How to wear black clothing and still stand out?

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Many have a passion for the color black. Myself included. After all, black is synonymous with elegance, sensuality, and mystery. It’s also a color that goes with everything and will never go out of style. It’s for this reason that we love it. Day or night, for a party or just a normal day, this color is fashion by nature.


Now, sometimes we can think of it as a bit boring or full of sadness and nostalgia. And although it’s used for moments like this, we must also take into account that it is the opposite. Nothing captivates more in the world than this color and experts like Coco Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent have proven it, stating that it looks great at any age and for any occasion.


In this sense, no matter the occasion, we simply cannot avoid it: a black dress or a total black look gives us harmony and style. It doesn’t matter the texture or the fabrics, neither the chromatic harmony, in short, however you use it, it will be a success.


What colors go well with black clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black clothing - clothing

ALL OF THEM! Yes, you read that right, all of them! In all possible combinations and colors. Black looks good with whatever you decide to wear. Even neon colors.


You can bet on wearing a total black look and putting on some shoes or a yellow chick bag and you will still be spectacular.


Also, it looks great with any fabric, pattern, or shape you want. It is, in short, an exquisite option to take anywhere and stand out.


Do you want some combination ideas? Write down these tips!


How to look good in black clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black clothing - clothing

It’s essential to have in our wardrobe at least: a dress, shirt, pants, and black blazer. Why? Because this allows us to use them on multiple occasions. The only thing that would vary would be the way we combine it.


As I explained before, black is a color full of style, distinction, and very classic. It has an air of rebellion that makes it difficult for us to go unnoticed and gives us overwhelming security when we carry it. Besides, it takes away complications when we don’t know what to use or how.


Now, it can be a bit complicated to combine it, since you can fall into the dull and sad look, which I am sure we don’t want to achieve. In this sense, from Fashion Trends, we share these tricks for you to wear black like a fashionista.


Complement with color.


With this trick, you will get out of the monochrome and it will help you contrast your outfit in a daring and a little fun way. It will give you a lot of creativity and I am sure that you will not go unnoticed.


Shining shoes.


Be it for the night or the day, shiny shoes will brighten up your look and complement your style very well. Don’t be afraid to take risks and be different.


Play with textures.


In a total look, you can play with layers and also many textures to create fabulous combinations and break the monotonous pattern. Play with transparencies, fabrics, stockings, and shapes. Get out of the mold!


What shoe color goes with black clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black clothing - shoes

The secret is to wear shoes that help you add elegance. That will give you a plus that will be difficult not to highlight. At Fashion Trends, we recommend these colors:


The red color looks incredible and sensual. Any shade of red will look great. Dare with pink or dark ruby. They will attract a lot of attention. On the other hand, you can choose animal print, as they look fabulous and stand out a lot with what you’re wearing.


Next, neon colors: yellow, orange, pink, purple, green, and any color of the rainbow will also provide nuances that you won’t be able to hide. Finally, a tan color, to break the myth that black and brown cannot go hand in hand. It’s the color that will give you a lot of functionality and attractiveness.


What kind of accessories should I wear with black clothes?


Fashion Trends and Style - Black clothing - clothing

As you can see, it goes well with everything. Black favors our figure and helps us create very interesting outfits, which is why we must also think about the ideal accessories to wear this look.


If you’re thinking of wearing black, the ideal is to use earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Don’t overload yourself. The idea is to find the balance between the garments you have. As for the wallets, and will be very good, as long as it is for specific occasions, if you know where to go, you know what type of wallet you should use.


Belts can also help you to draw contrast and achieve a more striking look. They help you to refine, accentuate, and in this way will visually create your waist. Choose from colorful, shiny, metallic, or one that matches your shoes.


How to wear black and look fashion


Fashion Trends and Style - Black clothing - clothing

From Fashion Trends, we bring you some style ideas to combine with black and look very fashionable, so stay here to learn more! Ready?


In leather.


Daring! Try combining the black leather effect pants and you will convey confidence, formality, and innovation.


In satin tailoring


Perfect for a business meeting or a night out. If you choose satin with a metallic finish or silk and satin, you will find your best allies for a total look.


Black jeans. 


Simple, very chic, and safe. Jeans are always our best allies. In black, they are functional for any occasion. Wear them with a leather jacket and mid-calf boots.




The look in black is the best to enhance our creativity and one way to do it is with makeup with good red or pink lips and striking accessories such as a wicker bag.


Bet on simplicity.


It’s okay if sometimes we don’t want to get too wrapped up when it comes to dressing. That’s why you can choose a simple shirt dress with boots and you’ll be perfect.


What do you think about these ideas in black? What will your next outfit be? Here, what’s important is to get rid of the thought of it being unlucky, sad, or that you will go to a funeral. No sir.


You must look spectacular and not sloppy, so take advantage of the elegance of this color to highlight your image and leave your mark. Long live the black!