Find out 10 amazing ways to wear a blazer for both casual and formal occasions

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In your wardrobe, there are clothes and accessories that you definitely cannot miss. For this reason, this time we will talk about blazers and how to dress in a women’s blazer. After all, this is an essential element to create a casual or formal look without much effort.


Imagine that you have to attend a meeting with these dress codes and you don’t have anything to wear. It would be a very stressful time, right?


Because of this, having this garment at home will get you out of trouble when you least think about it. The only detail is that you must know how to create great looks. This way, besides highlighting your personality, you will feel sure of yourself.


Now, if you don’t know how to combine this elementary piece of clothing, don’t worry! Today, I’m here to help you.


10 Amazing and chic Ways to Wear a blazer


Thanks to a blazer, you can create a casual or formal look quickly. In fact, you will be able to look very striking both in the office and anywhere really. 


For this reason, we will give you excellent ideas to create a casual or formal look with this garment. Once you learn to use it, you will love it for life:


  • Blazer with skirts 

Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

For this look, there will be nothing better than a maxi blazer. After all, they look perfect with garments of different types of length, such as skirts.


Therefore, if you want to combine a plaid maxi blazer with a white blouse and black skirt above the knees, do it!


You will simply look sexy and should be prepared to steal glances.



  • Blazers with printed shirt 


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There is nothing more fascinating than a look made up of a printed T-shirt and a blazer.


There is a wide variety of shirts with prints, so you will have the opportunity to choose the model you like the most. This way, you can easily look formal or casual.


In the same way, these two garments can work to put together an outfit with a black blazer, jeans, and comfortable colorful ankle boots to create better contrast.


  • Coat blazer 


Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

This type of blazer is very popular, especially among women who tend to create a casual or formal look. Coat-type blazers are long, and since they can be combined with short skirts or pants, they will be an elemental piece in your wardrobe.


Similarly, you can choose a coat-type blazer in the same shade as the garment at the bottom of your outfit.


That is, if you choose a blazer in pink, you can wear a skirt of the same tone and complement it with a casual blouse of another color.


  • Black blazer and clothing 


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Who doesn’t love the color black? There is no doubt that black garments have a virtue.


After all, you can combine them in a matter of minutes to create an outfit with a casual and elegant black blazer at the same time.


Ideally, you should create a dark look so that your personality doesn’t go unnoticed.


For example, you can pair a black blazer with matching denim pants to create a charming contrast.


  • Blazer for executive look 


Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

If you work in an office, there may be days when you won’t know what to wear and we understand that perfectly.


However, with the clothes you have at home, you can create surprising looks and at the same time be comfortable.


If you have a blazer, a skirt and tennis shoes you can put together a formal look without heels.


You may have to walk a lot around the office. That’s why a comfortable outfit is the way to go.


  • Animal print blazer 


Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

One of the most interesting characteristics of a blazer is its versatility.


You can combine them with garments that you may not even imagine. That’s why using them with animal print clothing will be a good choice.


To create an acceptable look, choose a skirt with a midi cut in animal print and dare to combine it with a white or black top.


After this, complement it with a blazer to create some contrast.


  • Blazers with Capri pants 


Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

If you want a casual and formal look for the summer, a blazer with Capri pants is a perfect choice.


These kinds of pants are very cool and comfortable. Besides, to be consistent with the sunny season, you can choose a model in beige.


For the top of your outfit, you can choose a white shirt and a light-brown blazer to create a good contrast.


As for footwear, white tennis shoes apart from providing comfort will be the exact complement to make you look great.


  • Blazer with sweatshirt 


Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

To create a casual and at the same time formal look, most women choose to use a blazer.


On the other hand, this garment can be combined for a blazer look with some women’s jeans together with a sweatshirt under your blazer.


This way, you won’t lose style during rainy days when being warm is a priority.


For the combination to be balanced, you can use a blazer in a brown tone and, underneath it, a sweatshirt in a gray tone.


  • Blazers with a loose-fitting dress 


Fashion Trends and Style - Blazer - Blazer

You don’t need to wear dresses close to the silhouette to look good.


After all, baggy dresses have their advantages, especially when combined with a blazer.


So, you can choose a dress of this style in neutral colors and complement the casual outfit with a woman’s black blazer.


With this outfit, you will look casual and formal without leaving aside that feminine beauty that cannot be missing.


Create a casual and formal look with a blazer faster than you imagine


If you have a women’s casual blazer in your closet or you want to get one, you are still in time to put together any of these looks. Now, when you go to the office or an elegant meeting, you won’t spend hours in front of the mirror choosing the ideal clothes for that occasion.