and suitable for all ages.


So, they are also perfect for wearing long and short printed dresses. To combine and be prepared for an outdoor plan, you can add accessories such as hats, glasses, and natural fiber bags.


With a boho look


Wedge espadrilles are the perfect choice for a boho style if you want to gain height and look more stylish.


Combine them with colorful and casual clothing, such as an ethnic sweater, denim shorts, and a vibrant orange bag.


These espadrilles are ideal for enjoying long outings without worrying about tired feet late at night.


With hook dress


Combining your espadrilles with a dress or crochet set in light, nude, or pastel tones is an infallible look.


Perfect for an afternoon walk or to enjoy sunny days outdoors.


If you want to intensify the style, add a fringe vest, hat, and metallic accessories such as pendants and rings.


Beach look


If you must create a beach look, get out of the conventional.


To do this, we advise you to go for metallic espadrilles with studded details and a long, fluid, and colorful dress. They will be very useful for transitioning between the day at the beach and the after-party.


You can combine them with a white shirt, dress, skirt, and blouse to create unique and original looks. This combination works both in the city and on the beach without complicating things too much.


In total, white and beige look


Nothing is more elegant and striking than the color white. In addition to being a characteristic color of these times of the year, it also has the great benefit of being able to combine with practically any color.


And what better way to wear a totally white look than with espadrilles in beige tones? Thus, you can create incredible, beautiful, and sophisticated contrasts.


With denim shorts


Denim shorts are an informal garment. But they can be elevated by adding espadrilles, creating a look for casual outings in the afternoon or evening.


Wear a shirt or tank top in bright fabrics to look sophisticated and chic.


With jeans


Fashion Trends and Style - Style and comfort: how to wear espadrilles with elegance

In this case, the chances of failing to wear espadrilles with jeans are very low since both are wardrobe staples ready to be combined.


It is a mix you can wear to work, combined with shirts, blazers, or social outings, both day and night. You can include transparencies and tops in fabrics with textures or modern prints.


Sandals are not the only footwear option for this spring-summer season since espadrilles come to the fore for style and comfort.


So, give your looks a twist, incorporate this versatile and elegant option among the shoes in your closet, and look incredible during these hot months of the year.