7 ways to wear culottes pants in style

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7 ways to wear culottes pants in style. We’re currently looking for freedom of movement when it comes to dressing, which we intend to maintain. Honestly, it isn’t easy to get out once you get there. In addition to comfort, we want to be fashionable and spectacular, right?


The good news is that the fashion world has come to impress us all, and it has made our lives easier when it comes to finding an alternative style and getting a little out of the ordinary.


Do you know culotte pants? I hope you stay because you will learn how to wear them in style today. Otherwise, if your answer is no, keep reading to know more about this garment and how it can stylize your figure.


What are culotte pants?


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This is the name given to the midi-cut, wide, and high-waisted pants. Being XXL cut, they can sometimes look like a skirt, not pants. This type of pants is very stylish because it greatly favors your silhouette, making them an ideal option, especially if you have wide thighs.


These pants look great with practically everything, making them versatile and almost basic garments. They look good with blouses, wide or tight shirts.


Now, when it comes to shoes, it will always depend on the look you want to achieve. However, a very chic option is white or black sneakers for something very casual. In turn, you can also opt for sandals or high heels.


Why is it called culotte?


Its word comes from the French cul and means: bubbles. It’s a garment that covers the lower part of the body, in which the legs are separated. This is what makes it different from skirts. It wasn’t until the 19th century that reference was made to the male lower dress.


What are culotte brand pants?


It’s important to know what differentiates this type of pants from any other kind of pants. In the case of culottes, they have a particular pattern: Striking and high between knee and ankle.


How do you wear culotte jeans?


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These pants are ideal for any weather, the only thing that will vary is the fabric. In this sense, for spring and autumn, opt for one in a jean or denim version.


While for the summer get linen or cotton alternatives. For winter, you can adapt them, as long as you adapt them to avoid the cold.


Do you want to know nine ways to wear it with style? Run! Look for paper and pencil because today, together with Fashion Trends, I will show you some ways to use them you make you feel like a fashionista


  • Culotte pants with a blazer or leather jacket


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For cooler times like spring and fall, you can wear them with a blazer over a bodysuit. Opt for dark culottes with open loafers and a blazer for those cold days.


Now, you can combine the body color with the blazer for a more incredible and very beautiful look. It will be almost like a life preserver!


In short, the styles that culottes provide us as protagonists are incredible. If you don’t want a blazer, you can choose a black leather jacket to elevate your outfit.


  • Culotte pants with ankle boots and t-shirts.


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Imagine a complete look with these simple options: a slightly oversized basic t-shirt, culottes, and high-heeled ankle boots.


How does it look? Amazing! It’s a style created with basic garments and that will work for a formal or informal occasion.


What do you think about this style?


Would you take it? I particularly love it for its versatility.


  • Culotte trousers with a Bardot neck top and sandals.


In a more formal option and for semiformal events, choose suit-style culotte pants in a light or white tone. Then, raise the tone to contrast your clothes. Shoes? Wear high-heeled sandals to stylize your figure.


  • Culotte pants with an oversize shirt.


Did you know that white is very fashionable this season? Especially for the upcoming winter. You can create an outfit based on white culottes with an oversized sky-blue shirt and flat sandals. Simple, but very effective!


With this style, you will attract everyone’s attention. I promise!


  • Culotte trousers with sequins. 


This style should be the one chosen for a formal event or a long night out! Choose pants in dark and with a line pattern. If the pants have draped lines, even better.


Combine it with a sequin lace top and straps. Then choose stilettos in a color that stands out, like purple or pink, to find a very elegant and very sophisticated style.


  • Lace culotte trousers with a ruffled blouse.


You should already know that when something becomes fashionable, we will find it in all kinds of possible fabrics and shapes! So, this is a very interesting outfit for those who love ruffles and lace. Play with printed strappy sandals to create a sophisticated look!


  • Culotte pants with a vest.


By using two tones, for example, cream and black, you can play with cream culottes with a black thin belt, a long-sleeved high-neck sweater with a vest to match the pants. It’s a very elegant and functional look for a work meeting or an important event.


What shoes can you wear with culotte pants?


Culotte pants look great with almost everything, however, I want to show you some options that will make you look amazing no matter what.


Do you still have your paper and pencil? Write down these amazing options!




Perfect for the summer. However, the best is the shovel type to show more skin. You will look taller and very chic.




Espadrilles provide a very comfortable and cool style. You will look great and will elevate your look in a way that will leave many speechless.




Perfect for going to the office or an important meeting. Also, for events where you need to look elegant. Would you wear pants and shoes of the same color? They would look great!


We have seen it a lot because as you well know, comfort is what we all seek. With tennis or sneakers, you will achieve a very street-style look.


Do you like culotte jeans?


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In addition to pants, there are also culotte cut jeans, and they’re a very popular proposal to go to the office or out with your friends.


At Fashion Trends, we’re happy to bring you this trend and explain how to wear it with style.


The idea is that you look very chic and very original.


What do you think of this garment?


Do you consider it basic?


What is the style you prefer?