5 beautiful ways to wear a stylish scarf

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5 beautiful ways to wear a stylish scarf. We are already entering autumn, and in the blink of an eye, we will be in December. Now, we can’t get there and not pay attention to what we wear and how we look. We have to look spectacular, radiant and of course, shine like the sun.


In this sense, you may ask yourself, how can I look spectacular? Quiet! I have the solution, besides your daily outfits adapted to your figure, you must also find the ideal accessories for you.


For this reason, at Fashion Trends, we made a compilation of ideas and found the perfect formula to complement your looks in these times. We discovered that this particular garment stands out for its versatility and ability to transform a look from incredible to “wow, and who is that beauty?”: The scarf.


What kind of scarves are there?


Fashion Trends and Style - scarf -  scarf

First, I would love to explain the types of scarves in the market. Because yes, there are many types. This garment/accessory became a great ally to protect us from the cold or as a complement to our outfit. It fulfills the role of elevating our style and giving us that tasteful quality.


Do you want to know what types of scarves are there? Take note!


Classic scarf.


It’s elongated and is made of cotton or silk. You can place it around your neck or let it hang at the sides. However, if you are looking for more volume, you can roll it around.


Circular scarf.


Considered an alternative to the classic. It comes closed and wraps around the neck. It’s comfortable for the daily and adapts to many beautiful styles and shapes.


Shawl scarf.


This model is adjusted with a button or ribbons. Its special design surrounds the neck, part of the torso, and sometimes the head. We can find them in wool, cashmere, and fabrics.




From France, this scarf can be used tied around the neck or to cover the head. They’re mostly rectangular or square and are made of soft fabrics. What is your favorite type of scarf? Do you know them?


What kind of fabric can I use to make a scarf?


Fashion Trends and Style - scarf -  scarf

Yes, we love everyone who can make her own clothes or accessories. In this sense, if you know about embroidery or fabrics or you just want to make your own scarf as a test, we will explain the type of fabric you need!


  1. Cotton. Especially the fine or the flat like the voile.
  2. Gauze. It’s light, cut, and thin.
  3. Net. Choose between thin and flat net fabrics such as tulle or synthetics.
  4. Scarves or silk. It’s a good alternative and you can get creative and paint it to improve your creation.
  5. Cashmere. Original, luxurious, it will look great.
  6. Woven with wool. They are ideal for winter. They are beautiful.


How to wear a stylish scarf?


Fashion Trends and Style - scarf -  scarf

Since its inception in Ancient Egypt, the scarf has become a winter and fall staple. At present, this accessory is considered an article that prints glamour and good taste, totally spontaneous. Using it guarantees visibility, even more, if you complement it with a good outfit.


Made of wool, silk, triangles, diamonds, squares, woven or patterned, scarves open up a range of varieties. However, this can also make it hard for us to choose. Although, if you ask me, I would grab one of each, just in case. You never know.


Choosing it’s very important to know the material on the shape. After all, long scarves are for forceful looks, they divide the outfit and lead the eyes to that area. So, there are some tricks to use it.


French knot.


It consists of folding the extra-long scarf in half and surrounding the neck at the nape of the neck, the two loose ends are passed through the loop. Now, twist the bottom half of it up and place the other end inside the new loop.


Hung up.


This way of wearing it leaves your neck exposed, so I recommend that you use it on cool days, not cold. It’s perfect with knitted scarves or those with vibrant colors. You should lift the flap of your shirt and place it around the nape of the neck, leaving the ends loose in the front. Then we fold the flaps back over the scarf and adjust.


On the shoulder.


Carefree and very cool. A large scarf should be folded behind the neck, spreading the fabric over the shoulders and then throwing one end over the opposite shoulder. This shape looks great on neutral-colored scarves.


If you have no idea.


One of the easiest. You just have to turn the scarf around your neck, the idea is that it protects you from the cold. You can take a ride or two, it’s up to you.


In the head.


For those ladies full of elegance and bearing, you will be able to find this style by folding the small square scarf in half diagonally and placing it on the head with the long part above the hairline. Finally, we knot the corners below the chin.


How to use a buffoon?


Fashion Trends and Style - scarf -  scarf

The buffoon, also called a blanket-type scarf, is the largest scarf. It looks like a blanket, as its name implies, and wearing it may seem too complicated at first glance.


However, nothing could be further from reality. Using them is very simple, cozy, and chic. From Fashion Trends, we bring you some ideas on how to wear them with style. Ready for these ideas? Keep reading!


Tied to the neck on your shoulders.


First, let’s get out of our head that it’s a lot of fabric. The trick is to fold it in half twice and let the sides fall down the front of your body into two even rectangles.


Bandana style.


You will only need a belt to tie it, and it’s one of the most used. You should fold it into a triangle, grab the corners and wrap them around your neck. Precious!


XXL scarf.


Pick it up as much as you can and leave one side longer than the other around your neck and curl it. Finally, put the long side through the ring that forms in front of your neck.


In addition to these, there are many other styles that you can also adapt to your tastes. It’s always good to make room for your creativity. Don’t be afraid to come up with unique combinations! This accessory allows it.


From Fashion Trends, we are happy to bring you these original and beautiful ways to use them. How do you carry it?