Find out the best ways to wear that long vest in your closet

Fashion Trends and Style - long vest - Outfits

Find out the best ways to wear that long vest in your closet. Autumn has arrived! And there can’t be a day that you don’t want to look spectacular, right? In this sense, today I will talk about a very versatile, timeless, and very flattering garment. Ideal for this time of year, as it goes very well with the vast majority of outfits.


The interesting thing is that no matter what your style is, you will always find the perfect type of garment that suits you, even in the genderless world. It actually fits for day or night and creates a formal or informal look.


Yes, a long vest is a garment perfect with jeans and a T-shirt. Also, to combine with more casual clothes for fun. Now, if you are the type of girl who doesn’t know how to use it or you think that it doesn’t suit your body type, calm down!


At Fashion Trends, we will help you find which is the best option for you. Besides, I promise you that with only one, you can put together the best outfits. In addition, there are many types of fabrics, colors, and textures, which gives you options to choose the one that best suits your personality.


How to use a long vest?


Fashion Trends and Style - long vest - Outfits

A long vest creates a long and thin line, it’s perfect to hide the belly and distract attention from those areas that you want to hide. Whichever you wear will make it the final star piece of your outfit.


It allows you to play with different models and fabrics, with simple long-sleeved shirts and simpler blouses in more neutral colors to achieve a much more elegant appearance. From avant-garde to boho, minimalist, or casual chic.


Do you know how to combine them? I have the solution for you! Here I will show you some ideas to wear this garment and be very fashionable. Ready? Let’s keep going!


Vests with dresses.


This style is one of the most elegant, it doesn’t matter the color of the vest or the dress as long as they’re sober colors. You can opt for a full black or white look. You can also contrast two colors like a black dress and the white, blue, camel, black, or gray vest. And if you like electric colors, pair it with a long black vest.


Vests with high neck sweaters. 


With this garment, you will achieve a very chic and romantic outfit. For this, you can combine a sleeveless vest with a turtle-type sweater. This way, you will feel like a fashionista. Repeat it, but with sober colors, to elevate the elegance in your look. If you want you can also combine them with culottes, leather, jeans, or dress pants with similar prints.


Vests with jeans. 


Skinny jeans, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, baggy, wide boots, all will look great with any vest you have. However, allow yourself to play with colors or go for solids to stylize the figure. With basic t-shirts, V-neck or sailor-style blouses, and low-top sneakers for a very chic style.


Vests with wide pants.


While we can think about balance and equilibrium, I want you to know that long vests can also be worn with baggy pants and still maintain them. You can choose culottes, wide-boot jeans, or baggy pants in any color. Always try to stay in sober and very earthy colors to be in trend.


Vest with joggers. 


They will give you a very athleisure style. However, you will look very good with your joggers and vest of the same color. Try to stay within the same palette to balance the tones and look very casual.


Vest with shorts.


Of my favorites! You can combine it with denim or dress shorts to look spectacular. Just remember to stick to a very sober palette so you don’t look over the top.


How to wear a knitted vest?


Fashion Trends and Style - long vest - Outfits

Knitted vests are the latest trend in fashion. The truth is that they look great with everything. Wearing a fabric will add elegance and a lot of styles.


You can use them with jeans, and in many types, for example with narrow or long sleeves. As well as you can find different types of lengths, such as midi or ankle length. Even without sleeves.


This garment looks great with blouses, leather pants, basic T-shirts, and also with Converse or the shoe of your choice.


With a slip dress? Yes of course! Its versatility is so incredible that you will hardly ever fail to use it. The important thing is that what you decide to wear fits your style and personality very well.


How can I combine a black vest?


Fashion Trends and Style - long vest - Outfits

Black is a very important color to have in our wardrobe.


That is why the black vest can be an interesting option to combine with EVERYTHING. If all! Do you want some ideas? Take note!


  1. Black leather skirt. Combine that skirt with a black floral print blouse, knee-high socks, and black leather ankle boots for a total look.
  2. Jeans. If you choose jeans, you can get a very easy-chic style, opt for a striped shirt and black ankle boots to match the black vest.
  3. Dress. I recommend a white, gray, or black dress to wear with this vest. You will look very elegant and runway-worthy.


How to combine a blue vest?


The color blue is also a basic that we all want to have in our wardrobe. In this sense, I recommend you pair it with blue dress pants to achieve a more refined and classic look. With this garment, you can play with colors and outfits. It looks great with almost everything. As with black, always dare to use earthy and neutral colors to be very elegant.


How to wear a gray vest?


The gray vest is a garment that can give your look a very fashionable and elegant look. You can combine it with a suit or in a total gray look, with a jean and a basic white blouse or shirt or a black dress.


In short, all long vests are excellent to define your silhouette and add elegance to your outfits.


How to wear a long vest


Fashion Trends and Style - long vest - Outfits

Do you already know how to combine the vest in your next outfit?


Of all those mentioned, which was your favorite?


At Fashion Trends we say yes to the long vest and we approve of the fact that it looks so good in any look.


We can’t deny that even colorful silk vests can make you stand out and look spectacular.


They give you elegance, make you look slimmer, and also add good taste.